Attach Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages to Your Campaign

Attach Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages to Your Campaign 1

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Users often get annoyed when they click on a link and land on a page that is not optimized for their device. 7SearchPPC now addresses this issue by providing a new mobile landing page field for your campaigns. We are working with many top mobile traffic providers.


What’s the difference?


While you are creating a campaign in your PPC account, now you can add a suitable mobile version of your landing page. You will get better conversions as the traffic that comes from mobile partners will be driven accordingly to mobile-friendly pages instead of the default destination URL.


Why use this?


In the paid search, you have hardly a few seconds to catch a lead’s attention enough to take a look at your page and convert it. The mobile-friendly landing page will lower your bounce rate, and there is a chance of turning the visitors who did not convert previously due to a desktop version of your landing page. The befitting mobile version helps drive more conversions by displaying everything correctly on the landing page.


Does it require a mobile URL?


NO, not at all! 7SearchPPC provides this additional feature to maximize the performance of our users’ campaigns. You can keep the default destination URL in position and get the best performance from 7SearchPPC Network if you have a responsive design, i.e., your website displays properly across all devices.


What if I create a mobile-only campaign?


That is not a problem. You can easily add your mobile URL in the default destination field while creating your offer.

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