Thanksgiving is a quality time to spend with family and friends, expressing thanks for what you have, and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season in the United States. This Thanksgiving weekend, it is expected that around 158.3 million people will purchase online. You don’t want to lose out on what is perhaps the most significant shopping weekend of the year as a small business owner.

You can capture this audience early and maybe get them to log on to your shop with these Thanksgiving marketing ideas.

Small company businesses have a busy month in November. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Businesses Saturday are packed into three days. These Thanksgiving marketing ideas can help you attract and convert your audience.

Check out these impactful Thanksgiving marketing campaigns to get the first crack on holiday marketing and lead your business to stand out alone in the market.

Express Your Community Support

November is a perfect time to express gratitude to your community, and one way to do so is to donate your time someplace. Organize a team volunteer day if you have workers.

Showcase an interest in your community, whether at an animal shelter or distributing meals to the homeless, demonstrating that you’re a small business that cares. After the day, take a team photo and share it on your social media accounts as a Thanksgiving social media post.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Affordable photo-editing websites such as Canva and Adobe Express make changing your social network profiles simple to reflect holidays, special events, and seasons.

You may alter your display profile with seasonal objects such as leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, etc. If your followers are habituated to seeing your same logo or photo in their feeds, changing these elements periodically may be what attracts their attention and prompts them to check out your stuff. This kind of tactic can boost your Thanksgiving marketing campaign.

Offer a Thanksgiving Giveaway

Giving away something will help you gain more local followers, email subscribers, and, eventually, customers. Give away a Thanksgiving dinner from a local business in your neighborhood if you want to go with Thanksgiving marketing ideas.

If you want to make it more reasonable, give away a piece of the dinner, such as a few appetizers, cupcakes, donuts, or only desserts. The holidays may be hectic, so a free Thanksgiving meal is a very appealing gift. Just be sure you acquire email addresses to convert contest participants into clients.

Make Your Products According To The Season

If you’re desirable to run a successful Thanksgiving marketing campaign, creating your services or products is necessary according to the season. This tactic will give you a better consequence to attracting a large scale of audience. You can almost market any product for Thanksgiving marketing ideas in many ways:

  • Put together a perfect pair of clothing for selling for a Thanksgiving outfit.
  • If you sell candles, market them as the perfect Thanksgiving gift.
  • Show your customers how to set the ideal Thanksgiving dinner table or prepare their house for all of their dinner guests if you offer home decor.
  • If you offer toys, pitch them as the ideal method to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving.
  • If you sell desserts, market them as the perfect hot meal.

Furthermore, promote all these business plans on your social media accounts and via email.

Send Thanksgiving Email Newsletters

If you don’t send email newsletters to your consumers regularly, now is the time to start. And if you already do, it’s time to add Thanksgiving marketing ideas to your newsletters.

Email newsletters are one of the most efficient Thanksgiving marketing ideas for staying in touch with clients and informing them about sales. Even though newsletters allow a one-way connection with your clients, they are pretty helpful as a marketing tool since they may keep them interested. This would be beneficial since customers could turn to your brand when they go shopping during the ideas for Thanksgiving campaigns.

By sending them an enticing email newsletter, you may encourage your clients to visit your online or physical businesses. Essentially, newsletters may assist you in driving conversions directly. Creating an engaging holiday season email newsletter entails more than just choosing a festive theme and a business message.

People will not see the stuff you’ve prepared if they do not open your email. As a result, it’s critical to create a compelling subject line that persuades recipients to read your email. Its significance is highlighted by the average email open rate of 21%.

A strong subject line might assist increase your open rate.

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas To Play With Hashtags

Please make your hashtag and use it to interact with your social media followers to boost your Thanksgiving marketing campaigns.

Request your followers to share their favorite Thanksgiving memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or what they’re most thankful for this year (#givethanks), or ask them to share their worst Thanksgiving tragedy (thnxbutnothnx) or (#thanksgivingnightmares).

Show Some Appreciation Towards The Community And Customers

You may thank your consumers for their loyalty from a business standpoint. It’s an intelligent Thanksgiving marketing strategy to express gratitude with a newsletter or even an SMS message. This will undoubtedly increase the emotional bond between your company and its clients.

