Terms and Conditions

It is important that you read through and comprehend all of the terms in this document. You must read it completely and agree to it once you are sure about the content. You agree to the terms of a contract with 7SearchPPC by accepting this document. The following terms and conditions define your rights and responsibilities in relation to 7SearchPPC and all other website pages.

You agree to all of the terms mentioned here and on other pages if you visit this website and use the available content. It is your responsibility to check if the documents on the website have been updated. You understand & agree to all of the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy and Terms of use if you continue the use of this website.

If any of the terms on the website offend you, you must stop using 7SearchPPC immediately. All of the information presented on other site pages is included in our services (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions).


Some of the terms we have mentioned here may not be familiar to all of our users. We have defined them here:

    a) 7SearchPPC Advertising Program - Advertisers can use the online software to access various services provided by the program that runs on the 7SearchPPC Website. It will assist them in managing their advertising through tools that allow them to create ads and have them appear on the Publisher’s website. It is done to draw people in and direct them to the advertiser’s website.

    b) Advertiser - An Advertiser can be an individual or a company that has signed up for 7SearchPPC’s membership program. Advertisers will be able to access and use our services as a result of this.

    c) Advertiser's Website - The Advertisers own and operate the Website, which promotes goods and services from third-party websites.

    d) Publisher - It is a person or a company that places 7SearchPPC advertisements on their website in order to help them redirect more and more visitors to advertisers' landing pages.

    e) Publisher's Website - A Publisher’s website that they own and manage. 7SearchPPC does not have any control over the Publisher’s website, where the real advertisement is displayed.

    f) Publisher's Network - It is a group of publishers who contribute to the website's operation. This network assists 7SearchPPC by directing visitors to their websites via a search feed that they manage.

    g) Website Visitor - A visitor is a person or an individual who has voluntarily visited the website and is interested in the products or services offered by the Advertiser. When visitors click on an advertisement displayed on a publisher's website, they will be redirected to the Advertiser's website.

    h)Advertisement - An ad is a text or image that is placed for publicity by an Advertiser in order to promote or sell any goods or services. These ads appear in the publisher network of 7SearchPPC based on a person's search results.

Services provided by 7SearchPPC

Advertisers will have access to online software and other technological infrastructure at 7SearchPPC. It will help them in promoting their goods and services to targeted visitors via Publishers and their network. Advertisers can also create and display advertisements on the Publisher’s website.

Advertisers who have signed up for the 7SearchPPC Advertising program can manage their campaigns while keeping their budget in mind. They can select any keyword and specify a specific amount to be paid when a website visitor clicks on the advertisement. As a result, an Advertiser has the ability to edit, create, and manage Advertisements on the Publisher's website.

Service Policy

Here, we will explain about the policy that we follow while providing you with our service.

Membership Registration

Enrollment and registration as a member of the 7SearchPPC program is required of all Advertisers. In comparison to other entities, we give our members prior approval. We have the right to refuse service to any existing or new Advertiser at any time.

  • Eligibility - To use 7SearchPPC’s services, both the representatives and the advertiser must be authorized. You must not break any of the laws or terms listed here while using our services. Advertisers are required to provide correct and accurate information at all times.
  • Personal Information - To become a member of 7SearchPPC, all Advertisers must provide us with a valid name, phone number, address, email address, etc.
  • Multiple Account Registration - Advertisers are not permitted to register for the website more than once. If an Advertiser has multiple accounts, we can suspend or terminate that Advertiser and all of their other accounts.

Advertisement Terms
  • Advertisers should use the website to display relevant information. The title, description, and URL of the ad can all be submitted by the advertiser. If the information on the Advertiser's website changes, it must be changed or updated in accordance with the current time.
  • 7SearchPPC reserves the right to reject any link with keywords or descriptions. We don’t need to approve each and every Advertisement that an Advertiser submits. It will be due to a violation of any of the site’s Terms and Conditions.
  • All of the information provided by the Advertiser should be correct and concise. In other words, whether an Advertiser assigns an Ad Title or description is irrelevant to the visitor's point of view.
  • An advertiser is only allowed to run one similar ad at a time. When an Advertiser places an Ad in the same region or simultaneously, this term is used.

