If you are looking to increase your website or advertisement traffic, you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best traffic advertising platform.

Traffic advertising platforms

Below are the best 10 traffic advertising platforms that can help you advertise your brand and their high-traffic sites:

Google Ads

Google ads are one of the leading high-traffic advertising platforms with which you can get huge traffic for your ads. It becomes easier for advertisers to get a high conversion on their ads with Google ads. An advertiser can boost their sales and brand awareness through this platform.

Google ads provide you with the best PPC ads that can help you to display your ad in the top positions on the best search engine

Benefits of using Google ads as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Google ads use SEO strategies to increase the traffic for your ads.
  • Google ads allow you to use multiple keywords at a time to increase your traffic.
  • You can increase the conversion rate by putting your advertisement on Google Ads.
  • Google ads use its algorithm to help you reach your target audience.
  • Google ads help you to execute your ads easily.
  • You can have control over your ads.
  • It becomes easier to get quick results for your ads.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is another advertising platform that gives you an opportunity to increase your brand’s awareness and recognition around the globe. This platform is equally popular as Google ads.

Benefits of using Bing ads as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Bing has a large number of users in and around the US.
  • You encounter less competition on Bing ads.
  • With this platform, you can get better mobile targeting.
  • Bing has three search engines Bing, Yahoo, AOL. So whenever you create an ad on Bing, it will also show on Yahoo and AOL.
  • With Bing ads, you can get a high Rate Of Return (ROI).
  • Bing is among the top platforms to boost reach.
  • You can easily set up an ad with Bing.


7Search PPC is one of the best high-traffic advertising platforms that help advertisers and publishers to take the utmost benefit from this platform. It gets traffic from more than 114 countries and has more than 18000 publishers.

Benefits of using 7Search PPC as the best traffic advertising platform:

  • This platform helps you to connect with the right publisher.
  • You can get the right publisher according to the ads you want to display.
  • You can easily start an ad campaign with this platform by simply signing up for your account with your email address and name.
  • Publishers can easily monetize their websites with 7Search PPC.
  • 7SearchPPC platform pays its publishers with various payment modes, including PayPal, Wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Paytm, UPI, JCB, Bitcoin, etc.
  • You can approve your account in not more than 10 minutes.
  • 7Search provides you with three-level security that uses a third-party fraud detection system.
  • The platform provides a 24*7 chat support system.


Bidvertiser is also a satisfactory traffic advertising platform. Like all other advertising platforms, Bidvertiser also provides you with a large number of publishers to advertise your goods and services.

Advantages of using Bidvertiser as a traffic advertising platform:

  • It is a user-friendly platform.
  • You can easily start advertising on Bidvertiser.
  • Bidvertiser works in more than 195 countries.
  • As an advertiser, you can have a high conversion rate through this traffic advertising platform.
  • The platform has multiple features to fulfill your requirements.
  • Bidvertiser provides you with a number of ad formats, including push ads, popup, and native.
  • The platform is designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.

Propeller Ads

Propeller ads are one of the platforms to boost reach around the globe. You can use Propeller ads to increase the traffic to your ads. Propeller ads started operating in 2011 and have become leading agency traffic.

Benefits of using Propeller as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Propeller has multiple ad formats such as push notifications, click ads, In-page push, Interstitials, and Smart links.
  • The platform has more than 140K publishers.
  • You can monetize 100% of your traffic with Propeller.
  • With their cross-platform solutions, you can cover 100% of your web and mobile traffic.
  • You can increase your business’s revenue by simply adding Multitag and enjoying automatic platform optimization.
  • Propeller ads provide you with cost-effective advertising by buying your known audience.
  • You can get instant reporting for impressions, clicks, and costs.


Adsterra is another platform working as agency traffic to increase the traffic of your website. It is a global advertising and affiliate network with extra attention for its partners and users. The platform helps the advertiser to meet their KPIs and increase the Rate Of Return(ROI).

Benefits of using Adsterra as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Adsterra provides you with instant income and a high impression of your advertisement.
  • You can monetize any type of traffic with Adsterra.
  • Use a wide range of ad formats.
  • Adsterra has high-traffic publishers that can help a business to increase its awareness.
  • Adsterra allows its advertiser with a minimum amount of $100 to enroll with the platform.
  • It takes less than an hour to launch a campaign with Adsterra.
  • The platform provides you with genuine traffic from 18K and plus publishers worldwide.


