The days are getting shorter, and Chilling winds and blows are hitting your face. These signs are indicating to the arrival of the autumn season. You must have started dreaming about Christmas Eve. But to run a successful business, there are several other dates also which you should take off. Yes, it is Black Friday Marketing Strategy.

The day falls on 27 November this year, after the American Thanksgiving feast (celebrated on the last Thursday of November). The increased rate of online shopping gave rise to Cyber Monday, also known as Blue Monday (the day after the end of Black Friday weekend). This year Cyber Monday is celebrated on 30 November. It is considered the biggest shopping weekend of the year. According to the recent data released by Think with Google, online sales during this period spiked up over 40% when compared with the rest year. According to Black Friday Marketing Strategy, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to cross the e-commerce sales of $ 21 billion this year.

The following are a few crucial dates regarding cyber week:

  • Black Friday Week 23rd-29th November
  • This Black Friday on 26 November
  • Black Friday Weekend 26th – 29th November
  • Cyber Monday 29 November

Important Tips for Black Friday Marketing Strategy

The following are some tips to make your PPC campaign for the upcoming Cyber Week.

  • Advertise your deal

We all agree with the fact that buyers are looking for better deals during Cyber Week. You must decide which product you can sell at a loss. Sometimes You have to suffer a loss to give your buyer a better deal. You can provide your buyers with some exciting holiday offers such as a percentage off, offers like buy one get one free, etc.

  • Increase your budget

Buyers are not frantic during this time. Advertisers across the Globe increase their PPC budget during this cyber week to ensure that they can drive the funds whenever they need it. And if they are not doing that, they are making a big mistake.

  • Check your ads

Buyers act very differently during the cyber week sale. They are more likely to shop for minimal hours, i.e., when early bird sales start or shop later for late-night sales. They must be heavily shopping from Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday. You should make sure your ad delivery setting does not take your PPC marketing campaign offline during crucial shopping hours.

  • Use Google countdown Widget.

If you want to establish a sense of urgency with the shoppers, the Google countdown widget is excellent. It enables you to display the number of days, hours, and minutes remaining for sale. Using a countdown feature in your ads will make your promotion of sales stand out from the crowd.

  • A clear description of your product

It would help if you convince your buyers about your product, and for that, you can give a crystal clear description of the product you are selling. You can highlight the following things about the product.

  1. Free shipping
  2. The uniqueness of the product
  3. Discount available ( including Black Friday discount offer)
  4. Product details
  5. In stock now
  6. About the business
  7. Bank offers available (if any)
  8. Gifts wrapped for you
  • Ship in time

Many buyers have eyes on gifts during this cyber week. It feels long until Christmas and other winter holidays, but it is not too early to reassure searching buyers that you can ship to them by then.

  • Check your landing pages.

If you have ignored the importance of the landing pages, it is a great time to consider it. Landing pages are a critical PPC strategy. It helps to boost the conversion rate.

  • Start planning as early as possible.

It would be best if you start preparing for this season far before so that everything can go smoothly. Advertisement for your product needs to be loaded early to pass through the editorial review process. Your Cyber Week promotions should be in your account before the time as it allows you to make sure that all the ads are in place and approved before Black Friday.

  • Know your audience

Many customers join and leave the online shopping platform during Black Friday and the retail holiday period. You should not treat every buyer equally from a business point of view, and you should know about your customer to formulate a good and profitable Black Friday Marketing Strategy.

Here are a few ways to use your previous data for making a new strategy

  • Custom messaging
  • Prioritizing specific products
  • Filtering particular audiences/user groups
  • Modeling and finding similar customers
  • Re-targeting
  • Target the keywords

The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday allow you to try out new keywords, which can help you target a more customer base. You should make an informed decision about the recent searches and work to ensure that they will hit your target and goals.

Before drafting any PPC strategy, you should be aware of the buyers’ search behavior during the cyber week. It will help to make the strategy on point.

The following are some search trends that you can keep in mind while making any PPC marketing strategy.

  • Searches containing ‘Black Friday’ ramp up around two weeks before Black Friday, with the volume growing day on the day until Black Friday itself
  • Searches containing ‘for him,’ ‘for her, and ‘for kids’ increase from November, as people start to look for Christmas presents. 1 in 5 people surveyed by Google aims to have started their Christmas shopping two months before Christmas.
  • Searches for ‘presents’ and ‘gifts’ increase after Black Friday Weekend
  • The search volume for the products can start as early as October. Be mindful this year that retail trends may not follow the norm and that any early promotions by competitors could instigate a rush into the market for many customers.
  • The research found that On Black Friday itself, Branded search terms outpace non-branded, and consumers know where they want to shop. But just because you’re not a well-known brand, that doesn’t mean you can’t build awareness. 73% of people surveyed by Google said they would be prepared to purchase something from a retailer they’d never bought from before.