Monitoring of the Advertisers and Publishers Website
  • 7SearchPPC does not manage or own the ads that appear on the Publisher’s website. Only an Advertiser can place the Ad on the Publisher’s Website, making the Publisher the sole owner and operator. Regardless of the bids placed by an Advertiser, we cannot guarantee that an Ad created by the Advertiser will be displayed on the Publisher’s site.
  • An Advertiser agrees that each keyword in the advertisement listing is ranked and placed according to the highest bids.
  • We cannot guarantee that Advertisers’ advertisements will appear on the first page of the Publishers. We have no control over the written text or graphics that appear in an Ad on a Publisher’s website. Advertisers must notify 7SearchPPC if they discover a violation of the Terms and Conditions or are concerned about the content displayed on the Publisher’s site.
  • As previously stated, when you sign up for the Advertising Program on our website, we are not required to accept every Advertisement that is submitted by an Advertiser. It is determined by a variety of factors how much traffic is generated and converted into sales on the site.
  • The testimonials or case studies are simply examples that do not guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each and every individual will be held accountable for their earnings based on the level of dedication and motivation shown in their tasks.

Policy for Payment

  1. How can you make the payment on the website?
    Before an Advertisement can be activated, the Advertiser must make a payment. The amount that they are expected to pay is already specified on the website, as are the options or modes of payment that they would prefer. We can change the prices at any time without notice.
  2. Policy for Refund If Advertisers have a problem with the quality of purchased clicks, they can contact the 7SearchPPC support team. An Advertiser must specify the ID for which the problem must be resolved. Once it is proven that the investigation has been completed, the necessary steps will be taken.
  3. Mode of Payment You can use your PayPal account to make a payment to our website. Advertisers must first confirm their email ID with the PayPal wallet associated with their account. You must complete the entire verification procedure. 7SearchPPC reserves the right to refuse payment for any reason.
    Aside from this, other mediums are available for the convenience of our networks. You can make payments by using any of the methods listed on the website. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


The information displayed on 7SearchPPC is private, and we are the sole owner of this website. An Advertiser may not disclose the material published on the website. This is a violation of the law on 7SeachPPC's website. The content available on the site may only be shown to authorized users of 7SearchPPC by the Advertiser.

If we find out that any of the company’s registered documents have been disclosed or that there has been a violation of any fiduciary duty or the Terms and Conditions mentioned here. An advertiser is also not permitted to link to the site’s content from any other source without taking our permission.


Any individual entity that has signed up for services and is no longer willing to continue or is no longer interested in the Terms and Conditions that are already listed must submit a request to deactivate their account. There aren’t many rules in place to deactivate an account; it’s simple. However, the amount remaining in the Advertiser’s account will not be refunded.

7SearchPPC reserves the right to deactivate or terminate an Advertiser’s account at any time. It is possible to do so if there has been a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Website of the company. This is entirely at the discretion of 7SearchPPC, and any decision made on this matter will be final.

Transfer of Rights

The rights reserved under an Advertiser's authorization shall not be transferred to any other entity. They must not allow anyone else to use the 7SearchPPC Advertiser's platform. Assigning your account to someone else is a violation of our Website’s Terms and Conditions. The advertiser will be accounted for under the Terms & Conditions breach section on the Advertiser’s account.


All of the 'Terms and Conditions mentioned on this website are subject to the laws of the country in question. If there is a dispute or claim arising from the use of the website or the Terms of Service, it will be subject to the Jurisdiction and Courts of the concerned country.

Other important terms have already been mentioned in the sections "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy." Before agreeing to terms, it is critical that you read and understand all of the terms mentioned in these documents on the 7SearchPPC website.

1- Eligibility

    A- Your age should be 18 years in order to use the service unless the age of the majority in your jurisdiction is greater than 18 years old. You must be the minimum age of majority in your jurisdiction in that case. You represent and warrant that you are no less than the age specified in the preceding sentence by accepting these Terms. Use of the Service is also prohibited in places where it is illegal, and you warrant and represent that you are not otherwise prohibited from using the Service. In places where the service is illegal, the use of the Service is also prohibited.

    B- The consideration for your acceptance of these Terms is that we grant you the right to use the Service in accordance with Section 2 hereof. You must acknowledge and agree that this consideration is sufficient and that you have received it.

2- Grant of Use Termination

    A- By accepting these Terms or creating an Account (defined below), you are merely requesting for acceptance to the Service and also that you will not be permitted to use the Service fully until we have accepted you (such acceptance to be terminable in accordance with the terms hereof )

    B- We provide you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited right to access, non-publicly display, and use the Service, including all content and services available therein, on your computer in accordance with these Terms, subject to the acceptance of you to the Service.

3. You also agree that you shall not submit an Advertisement that: -

    A- Except if you are the owner of such rights or have explicit permission from the rightful owner to give the material and grant us all of the license rights granted herein, is copyrighted, protected by trademark laws or trade secret, or otherwise subject to third-party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights.