Popads is a popunder advertising network that works as a high-traffic advertising platform. You can choose Popads if you want to get or increase high traffic for your popunder and popup ads. Popads works as a bridge between advertisers and publishers who want to use pop advertising formats.

Benefits of using Popads as a traffic advertising platform:

  • The platform is specialized in providing pop advertising formats.
  • Popads is one of the highest payout platforms in the market.
  • You can quickly and easily register your campaign with Popads.
  • Easy to use the network with a quick registration.
  • The CPM and CPC model offers high payouts.
  • You can easily target the audience, location, and browser to advertise your goods and services.
  • It has easy to use interface for its users.


Adcash is an online advertising platform with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. They provide you with multiple features for affiliates, buyers, ad networks, and publishers. Adcash helps you to grow your audience with a performance-driven ad campaign.

Benefits of using Adcash as a traffic advertising platform:

  • With Adcash you can use advanced targeting techniques.
  • Adcash provides you with anti-fraud technology.
  • The platform allows you to track your ads.
  • You can also save time and money and reach your target audience.
  • The platform provides you with a self-serve advertising technique.
  • It has 24*7 customer support service.


Media.net is a high-traffic contextual ad network. The platform is popularly known as an Adsense alternative. Media.net is in collaboration with Yahoo and Bing.

Benefits of using Media.net as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Media.net is a user-friendly platform for its users.
  • You can easily create your ad campaign.
  • With Media.net you can more quickly reach your target audience.
  • This is the best AdSense platform alternative.
  • Media.net provides you with huge traffic for the right publishers for your business.
  • They provide you with multiple ad formats for your campaign.
  • You can also get multiple payment modes.


Infolinks is a self-serve advertising platform that allows you to get a high Rate Of Return (ROI). This platform is most commonly known for its contextual ads. The platform uses contextual keyword targeting to reach an audience with an interest in your message.

Benefits of using Infolinks as a traffic advertising platform:

  • Infolinks is top among the other ads network in inventory visibility and duration.
  • The platform maximizes your ad spend quality and SPO strategy by providing unique placements across 25,000 publishing partners.
  • You can easily create your ad campaign in not more than 10 mins.
  • It has the third-largest list of publishers in the market.
  • Infolinks shows the highest interactive ads for the users.
  • You have an option of a wide variety of ad formats.
  • Infolinks does not have any hidden or setup fees.

I would personally suggest you use 7SearchPPC to increase your advertisement traffic. As the platform will provide you with the best high-traffic publisher’s website to display your ads.

Hope you got your high-traffic advertising platform. Keep reading!


Q.1 What platforms are best for advertising?

The best platforms for advertising are:

1. 7Search PPC
2. Google Ads
3. Propeller
4. Adsterra
5. Bidvertiser

Q2. What are the advertising platforms?

Advertising platforms help you advertise or promote the goods and services of your business to increase sales and boost the brand’s awareness.

Q.3 What is a digital advertising platform?

A digital advertising platform refers to advertising or promoting the goods and services of any business digitally over the internet to reach a large audience online. You can advertise your brand digitally through various platforms.

Q.4 What are the 4 types of advertising?

The four types of advertising are:
1. Display advertising
2. Native advertising
3. Popunder advertising
4. Banner advertising

Q.5 Where do you buy your traffic from?

You can buy traffic from the various ad network platforms. Ad network platforms help you to advertise your ads on the top websites with huge traffic.
Some of the sites from where you can buy the traffic are:
1. Google ads
2. Propeller ads
3. 7SearchPPC
4. Adsterra
5. Bing ads

Q.6 Which platform is best for advertising?

The best platform for advertising your brand or products is the 7Search PPC ad network. 7SearchPPC helps you to target the audience on the basis of the geographical region you can provide your service.

Q.7 How do you get traffic ads?

You can get traffic ads by advertising on high-traffic websites with a large number of users. An advertiser will have to pay a certain amount to display their ads on a high-traffic website to get large visitors to their site.