Significance of Online Marketing

significance of online marketing

What is online marketing/advertising? Online advertising is also known as online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising. It is a form of marketing and promoting the brands that use the internet as a medium. Internet act as a medium to maintain website traffic and trigger the right customers. It mainly aims towards marketing through … Read more Significance of Online Marketing

How To Upgrade Your Writing Skills For An Irresistible PPC Ad Copy?

upgrade writing skills ppc ad copy

Every business and marketer knows the value of a PPC ad copy. Data shows that more than 64% of consumers interacting with Google ads when shopping online. This fact is one of the reasons why PPC ad creation is growing exponentially. Many marketers properly do their keyword research, figure out their budget requirements, and A/B … Read more How To Upgrade Your Writing Skills For An Irresistible PPC Ad Copy?

Buzzword Ideas for Your PPC Campaigns

Buzzword PPC

You can identify a great PPC campaign from a mile away; why? Because it will be eye-catching, speak to its target audiences, and motivate users to click or make a purchase. One way to make your PPC ad campaign pop out is to use buzzwords. Using these words is a simple way to attract people‚Äôs … Read more Buzzword Ideas for Your PPC Campaigns

How Pandemics Reshape Advertising?

Pandemics Reshape Advertising

Almost everyone got impacted due to this global pandemic COVID-19. In the past three months, the corona has spread to every country and has hugely impacted nearly every business. Almost everyone is working from home (WFH), and with restaurants and stores being closed, consumers have changed their purchasing behavior. The pandemic has negatively impacted some … Read more How Pandemics Reshape Advertising?