    B- Is vulgar, obscene, illegal, defamatory, unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, harmful, harassing, threatening, abusive, invading publicity or privacy rights, racially or ethnically offensive, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate, as determined solely by us.

    C- Promotes illegal activities, encourages or depicts physical harm or injury to any group or individual, or encourages or depicts animal cruelty.

    D- Impersonates anyone or anything or otherwise misrepresents you in any way, including creating a false identity.

    E- Would constitute or provide instructions for a criminal offense, a violation of any party’s rights, or anything else that would create liability or violate any local, state, national, or international law.

    F- Is unauthorized or unsolicited, such as advertising, promotion, spam, or any other form of solicitation.

Participation Conditions

To qualify for participation and continued use of the Service, you, Your Properties, and Advertisements must meet all of the following conditions, as well as the other terms, conditions, and restrictions set forth in these Terms and any other terms, conditions, and restrictions determined in our sole discretion (including any other additional restrictions set forth in the administrative panel on the Service).

Necessary Authority:

In order to submit Your Properties and Advertisements for inclusion in the Service and to use Your Properties and Advertisements in the Service, you must have the necessary ownership, permissions, rights, consents, or licenses.
In order to use all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights in and to the content on Your Properties and Advertisements, you must own or have the necessary licenses, permissions, rights, or consents.


This Advertiser’s Supplement (this "Supplement") is a supplement to the Service's Terms of Service (the "Terms"). All terms that aren't defined here have the meaning assigned to them in the terms.


The terms of this Supplement apply to you if you use the Service's traffic buying or advertising space buying services (the " Advertiser’s Program"). By participating in the Advertiser’s Program, you agree to be bound by this Supplement in addition to the Terms.

Participation Conditions

For participation and continued inclusion in the Purchaser’s Program, you and Your Properties must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Your Properties and Ads may not redirect traffic in any way, including language, country, or browser redirecting.
  2. Your Properties and Ads may not auto-refresh, auto-bookmark, auto-focus, or change a user’s homepage.
  3. Your Properties and Ads may not contain significant content hosted on free file-sharing websites.

Please review the complete list of participating conditions in terms of use.

Advertisements and Measurements

  1. We make no guarantees about the volume or quality of traffic that will be directed to Your Properties or the number of impressions that your advertisements will receive. We will direct traffic to Your Properties in accordance with your order and place Advertisements in accordance with your campaign specifications, all subject to publisher and seller availability. However, we do not make representations or warranties that traffic or impressions purchased will result in any specific actions or transactions (including sales or sign-ups). We will measure the traffic sent and impressions served in accordance with your order using our own commercially accepted methods and practices. We do not have any obligation to use any other methods or practices (including client-side software, third-party counters, or trade scripts) to measure the amount and quality of traffic sent to Your Properties or the impressions served of your Advertisements. All of the measurements we provide are final. If you disagree with any of our measures, your only option is to cancel your order, request a refund (subject to conditions), and stop using the Service.
  2. We will take commercially reasonable steps to offer you online access to traffic and impressions reports. You will have access to such reports through the Service. These reports will be updated on a regular basis, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be “real-time.” We reserve the right to recalculate traffic if fraudulent traffic or technical errors are discovered. We reserve the right to change the form, content, and frequency of updates of such reports at any time.
  3. When you create a campaign, we will assist you in completing it in a commercially reasonable manner. However, you acknowledge and agree that the exact fulfillment of your campaign may not be technically or commercially feasible. The success of your campaign is determined by a number of factors, including the goals and requirements you set for it, as well as the willingness and ability of publishers and sellers to participate. However, you should understand and agree that you are responsible for any and all fees associated with any part of your campaign that is actually completed, as well as the costs of having your advertisements being published or the cost of purchasing traffic.

Purchasing Traffic and Creating an Advertising Campaign

  1. To buy traffic, you must use our system to select which type of traffic you want to buy (including landing pages, niches, types, uniqueness, and other criteria), how much traffic you want to buy, and which of Your Properties are included in the Service you want traffic to go to. As soon as you pay the full amount, we can start working on your order. We will not send traffic to Your Properties until you have paid for the order in full.
  2. You must create an advertising campaign through the Service and provide all of the requested and required information in order to create an advertising campaign. We reserve the right to approve or reject your campaign at any time for any reason.
  3. We make Payments using any of the methods that are posted and made available on the Service from time to time that you may choose. The price of your order will be determined by the specifics of your order, and you will be charged for it throughout the time it takes to complete it. All of the prices are in US dollars. The prices are subject to change and may vary due to a variety of factors, including limited and special promotional offers, changing markets, and publisher/seller availability and desirability. Taxes are not included.
  4. If the money in your Account runs out at any point, your campaign/order may be halted until you put more money into your Account.

