Since everything is available online, it becomes more accessible and vital for businesses to advertise their products and services over the Internet. Popunder advertising is one of the most efficient and convenient ways of advertising on the Internet. This ad format can help you generate high revenue for your site and business. Using the proper techniques of displaying pop-under ads can help you build brand recognition.

To know about the best ad network for popunder advertising, keep reading.

What are Popunder Ads?

Popunder ads are advertisements that appear under the active window. The popunder ads are not immediately visible to the users, but they may encounter these ads when they close their current working window. Advertisers can even personalize these ads to when and where they appear.

List of 10 Best Ads Networks for Popunder Advertising

The ten best popunder ad networks are given below:

7Search PPC

7SearchPPC is one of the leading ad networks. It provides a number of ad formats, including popunder, display, banner, native, social bar, Push ads, and text ads. The platform helps both advertisers and publishers to earn revenue. You can easily advertise your brand with the best high-traffic publisher’s website present over the net through this platform. The platform uses different payout models such as PayPal, BTC, and BCH. It is the Best AdSense Alternative Ad Network for Popunder Ads.

Propellers Ads

Propeller Ads is an advertising company that focuses on providing users with the most appropriate advertising features. This ad platform gives you the same ad forms as 7SearchPPC. Propeller ads are recognized as one of the best advertising services platforms. They offer suitable ads that are free from malware and viruses. Propeller ads make payments through wire transfer, PayPal, UnionPay, web money, and Skrill; they also accept debit and credit cards.

Adcash is also an advertising network that provides you with popunder ads. It has been the leading popunder advertising network since 2007. Adcash helps you to show only the most relevant ads to your users. Like all other ad networks, this ad platform allows you to monetize your websites. Adcash gives you popunder ad traffic for your website for better results for your business. Publishers give high CPM rates and fast payments.


RichPop is an ad network popularly known for its popunder advertisements. The platform also provides other ad formats such as push, display, and native ads. They give its users four billion-plus ad impressions per day and serves 200+ countries. The payment modes which RichPops uses are Webmoney and Paxum, and wire transfer.

RevenueHits has greatly increased its presence from Israel to worldwide services. They have over 10,000 publishers and offer their advertisers to boost their conversion rate and earn more revenue from ad space. It’s easy to join and use campaign options, and you can sign up with just one simple step and take benefit from the platform. has a large number of advertisers and publishers. You can advertise using popunder ads. This platform provides its advertisers with high-quality ads, such as mobile responsive ads, attractive ads, and better-targeting ads, and allows the advertiser for full control over the ads. The platform offers you different ad formats, including display ads, contextual ads, native ads, and popunder ads.


PopAds is another best ad network you must know for advertising your brand. This ad network platform works as a common platform for advertisers and publishers. Through PopAds, a publisher can monetize its website with hi-traffic ads. And on the other hand, an advertiser can build an ad campaign for the goods and services they offer. PopAds processes the payments for publishers on a daily basis. The payment modes which PopAds prefer are PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer.


You must use Adsterra to increase your popunder ad traffic. Popunder ads are the best source to increase your website’s traffic while building an ad campaign with Adsterra. Adsterra has many publishers, which will allow advertisers to display their ads on the most appropriate website to generate new customers for their brand. The payment modes that Adsterra uses are Bitcoin, wire transfer, Paxum, Payza, Paypal, Webmoney, and ePayments.


You must have heard the name of Bidvertisers before as it is among the top ad networks. Bidvertiser provides you with 100% brand and fraud safety and also helps you to earn a high Rate Of Return(ROI). It is a trusted ad network among advertisers and publishers. The platform offers you many payment modes such as Payoneer, PayPal, visa, Bitpay, Skrill, Bank Transfer, and Webmoney.


Exoclick is the largest ad network in the world. It was awarded as the 4th largest advertising network globally in 2015 by W3techs. It offers 20 ad networks for its advertisers to display their ads on different websites. The platform also provides a popunder ad format for its users. They offer various features including, extreme traffic targeting, automation tools, a real-time bidding system, and cost control. The payment modes they offer are Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire transfer.

Advantages of Popunder ads

Some of the benefits of Popunder ads are given below:

  • It is a cost-effective ad technique for your brand.
  • Popunder is a highly customized form of advertising.
  • These ads are more targeted, as some ads appear only once a day for the targeted audience.
  • Popunder ads have a long-lasting impression on the viewers.
  • Popunder ads can gain more user attention making the ads more engaging.

Pop-up vs. Popunder

Let us now discuss the main differences between Pop Up and Popunder advertisement formats.

Pop up
The pop-ups appear directly on the top of the Websites where you visit. The Popunder appears behind the active window of a user.
Pop-ups are more intrusive. Popunders are less intrusive.
The user usually sees these advertisements. The user usually ignores these ads.
Pop-ups have comparatively higher cost-per-click. Popunder has a low cost per click and is a good option for low-budget advertisers.
You will see these ads when you enter a website. You will see these ads when you exit from a website.

We expect this article to help you solve all your queries regarding popunder ads and their best ad networks. Keep solving your doubts regarding advertisers and publishers only on your favorite site, 7SearchPPC.


Q.1 What does popunder mean?

Popunder refers to those advertisements that appear under the user’s active window. These ads are visible to the user when the user closes the current window on which they are working.

Q.2 Why do you need to use popunder ads?

Being an advertiser, you should use popunder ads as the users cannot ignore them even if they are annoying for them to see. Popunder ads are fixed within the sites because of which the users cannot scroll through them as the banner and display ads.

Q.3 What does popunder advertising cost?

The popunder ads cost advertisers on the number of impressions that is CPM. The cost of popunder ads will be calculated per 1000 impressions each time whenever a user sees an ad.

Q.4 How does Popunder work?

As you already know, popunder ads appear under the user’s current window. You must also know that the user can click on the advertisement to learn more about the displayed products and services. When users click on the ad, they are directly get redirected to the advertiser’s website or landing page.

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