Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers

Self Service Online Advertising Platform

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Improve your advertising experience
with 7SearchPPC self-service platform

  • All within one page
  • Set up detailed targeting and tracking in minutes
  • Estimate traffic volumes
  • Launch as many campaigns as you want
  • A/B test up to 15 creatives and scale
  • Enjoy 100% control

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7SearchPPC’s SSP allows advertisers to launch, manage and analyze advertising campaigns without any assistance! The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.You can always use handy tooltips, take a quick onboarding tour, or watch a brief video that will guide you through the advertising self-serve platform's features.



Choose general settings
for your campaign:

  • Pricing type
  • Ad format
  • Traffic type
  • Pricing settings
  • GEO
  • Budget limits