Fraudulent Payments

  1. You agree not to report any charge or form of payment used in conjunction with payment to us as fraudulent, lost, or stolen unless you have a good faith reason to believe it is fraudulent, lost, or stolen. You agree not to report any charge by us as unauthorized for any transactions for which you do not have a reason to believe is unauthorized. You agree that if any such report is made without good faith, you will be liable to us for the charge or obligation, plus a $100 administrative fee. This paragraph’s liability does not limit our rights or any other liability you may have under the Terms for any other reason, including a breach of any other provision of the Terms (including the Transaction Supplements).
  2. Changes to the following must be reported immediately to us: (i) the expiration date of any payment method, (ii) changes in home or billing addresses, and (iii) apparent security breaches, including the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your payment method, ID, or password. If there is a security breach, you agree to be responsible for any unauthorized use of the Service that results from the breach. We will provide you access to billing records that support charges resulting from your use of the Service upon your request.


  1. We may issue a refund to you for parts of your order that have not yet been fulfilled (i.e., we will issue a pro-rata refund on the amount of traffic purchased but not yet received) less any costs in issuing and processing the refund within six (6) months of your payment, as long as you have remained in compliance with the Terms, including the Transaction Supplements. You will not get reimbursement for any taxes you have paid. You will get your refund for using the same payment method that you used to place your order (subject to the payment method’s processing fees). If the amount of refund is greater than US$ 20, we will process it. You will not get reimbursement for any funds obtained through bonus codes, promotional codes, or any other means other than direct payment. The terms and conditions for payouts found in the Seller’s Supplement will apply to refunds. Refunds will be limited to the amount of your most recent deposit of funds into your Account, without limiting any of the foregoing.
  2. You must first suspend or delete your order and submit a payout request before we can issue you a refund. You must submit a support ticket with your Account username if you want a refund to a credit card.
  3. Any money added to your account that you did not pay for will not be refunded. This includes any money received from tests, bonuses, or special offers.

Publisher Supplement

This Publisher’s Supplement supplements the Terms of Use (the “Terms”) for the Service. All terms that aren’t defined here have the meaning assigned to them in the terms.


If you use the traffic selling or advertising space selling services on the Service (the “Seller’s Program”), the terms of this Supplement will apply to you. You must agree to be bound by this Supplement in addition to the Terms by participating in the Seller’s Program.

Participation Requirements

1- You and Your Properties must meet all of the following conditions in order to qualify for participation and continued inclusion in the Seller’s Program, in addition to the Participation Conditions in the Terms:

  1. Unless we have given you written approval before in each specific instance (which may be withheld, conditions, or withdrawn at any time in our sole discretion), you may not send us traffic sent from a traffic broker or any service similar to the Service.
  2. If Your Property’s primary purpose is to host galleries, at least 50% of all gallery clicks should lead to galleries on that website.
  3. If Your Property is primarily a thumb preview site, no more than 20% of thumbs will lead to traffic brokers.
  4. If Your Property is primarily a text-based website, no more than 20% of your gallery links should point to traffic brokers.
  5. Your Property may not auto-refresh, auto-bookmark, auto-focus, or change a user’s homepage.
  6. You may not send any "404" traffic to the Service.
  7. You are not permitted to send the Service any traffic or serve any impressions generated by fake video players.
  8. You are not permitted to send any traffic or serve any impressions from gallery thumbnails to the Service.
  9. You may not use i-frames to send traffic to the Service or to serve any impressions.
  10. You may not use any method to inflate the volume of traffic or impressions artificially or fraudulently. Techniques that generate automated or fraudulent traffic such as framing a banner’s click-through destination, auto-spawning browsers, running spiders against your properties, and automatically redirecting users are all prohibited.
  11. In order for a user to use Your Property, you may not require them to view advertisements or take action to send the Service traffic.
  12. You may not offer any type of incentive or require users to take any action in order to send the Service traffic or view impressions.
  13. You may not use any misleading or fraudulent methods to prompt your users into performing an action to send the Service traffic or view impressions.
  14. All traffic and impressions must come from legal sources – Your Property may not operate in breach of any applicable law (whether applicable to us, you, or any other relevant party).

