The best CPM ad network helps both the advertiser and publisher to grow their revenue. There are different pricing models for an advertisement, such as CPC CPL, and CPA. Most Publishers prefer CPM over other pricing models. Let’s find out more about CPM.

What is CPM?

CPM is also called Cost-Per-Mile. It is a digital marketing term used to denote the price per one thousand viewers of the advertisement. CPM is the cost that an advertiser pays per one thousand advertisement impressions on a website to the publisher. For example, a website publisher charges 5 dollars per thousand impressions from the advertiser.

How Does CPM Work?

The best CPM network is based on the impression, and accordingly, the advertiser pays the expense to the publisher for every thousand views of the advertisement. CPM works as a marketing tool for advertisers. Counted An impression After every time views. CPM works best for those businesses that focus on their brand awareness and popularization.

How To Calculate CPM?

To calculate CPM, we can divide the cost of advertising by the total number of impressions and further divide it by 1000. for instance, (CPM = cost/impressions x 1000).

Why Do You Use CPM?

With the help of CPM, it is easy to compare advertising costs among different media. The CPM model helps advertisers generate leads and earn considerable revenue based on the leads generated. Using CPM significantly impacts the advertisers’ business through brand awareness and generating leads. It helps the company to expand on a large scale gradually. Publishers earn considerable revenue by advertising the advertiser’s product on their website.

CPM and Other Types of Web Ads Pricing

types of web ads

CPM (Cost-Per-Mile)

Cost Per Mile (CPM) is the most commonly used method by most advertisers and publishers. Many publishers and advertisers share the same platform, and the Revenue hits CPM gradually for both of them. CPM is earlier discussed briefly in the above paragraphs.

CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

Cost Per Click (CPC) charges the advertisers only when there is a click on the advertisement. The payment does not depend on the number of views, as in the case of CPM. The CPC model is used for sponsored social media posts. It is an online advertising revenue model. The formula for calculating CPC is (cost per impression)divided by (the number of clicks). The click may cost differently for different publishers’ websites. CPC works best for business and movie downloading sites, generating extra revenue per click.

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)

Cost Per Lead (CPL) pricing is a digital marketing model. The payment made is based on the number of leads generated.CPL is the best platform for some businesses to connect with their customers directly. Cost per lead is preferred for those businesses whose main criteria is brand development. CPL is calculated by dividing the cost of generating leads by the Total lead acquired.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

Cost Per Action (CPA) is a model in which the advertisers pay when the visitor views the advertisement, clicks on it, and performs some action on the owner’s website. The action usually refers to the revenue sale. It is the most convenient and best way to increase the company’s sales. Advertisement through CPA accomplishes two targets one is brand awareness and recognition, and the other is sales.

What are the Benefits of CPM Ads?

CPM has a bulk of benefits for advertisers and publishers.

  • Cost Per Mile helps the publishers to earn lots of money from the advertisers.
  • CPM campaigns will help Advertisers get more exposure for their brands.
  • It allows targeting a large audience in bulk.
  • It enhances the advertiser’s brand performance.
  • CPM allows for optimizing the advertiser as well as the publisher’s goals.
  • It is the cheapest brand awareness for a business enterprise.
  • CPM advertising networks work best for scrolling sites.

Advantages of CPM Ads Networks for Publishers

  • The high volume of traffic increases CPM for the publishers.
  • With the help of CPM, transfers of payments are made to the publisher’s account irrespective of the number of clicks done by the viewers.
  • Publishers find CPM an easy way to earn money by just adding advertisements on their websites.
  • It is easy to track the performance of the advertisement by the publisher.

How Do You Choose The Best CPM Ad Network?

After thorough analyses and deep learning, we can choose the best CPM Ad network. Advertisers should advertise the ad not to hamper the audience’s sentiment. Selecting the best CPM Ad network depends on how much the network pays per impression or how much the advertiser and publisher are benefited from it.

Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers

Let us know about the Top CPM Ad network for publishers:

Google Adsense

It is one of the popular Ad networks among the publishers as Google operates it. Google Adsense helps advertisers to advertise their images, video, and other advertisements to target their audience through publishers. The advertisement-related problem is resolved by Google.

One of the leading CPM Ads networks offers publishers monetization tools. It can check performance and change the appearance of the advertisement. Appnexustech guarantees a high CPM rate, quality, etc.


This is one of the most popular pay-per-click advertising platforms. It works as a common platform for advertisers and publishers and is one of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers7Search PPC provides advertisers with high-quality traffic and publishers with monetizing web pages and on-time payment. It has one of the best ad networks with multiple ad formats for your business.

They provide publishers an option to monitor their advertisement impression and customize their advertisement. helps its publishers increase their CPM. They provide different ads, contextual, display, and native ads.


It is one of the best CPM ad networks that provide a very high CPM rate. It provides a friendly ad format and high-quality targeting. The minimum payment threshold for Bidvertiser is 10$. The payment methods supported by Bidvertiser are PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, and check.

Propeller Ads

It is one of the leading self-serve advertising platforms. Propeller Ads is Popularly known for its push-up notification and supports mobile applications and websites. The payment threshold is about $5.It prevents fraudulent activities and works only with legitimate traffic.

CPM ads network for low-traffic websites reduces the revenue level. The website should have enough website traffic to make more money. The best CPM Ad networks for low-traffic publishers are as follows: Propeller Ads and revenue hits CPM, tribal fusion, InfoLink Ads, Burst Media, and many more.

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