The year 2023 is about to knock on our doors with new possibilities. You all must agree with the fact that the year 2021 has brought us so many unprecedented things. We all have experienced so many things, such as the global pandemic, a turbulent election, the rise of TikTok, etc. You should thank God for surviving 2021. Now it’s time to forget all the past year’s negative things and start fresh with a positive outlook. The holiday season is over now, and you should begin to get ready with some Best Marketing Ideas.

To help you start the marketing strategy, the following are some January marketing ideas, such:

  • Easy and Quick marketing ideas you can tackle in January to help you start 2021 on the right note.
  • Tips help you organize and streamline your planning to be on track to meet your marketing goals all year long.
  • January holidays, observances, and themes help you plan your product promotion, social calendar, and business events around the year.

Quick and easy Best Marketing Ideas to get your year start on the right note.

Update your google my business profile

You should make a substantial google my business profile if you want to show your business to local searchers on Google or Google Maps. An optimized and complete business profile is essential to start a business.

Take a few to make sure your profile has some authenticity, and then take it a step further by optimizing your listing:

  1. Populate the question-and-answer section of your business profile with frequently asked questions.
  2. Add some images or a video that showcases everything about the business.
  3. Make sure to respond to all reviews.

Create a holiday roundup post

The holidays might be over, but you should not miss out on any opportunity to squeeze every last drop of cheer you can get out of the previous month. You can still make these holidays part of your January marketing by creating and publishing holiday roundup posts on your blogs or social media sites.

The following are some ideas to do so

  1. You can take advantage of Throwback Thursday on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and post pictures of the old days to share these memories with your followers.
  2. Cleaning services or home goods shops that can provide you with Christmas tree disposal or post-holiday cleaning tips.
  3. The holidays are busy, and customers may have missed all you had going on, so this is the easiest way to create content for your business while making sure they’re in the loop.

Announce upcoming promotion events

Promote your business both offline and online by highlighting future events of 2021, such as President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day. If you have planned some exciting things for these events, such as upcoming Valentine’s Day deals at your spa or a special Valentine’s menu at your restaurant, you should let your audience know. A calendar for promoting is a great way to keep customers informed about upcoming promotions or events your business is sponsoring or hosting.

Start a consumer loyalty or referral program

Every person in business knows the value of a loyal customer. Loyal customers repeat their business with a particular business house and are also more likely to refer to other customers.

The following are some for creating a loyalty program for your customer:

  1. You can create and print a simple stamp card for your customers. Each purchase or service equals one stamp. After ten stamps, customers can receive a gift, a discounted service, or any other useful items.
  2. Offer existing customers a discount for each new customer they refer to the product.
  3. Create a tiered loyalty program so that customers can move up in tiers based on their purchase history – the higher the level, the better discounts.

Make sure to promote your customer loyalty program on social media and in your location so that your customers can find out about it more quickly.

Run a Facebook ad campaign

If you have not ever used Facebook advertising, it is an excellent time to do so to start marketing your product over there. Think about a specific marketing goal you like to accomplish, such as getting more visitors to the website, growing your followers on Facebook, or collecting leads from different social media platforms. You can do any of this with a specific Facebook ad.

If you have some tremendous beginning-of-the-year specials or promotions, you can use them in your ad copy to entice new customers.

Best Marketing Ideas for setting yourself up for Success

Solidify your annual goals and marketing plans

Whether you are a marketing expert or a business owner, or a freelancer, it’s essential to have personal and professional goals for the year. Take your time at the beginning of the month to make your goal and marketing plans substantial.

Create a new year’s resolution for the business

Make your New Year’s Resolutions stick to this year by sharing them with your online community – and ask your fans and followers to share theirs! It is a great way to engage your audience and get people in on your resolutions.

Start cleaning inbox

There is nothing less exciting than seeing the number of new emails in your inbox when you get back from the holidays. Start the new year with a clean inbox – go through those old emails you “starred” and never followed up on and either follow up or delete them. It will be best if you can organize your inbox correctly.

Review the performance of the last year

When you are available with real data, you can take some time to see what worked best and what did not. You should review the performance of the following:

  1. Content worked best for the business
  2. Top post and most engaging post
  3. Email subjects line worked best for the business
  4. Marketing strategy, PPC ad campaign, and channels drove maximum leads
  5. Tactics which does not perform well for the business

Research on marketing trends and prediction

The new year comes with a ton of informative content about what to expect in marketing and business in general. Find some creative articles or blog posts that will get you up to speed on what the experts expect to be big this year in your industry—and jot down some ideas or trends that you may want to try.

Best Marketing Ideas Around Holidays and Observances

Participate in a day of service on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • Save some lives by donating blood or hosting a blood donation drive
  • Give some beautiful arguments on compliment day
  • Embrace winter season

Encourage organization on National Clean Off Your Desk Day

January can often be stressful for business owners, but with the right marketing ideas and plan in place, you can relieve some stress without losing out on new customers and engagement. Happy new year!

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