Another Thanksgiving online marketing tip that might assist humanize your brand is to share your business experience on your website and social handles. While these concepts do not immediately affect sales, they influence how your customers see your company. And this might be the difference between getting the deal and not getting it.

Not only should you show thanks to your consumers, but you should also do it to your staff and publish it on social media. After all, Thanksgiving is all about people, and the individuals who work behind your products/services are essential. Check out how a business used Thanksgiving to highlight its staff. While it does not thank them, it does provide a human touch.

Create Thanksgiving Themed Content

If you have a blog, themed material is a great Thanksgiving marketing strategy to attempt. Make sure it is related to the things you sell. Try to publish content or post based on a Thanksgiving theme. Consider what themes your target audience would like to read about Thanksgiving and develop content that tackles those issues.

You can implement Thanksgiving marketing ideas on social media, including content based on the Thanksgiving season theme. Create Thanksgiving decorating ideas and teasers about your upcoming promotions.

Alter your social media posts. Tease promotions and negotiate to get your consumers excited for Thanksgiving weekend and post-holiday ideas and strategies to build your client connection.

Promote Other Small Businesses

Utilize your Thanksgiving marketing campaign to promote other local pharmacies since Thanksgiving is commonly connected with friends and family. You may need to collab with co-brands or your partner company to create video-related content for your website and social media.
This promotional approach will help both businesses to grow and rise simultaneously. For example, if you run a salon business, you may collaborate with a local nail salon to provide reduced pampering sessions.

Update Your Listings

Local SEO optimization will assist buyers in locating you from anywhere when they want. Thanksgiving holiday marketing ideas are an excellent chance to update your internet listings, such as holiday hours and website links. Check Google My Business, Yelp, and Apple Maps to ensure your correct contact information.

Updating your listings increases your chances of appearing on people’s phones when they’re browsing for retail shops on the move.

Run Paid Ads On Social Media

Since Thanksgiving weekend is such a successful retail season, your clients are almost certainly surrounded by advertisements. Create a statement and stand out in the market with Thanksgiving promotion ideas.

Facebook and Instagram have auction pricing depending on impressions. You may choose your budget based on your desired reach and target audiences. Create several test advertisements and monitor your statistics to determine which messages get the most reaction.

Scatter Some Thanksgiving Charm On Your Website

You can beautify and decorate your website with some festive Thanksgiving season elements to deliver your website a positive vibe.

It is one of the most brilliant Thanksgiving marketing ideas you can quickly establish. If you run a small-mid-size retail business, you probably have used website-building software to design your website and make it appealing during the festive seasons.

You can use any lucrative theme and experiment with color combinations and elements related to the Thanksgiving weekend, like a theme for a black theme for Black Friday. Furthermore, don’t forget to deliver promotional messages and deals to be highlighted on the website banner and pop-ups, making your website more sales-oriented.

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas To Host An Event

Hosting a Thanksgiving celebration is another method to differentiate yourself from larger stores in your neighborhood. These events get people into your shop and may be used to honor your most loyal customers. You could throw a Thanksgiving-themed shopping event with hourly sales conduction and special prices.

If you offer goods that can be utilized to enhance the holiday, use them to build holiday displays to encourage consumers to purchase these products.

Encourage People To Pay Back

Thanksgiving is all about paybacks. Create a team with a local charity and urge your consumers to contribute to a charity movement. Organize an impactful charity event to deliver a positive message to society and conduct a food drive.

While many Thanksgiving marketing ideas focus on getting people into your business, this focuses on improving your community status and engaging with possible new customers. You can link your company with any NGO to conduct a successful charity campaign. If you own a clothing store, consider raising funds for a charity by delivering good clothing wears.

Create Month-Long Deals

Customers have a lot of choices during the Thanksgiving season. They can buy from you Thanksgiving-themed products, gifts, souvenirs, home decor, clothing, etc.

