Advertising through publishers is the main source of generating traffic for a business website. Advertisers can grow their business and generate leads by advertising through a high-traffic publisher’s website. The publisher not only advertises a brand for the benefit of a company but also earns a certain amount of passive income by displaying the advertiser’s ads on their website. This is a complete guide for the Highest Paying ads format for the publisher. So let us not waste time and know the most profitable ad formats for the publishers.

What are Ad Formats?

Ad formats are the type or structure of ads that can be used for advertising in a specific way. Publishers can use any ad format for advertising the advertiser’s ad on their website. An ad can be displayed in various formats such as text, image, pop-up, and pop-under advertisement.

Choosing an advertisement depends on the need or preference of an advertiser or publisher based on the type of website they have.

What Is The Highest Paying Ads Format?

The publishers earn high incomes by using some of the highest-paying ad formats offered by the 7SearchPPC platform. 7SearchPPC is the most profitable ad network for both publishers and advertisers. As a publisher, you would like to use the best ad format to generate more income from your ad campaign. 7SearchPPC offers various ad formats that are given below:

Push Ads

Push-up ads are a highly engaging ad format to expand the audience. 7SearchPPC provides you with the options of push-up ads that do not require opt-ins and can run on all OS and web browsers.

Advantages of Push Ads

  • Push ads can reach their audience when and where they want.
  • Through push ads, a publisher can get high revenue as there are massive clicks on these ads.
  • It is much more profitable than other ad formats.
  • With push ads, you can bring more traffic to your website.
  • These ads have strong impressions.

Pop-under Ads

Pop-under ads are the most convenient way of earning as a publisher does not need to reserve extra space for the pop-under ads on their website. These ads appear under the active window, therefore, saving the same space to be used for some other ads. A publisher can earn more by using the space to display other ads.

Advantages of Pop-under Ads

  • Pop-under ads can save your website space.
  • It brings higher payouts.
  • The publishers can earn more as he has more space on their website.
  • These ads have a user-friendly format.
  • Popunder advertisement is considered to be one of the highest-paying ad formats.

Native Ads

With native ads, you can connect with the users with the user’s choice of format. Native ads match the looks and feel of the media format where they appear.

Advantages of Native Ads

  • Native ads give high control to publishers to have on their site’s performance.
  • Native ads easily blend with the content on social media.
  • These ads have much more click-through rates.
  • Viewers find native ads an interactive source of information.
  • These ads look more like articles and blogs.

Banner ads

This is among the most profitable ad formats of advertisement as it is one of the high-paid ad formats for publishers. With banner ads, publishers can earn a huge profit. Banner ads are based on images that attract viewers more than text ads

Advantages of banner ads

  • These ads are the most paid ad format for the publisher when you are using 7SearchPPC.
  • Banner ads attract viewers more easily.
  • It is the easiest way of advertising.
  • These ads are easy to understand by the user.

Text ads

This ad format is a traditional form of advertising. A marketer can use text and text links to advertise a product or service. Publishers can use these text ads to display them according to the content on their websites.

Advantages of text ads

  • A text ad is used to explain the goods and services which an advertiser wants to promote.
  • These are good forms of informal advertising.
  • A large number of clicks on these ads can help publishers to earn more.
  • You can also add images along the text to attract more viewers to click on these ads.

Social bar

These ads are highly customizable and have high CPM rates. The social bar is an in-push ad format available on 7SearchPPC. These ads are shown to all the users even if they do not subscribe to you. Social bars look attractive; therefore, users ultimately click on them.

Advantages of social bars

  • These ads are very catchy hence grabbing the consumer’s attention.
  • Social bars get ten times more clicks than other types of ads.
  • This is one of the highest-paying ad formats as these ads have high clicks on them.
  • This ad format has benefits for both advertisers and publishers.

Video ads

Video ads are the most engaging ad format for users. More than one-third of the users are engaged in video-related content over the internet. Users are attracted more to the video content.

Advantages of video ads

  • This ad does not require much effort.
  • Video ads can convince your viewers to buy the business’s products.
  • Publishers can earn more income by displaying video ads, as these ads are much more popular among advertisers and users.
  • Video ads have strong impressions that help increase the publisher’s passive income.

Benefits Of Using 7searchppc Ad Network For Publishers

Publishers can get huge benefits by using 7Search PPC as their ad network. The top 10 advantages of using 7Search for publishers are given below:

  • 7SearchPPC saves your time by quickly connecting you to the advertisers.
  • This platform helps you to connect with the right advertiser.
    You can get the right advertisement according to the content of your website.
  • You can easily start an ad campaign with this platform by simply signing up for your account with your email address and name.
  • Publishers can easily monetize their websites.
  • 7SearchPPC platform pays its publishers with various payment modes including, PayPal, Wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Paytm, UPI, JCB, Bitcoin, etc.
  • The platform has more than 12000 advertisers.
  • You can approve your account in not more than 10 minutes.
  • 7Search provides you with three-level security that uses a third-party fraud detection system.
  • The platform provides a 24*7 chat support system.


Q.1 How much does a publisher earn?

The publishers can earn depending on the ad format they use for their website. More engaging ad formats can bring more revenue for the publishers.

Q.2 What is the highest-paid advertisement?

The payment for the advertisements depends on the type of ad you choose. However, the highest-paid ad formats for publishers are video ads, banner ads, and native ads.

Q.3 What is the best ad format for publishers?

The best ad formats for publishers are video ads, banner ads, and native ads. Through these ad formats, the publishers can earn huge passive incomes.

Q.4 Which ad format is best for advertising on social media?

Video and text ad formats are the best form of advertising on social media. These are the most profitable ad formats for advertising on social media platforms.

Q.5 Which type of ads is best for mobile viewing?

The best ad format for mobile views is native advertising and video ads. These ads have the best results when used on mobile phones.

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