Advertising has become essential for businesses to gain popularity and reach their target audience. Companies must use various advertising methods and techniques to grab users’ attention and generate business sales.
Growing online facilities have made it mandatory for companies to market their brand with the help of online advertising methods. On the other hand, it must collaborate with the right strategies and techniques to grow the business. We have listed below all the significant types of advertising methods that you can use to advertise your business and get the best result in a short time.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is promoting the goods and services of any business with the help of the best advertising methods. Companies can do marketing with the help of various platforms and methods, such as online advertising methods, local advertising methods, e-commerce advertising methods, etc., according to their target audience and type of industry.

On the other hand, it can also be referred to as a part of the marketing strategy that will boost the brand’s reach among the audience. The advertising methods have changed with the changing time from offline to online, making them more reachable to users at any time and anywhere.

Type of Advertising to Promote your business

Since you now know what advertising is, it is time to know the best methods you can use to promote your products and services.
There are various types of advertising methods, and some of them are given below:

Print Advertising

Print advertising was one of the best advertising methods for small businesses before digital marketing. As a small business owner, you may identify that print advertising costs are significantly higher compared to digital and social media advertising as print ad revenues are declining.

Since it’s tough to demonstrate how many individuals who saw your print advertisements went on to purchase at your store or become customers of your business, it’s even more challenging to gauge the effectiveness of your print advertising efforts. These ads can still be a profitable investment for some local businesses or companies that target older and less digitally connected customers. Some examples of print media include ads in newspapers, magazines, and other print media.

Direct mail Advertising

Mail advertising is one of the cheapest advertising methods to promote a business as it does not require a huge investment. This type of advertising requires producing good content for the users to read and take action. To give a better user experience with mail advertising, you can even add a sales letter, catalogs, brochures, etc., to the email.

Direct mail can be advantageous if you use creative advertising methods and encourage the users to buy the goods and services. This type of marketing develops direct contact with the users with the help of a direct mailing list. You can modify your emails to appeal to the specific audience you want to target.

Television Advertising

Television advertising has been the traditional method of advertising since the introduction of television to the market and is still one of the most effective e-commerce advertising methods. Advertisers promote their products and services on television with short commercial ads to make television users familiar with any new or old products.

These ads are repetitive in nature, and such repetitive ads build better brand recognition and awareness. The cost of television marketing may vary depending on the ad type, length, and channel you want to advertise. Other than the time and length, it is still costly compared to other forms of advertising.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the traditional advertising methods. The radio ads are played in between the program breaks so that the users can hear them even when performing other work. It was the only advertising method when there was no other way to promote goods and services.

Radio ads can be a more effective advertising method when the ads are played at the time when most users are listening to the radio. For instance, you can play your ad in the evening at the time of any popular program to which all users listen.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast ads are just like radio ads that advertisers use to increase brand awareness. Such ads are played at the episode’s beginning, middle, or end to grab more users’ attention. Podcast advertising is an exciting form of advertising if the ads are presented entertainingly to the users.

The companies may give discount coupons to the ad listeners, encouraging users to make purchases. The podcast hosts may also read the script the companies gave in an interesting way to attract users. It is one of the most engaging advertising methods for the audience.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the most popular and modern advertising methods in the marketing industry. A large number of mobile users around the globe make mobile advertising methods more popular and effective.

The mobile ads are visible to users from various platforms, such as websites, social media, mobile apps, etc. Mobile advertising can include

  • Mobile display ads
  • Mobile search ads
  • Mobile videos
  • Mobile app ads are meant to drive downloads of a brand’s app
  • Social media ads served on mobile devices

These ads can reach users irrespective of where they are and what they are doing. Mobile phones are the most common and trending advertising method due to changes in trends and advertising techniques. Many online stores have started using mobile ads as they are more capable of boosting sales since too many users are buying goods online.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms support online advertising methods. A vast social media audience makes it essential for advertisers to choose social media platforms.