Set a good competition for your competitors by running your Thanksgiving marketing deals early throughout November and keep going till the end. Furthermore, you can boost your sales using a Thanksgiving-themed promo code according to your discount offerings.

Create Instagram Polls To Comprehend Customer Choices

Over 500 million people watch Instagram stories. As a result, you have a tremendous opportunity to market your Thanksgiving marketing campaigns. Instagram story polls assist you in learning your consumer’s most recent demands or needs. You’ll be able to determine precisely what your consumers want from the Thanksgiving sale, and you’ll be able to pick your items appropriately. This can significantly increase your sales.

Regarding Thanksgiving marketing ideas, the Instagram story has more to offer. You may use this Thanksgiving marketing strategy to attract Instagram traffic to your eCommerce portal and increase sales. You may also use Stories to direct people to your Instagram shop, where you can conduct your Thanksgiving sales.

Try Facebook Advertising

Thanksgiving marketing ideas can also be implemented in Facebook advertising. Promoting a brand on Facebook may increase traffic and revenues to your online store or e-commerce site.

Consider targeting a specific audience with your target ads. For example, if you sell baby goods, you can target pregnancy-related Facebook pages with vast followers of pregnant mothers with a considerable following.

Furthermore, you might target that brand follower that makes children’s toys. Create an ad that targets them and directs them to your website.

Reach Out To Niche Bloggers

You can also search for lifestyle, food, tech, or travel bloggers for promotional campaigns that are part of Thanksgiving marketing strategies. Visit each of them has a great fan following on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, and contact them. Request them if they’re willing to promote your Thanksgiving products in exchange for blog posts on your business.

Furthermore, you can run giveaway contests for their followers. This will build the trust of bloggers for your business. Make sure you also offer midnight sales or generous discount offerings for the future purchases of the blogger’s followers, which will slightly raise your traffic and boost sales for your business.

Utilize Thanksgiving Keywords

You should use keywords in your blog post or social media posts to target your niche audience if you are willing to sell Thanksgiving products such as home decor, souvenirs, etc. These target keywords will help to rank your products in searches and entice consumers to buy.

Regarding keywords, you should look for many monthly searches as possible with slightly low competition. This is the most prominent marketing campaign that guarantees you acquire your targets rapidly.

Create Product Bundles

Creating bundle products is an appealing Thanksgiving marketing idea. Put together a few related items in a bundle and sell them for less than what buyers would pay if they bought them separately.

Try to fill your bundle products with a few homemade goodies you sell. During festive seasons, bundle products have already become demanding among consumers. Be creative! Your target consumers will appreciate these gifting ideas.

Final Words

Thanksgiving marketing ideas are quickly expanding, and it’s time to start organizing your marketing initiatives to attract consumers to your shop. Use Thanksgiving marketing strategies, including events, email campaigns, and social media posts, to get consumers enthusiastic about your holiday shopping discounts.

Create social media posts with promotional content mainly focused on capturing vacation customers to offer assortment to your holiday marketing. These promos enable you to compete with significant vendors who invest much in bringing people into their stores. Build relationships with your consumers and get them curious about your holiday promotions to stand out.


Q.1 What are the best Thanksgiving marketing ideas for 2023?

Implement these Thanksgiving marketing ideas for your e-commerce business:
1. Initiate your marketing campaign early.
2. Enhance your website navigation.
3. Offer your customers significant discounts.
4. Conduct a midnight or weekend sale for demanding products.
5. Create a product catalog for Thanksgiving.
6. Influence email marketing.
7. Run advertising campaigns on Google and Instagram.
8. Execute promotional tactics to convert your visitors into customers.
9. Create product videos.
10. Collab with influencers or bloggers.

Q.2 Is the stock market closed on Thanksgiving?

The global marketers are open, although the stock market activity is unlikely to be influenced only by Thanksgiving due to the day’s significance. There are no active Thanksgiving trading hours. The stock market close early at 1 p.m., the day after Thanksgiving.

Q3. How Do Thanksgiving and Black Friday affect the stock market?

Thanksgiving and Black Friday both are significant holidays. They are shopping days when many vendors make enough sales to be profitable for the year.

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