Frequently Asked Questions

About 7SearchPPC:

7SearchPPC is an online ad Alternative network Platform for buying and selling desktop and mobile traffic based on in-house software with some of the best Banner Ads campaign targeting and optimization features, an easy-to-use self-serve platform.

Simply go to the home page, Click On the SignUp Button, choose the Advertiser or Publisher role, and “Create account.”

The account is enabled as soon as you confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link in the email about Registration. 7SearchPPC might request the verification in some cases for Websites. So, please make sure all profile fields have been filled in correctly.

Please check our Terms & Conditions section for Advertiser and Publisher guidelines below

7SearchPPC has analytical technical tools which we use to control all traffic quality from publishers and security of advertising details. Depending on the outcomes of the analysis, the publisher’s traffic can be classified as inappropriate, and the traffic source, as well as the account, can be blocked for security purposes. Advertiser’s accounts can also be blocked for breaking the rules of using the service.

Simply Click on The Forgot Your Password, and create a new password using mail id verification.

You need to send a request to our support team at using the email associated with your account at 7SearchPPC.

You may change your profile details at any time, but you cannot modify your user name.


Advertisers can be the owner, affiliate, or reseller of the traffic of the product – Ad types include banners, pop-unders, and native ads both on desktop and mobile. Advertisers can build up the campaigns for buying traffic with a set of convenient instruments in our interface.

  1. Log in to your Advertiser account
  2. Choose Text or Image Campaigns
  3. Create new

Then add the Text or Image you want to buy and create a campaign which will then be submitted for approval by the monitoring team. Once the campaign is approved, you can top up your account. And then the campaign is running that’s real-time, monitoring your campaign on the dashboard.

We don’t provide any creatives. Our support team is a proper guide to you in creative ideas, and Advertisers are using their own creatives and landing pages. But in the future, we will provide a creative banner template according to your business.

Yes, each campaign goes through manual approval by the monitoring team. It may take up to 2 hours on business days. If the campaign has been pending approval or has been declined, feel free to contact us at, and we will be happy to update you regarding the reason.

The traffic you are getting depends on the targeting you choose and the actual bid of competitors for the traffic with similar settings. To increase the amount of traffic, you need to either change the targeting (remove the specific targeting limitations) or increase the bid to beat competitors. Estimator tool available at edit & Create steps with your campaign.

You can start to advertise once you make a payment of US $ 30 or more.


Publishers are selling traffic through 7SearchPPC. High fill rates and good rates are the reasons why most webmasters are using 7SearchPPC as their number one source for selling traffic. You can use the back URLs for Banner Ads traffic to redirect your unsold inventory somewhere else.

We are ready to buy traffic from all goes as long as it complies with the quality standards of our services (free off bots, has a clear referrer, and is not malware generated). In case some of the traffic is not getting sold, you can send it somewhere else by applying the back URL for each of your domains.

The price for your traffic depends on the geos you are selling us as well as the bids from advertisers. The traffic without referrer is getting sold into a separate category, so make sure you pass us the referring site/domain approved in your account.

First, you need to get approval for your submitted site. Then go to the Manage Ads Section, create an Ad Code for your site with all necessary settings, and finally place code on your site.

Yes, if you submitted domains for selling traffic, these are approved manually by the monitoring team. It might take up to 2 hours of business hours. If the domain has been pending approval or has been declined, feel free to contact us at, and will be happy to update you regarding the reason.

You can access the history of your wallet that may include all the internal (adding money to your campaigns) and external (adding money to the account) transactions. Customers can easily sort this data by the transaction type and can set the date range as required by them.

Payments & Payouts:-

Once you have at least one approved campaign, you can add funds to your account. In case there are no approved campaigns, the system won’t let you top up. So contact us for approval:

In our system we use USD, but you can make payments in any currency, and it will be converted into USD on your account balance at 7SearchPPC. However, in case you need to pay or get paid in a different currency, you need to connect with us directly.

We have Credit/Debit Card, Paytm, Visa, Paypal, Bitcoin available by default for all advertisers.

Payments through the dashboard get processed automatically within several minutes. However, for Bank wires and direct payments to our accounts, we need up to 72 business hours to credit these to your account balance.

Yes, We Have PayPal. You can easily access and log in to your account and Click your request in the “Money” section “PayPal.”

Our minimum deposit is $50 for any payment method (Paxum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit/debit Card).

The payouts are done on request. To order your payout go to the “Wallet” section in your account, click on “Request a payout” and choose from the available payment options: PayPal, BTC, BCH. If you can’t see the preferred method available, please contact

You need to reach a min of $50 to request a payout.

For all payment methods, fees might be applied.

Our trading currency is USD. Therefore all calculations and financial/legal documents like Invoices, receipts, credit notes, etc., are provided in USD.

Pricing models:

We Have CPC, CPM pricing models. There is an option of flat-rate campaigns as well, which can be set up by the account managers.

This means you are paying for clicks on your display ads. You will be charged each time when the site’s visitor clicks on your banner/native ad. The set-up CPC amount is the price you are paying for each click. The amount of traffic you will get can depend on your filter settings, CTR of your banner/creative, and the bidding of other advertisers.

When choosing CPM, you are buying traffic which is paid per thousand impressions or cost per mile. The amount of traffic you may get depends on your filter settings and the bidding of other advertisers.

We are cost-effective because our bids are lower than one-tier PPC search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, etc. They are below most of the 2-tier PPC systems. Our network delivers high-quality targeted traffic to your websites, and our bids are low. Hence we are the most cost-effective Pay-Per-Click advertising system in the market.

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