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7Search PPC is the leading platform for obtaining 100% genuine & convertible traffic. Boost your sales and ROI with our modern ad formats, like Text ads, Native ads, Image ads, Popunder ads, and more. Our platform also intends to offer seamless monetization options for your website or blog traffic.

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Who works with us?

We provide an Advertising Platform for Advertisers and Monetization Platform for Publishers.

We provide Advertisers with high-quality traffic and help them increase their ROI and reach. We also help publishers monetize their web pages by providing high-performing advertising. 7Search PPC owns a vast network of traffic sources with advanced analytics & bidding tools.

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Reach out to your potential customers when anyone searches for your product.

Cost Per Mille
CPC (Cost Per Click)
Traffic from direct publishers
Traffic from direct publishers
Advanced targeting
Advanced targeting
No blocked impressions
No blocked impressions
Real-time detailed statistics
Real-time detailed statistics
eCPM real-time optimization
CPM (Cost Per Mille)
Self-Service for advertisers
Self-Service for advertisers
24/7 Qualified support
24/7 Qualified support
Custom solutions for partners
Custom solutions for partners
Own adserver solution
Own adserver solution
Ad networks rotation
Ad networks rotation
Multiple Payment Options
Multiple payment options

Referral Program

  • You can invite friends through the referral link/code.
  • The referred person must be new and should enter the referral code within one week after registration.
  • After your referred person starts earning, we will pay 10% of his income to you as a referral bonus for up to 60 days. (7Search PPC never deducts any amount from your friend’s account).
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Overall Traffic from different countries across the world

You can get the highest conversion rate on the market and quality traffic

  • We put you in touch with thousands of advertisers ready to bid for your traffic
  • Good compatibility with all devices, GEOs, OS, and browsers
  • We guarantee price optimization with the help of our bidding technology

We provide you options so you can maintain control

  • Find the proper mix of monetization and user experience
  • Boost your earnings with our ad network for your mobile and desktop traffic
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

We offer many payment options for the publishers

  • We pay on time, every time. Choose between PayPal and All Cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum payouts as per the *payment methods.
  • We offer on-time payments to the publishers. You will get paid monthly.

Expand your business fast and quickly

  • Quick sign up of your account
  • Get Started with $50 only
  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • CPM Pricing Model
  • CPC Pricing Model
  • Powerful Targeting Capabilities

Spend your money wisely by paying for the traffic that is effective

  • Advanced and reliable campaign data analysis
  • We offer different methods of purchasing traffic from our network and multiple targeting options in campaigning
  • You can choose the advance ads campaigning option for the most possible ROI from impression to conversion
  • Possible ROI from impression to conversion

You and your money will get special treatment

  • All advertisers, big or small, get the same great support from our team
  • We provide 24*7 support to our Advertisers
  • Within a timeframe of two days, we resolve any issues faced by our Advertisers


Quality traffic that covers all apostrophe
High-converting ad formats
Scanned and verified traffic
Best online converting advertising platform

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Now you can monetize 30% more effectively than before
Get paid every two weeks through PayPal and All Cryptocurrencies
Monetize web and mobile traffic for all niches
Clean ads only

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Our user-friendly, easy-to-use advertiser dashboard enables you to launch your campaign and promote your business effortlessly. Here you also get some features that you need for your business advertisement.

7Search PPC’s publisher dashboard offers the complete solution for all the publisher's needs. It not only helps you sell your traffic at the best possible cost but also enables you to manage all the ad unit without compromising user experience.

Big Brands & Exclusive Advertisers


Payment Methods

We Accept All Credit & Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, All Cryptocurrencies (International) & UPI payments (for India).