Advertising through social media platforms allows marketers to target users according to their geographical region, taste, and preference. It allows them to create cost-effective ad campaigns according to their budgets. Some of the favored social media marketing platforms are:


Facebook is the most productive platform for advertisements as it comprises users of different ages.
Marketers can post videos, images, and other written content to advertise goods and services. Facebook allows the use of various ad formats and creates ads according to your business and target audience.


Instagram is one of the most lovable social media platforms for a young age. All new and old businesses use Instagram to advertise their business. Businesses can produce high-quality images, videos, and other content to increase audience engagement.


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. Advertising on LinkedIn can be best for B2B sales since companies can target each other or other professionals to sell the services. The cost of advertising is much higher on LinkedIn compared to other platforms.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is the ads shown on a search engine like Google or Bing when a user searches for any product or service. These ads are mostly charged on the (PPC) Pay Per Click matrix.

Advertisers must pay every time a user clicks on their ad. They bid on the keyword so that their ads are placed above their rivals who have chosen the same keyword. Such ads are effective ways to boost the business’s sales with the help of SEO tactics.

The PPC ads must look attractive for the users to click on them. If the users are not clicking your ads, then you must be doing something wrong.

Native Advertising

Native advertising comes under the most effective advertising method as the content in this type of advertising matches the look and function of the platform where it appears.

These ads thoroughly blend with the platform where they appear. They are commonly used because users cannot discriminate between native ads and articles. The ads give informative content about the goods that encourages users to buy them. For instance, a website has posted an article about advertising tips. The users read the post and later realize that it is offering the users to advertise their brand with their platform in exchange for a fee.

Display Advertising

Display ads are attractive and grab users’ attention more easily than other forms of advertisements. These ads are present at the sides and top of the webpage and are easily seen by website visitors.

Users are encouraged to click on display advertisements to visit the business’s website and frequently make purchases. Due to their high prevalence online, they are sometimes simple for consumers to ignore.

Display ads help to build brand awareness and recognition and target the most appropriate audience. The advertiser can also measure the performance of these ads very quickly and make required changes from time to time.

Outdoor Advertising

Consumers who see advertisements outside of their houses are said to be viewing outdoor advertising. It is also known as out-of-home advertising.

Billboards and advertisements seen in public spaces or on public transportation, like on the sides of buses or inside public taxis, are common examples of outdoor advertising. Such advertising is less expensive compared to other forms of traditional advertising methods.

Product Placement Advertising

Product placement ads are a common way of advertising products in any movie or television show. The actors in the movie may not mention the products, but the label or brand’s name is clearly visible to the viewers.

For Instance, a soft drink brand is advertising in a television show while the actor is consuming the drink. The actor may not mention the brand name, but the label on the drive should be clearly visible to the users.

Public Service Advertising

Public service advertising is introducing services to the public through various platforms such as television, radio, websites, or other platforms. It mainly focuses on announcements related to social services. These ads are non-profitable and work for the benefit of the users or audience.

The government or charitable organizations use such ads to provide information about health and safety topics.

Video Advertising

Video content is the most engaging and grabs users’ attention more quickly; therefore, you can use them to advertise and get more benefits than other forms of advertising. Some websites automatically play these video ads on their webpage to drive them to the landing page and encourage them to make purchases.

Video ads have more impact on the user’s mind and for a longer duration, which helps to remember the brand name or product.


Q.1 What Are The Most Effective Advertising Methods For Small Businesses?

Some of the most effective advertising methods for small businesses are Email marketing, social media advertising, radio advertising, display advertising, etc

Q.2 What Are The Major Methods Used For Advertising?

The major used for advertising are:
1. Paid advertising
2. Social media advertising
3. Native advertising
4. Display advertising
5. Mobile advertising
6. Email advertising

Q.3 What Is The Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Some of the most powerful marketing tools are:
1. Email marketing
2. Content marketing
3. Social media marketing
4. Paid advertising