2- You agree not to use advertisements or the advertiser's proprietary marks in any way that disparages the advertiser, its products, or services or portrays the advertiser, its products, or services in a false, competitively adverse, or poor light. You will not serve advertisements in any way that could lead to confusion or mistake.

3- You will abide by our and the advertiser’s reasonable requests regarding the use of advertisements and the advertiser's proprietary marks, and you will refrain from taking any action that devalues such marks.

4- Any unauthorized use of any party’s trademarks (including our trademarks or those of an advertiser) is strictly prohibited.

5- You agree that if we determine that the quality of your impressions or traffic is fraudulent or insufficient for any reason (including, without limitation, technical reasons and for violation of the Participation Conditions), we may, in our sole discretion, terminate your advertising service or purchase your traffic.

Please review the terms of use for the complete list of participating conditions.


  1. We will measure the amount and quality of traffic you send to the Service, as well as the impressions you serve, using our own commercially accepted methods and practices. We do not have any responsibility to make these measurements using any other methods or practices (including client-side software, third-party counters, or trade scripts). All of the measurements we provide are final. If you disagree with any of our measurements, your only option is to stop sending traffic to the Service and serving impressions, as well as submit a payout request.
  2. You agree that we will not credit you for traffic or impressions that we cannot determine with reasonable certainty that you sent or served. Examples of this situation include when you fail to use a Selling Method (defined below) properly or when a user’s browser settings prevent us from properly measuring or tracking traffic or impressions.
  3. We will take commercially reasonable steps to give you online access to reports that track and review the traffic you have sent to the Service and impressions you have served. You will have access to such reports through the Service. We update these reports on a regular basis, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be “real-time.” We reserve the right to recalculate traffic and impressions in the event of fraudulent traffic or impressions being discovered, as well as technical errors. We reserve the right to change the format, content, and frequency of such reports at any time.

Selling Traffic and Impressions

  1. If you have been accepted into the Seller’s Program, you may use one or more of the technologies and methods described on the Service to begin publishing advertisements on and sending traffic from your properties. You understand that if you fail to properly use the technologies and methods made available and described on the Service, we are under no obligation to count the impressions, publications, or traffic you send. You agree that it is solely your responsibility to implement the technologies and methods in an appropriate manner.
  2. Payments to your Account will be accumulated based on a variety of factors related to the placement of advertisements on Your Properties and the traffic you send (“Payments”). Payment amounts will be determined by our measurements and the factors listed on the Service, as they may be updated and modified at our discretion from time to time. Rates are subject to change and may differ due to a variety of factors, including special and limited promotional offers, market factors, and other factors. The payments will be credited to your account on a regular basis, but not always in real-time.


  1. You can request a payout of your Payments as long as they total at least $20 US (the "Payment Floor"). On a business day, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to process your payout request within 72 hours, but we cannot guarantee that all payouts will be processed within that time frame. On non-business days, we will not process payouts. Furthermore, all payments will be processed in accordance with our procedures, which may be updated from time to time.
  2. If you have not earned any Payments totaling an amount greater than the Payment Floor in any six-month period, or if your use of the Service is terminated, we may charge you a maintenance fee equal to the Payment Floor. The maintenance fee may be deducted from any unpaid payments and offset.
  3. We may refuse to process a payout request or place a payment hold on any part of all of your Payments at our sole discretion if we have a reasonable suspicion that you have violated the Terms, including any of the Participation Conditions. Notify us if you disagree with a payment hold.
  4. If we later determine that some or all of the Payment was earned in violation of the Terms, which may include any of the Participation Conditions, we may deduct the amount of the Payment accrued in violation, plus any related fees, from any remaining Payments in your Account and/or future Payments earned. You will get an invoice for the set-off amount if there are no remaining Payments in your Account or no subsequent Payments earned, and you must pay the invoice within thirty (30) days of the invoice date.
  5. All payouts are subject to a 1-3 percent surcharge. The exact amount of the surcharge will be determined by the method of payment.


  1. We may ask you to complete some tax documents when you create your Account or before we process a payout. We have the right to withhold all payments due to you until you submit these documents. If you do not submit these documents to us within sixty (60) days of receiving them, we may suspend your Account until you do so; alternatively, we may terminate your use of the Service, and any payments you have earned will be forfeited.
  2. We are not responsible for any taxes, banking commissions, or currency fees incurred on your behalf. You agree and acknowledge that any taxes, banking commissions, or currency fees owed as a result of your participation in the Service are solely your responsibility.