Do Ad Impressions Matter in PPC? If that is the query you want to sort out, a quick runover of this article would be more than enough. We have compiled the complete go-through exclusively for you, just keeping this query in our mind.

Let’s have heads on step by step!

What is Ad Impression?

Understand Ad Impression is pretty simple. Whenever an Ad is shown to someone on Google or Google Network, that’s nothing but Ad Impression. 

The number of Ad Impressions is an excellent way to judge the performance of your Advertisement.

How Does Ad Impression Matter in PPC?

From the Advertiser’s point of view, you are not paying or not being charged for an Ad impression (CPM) basis. It is not a bad thing for an Advertiser. 

You are charged for every ad engagement with Cost Per Click CPC, which is a good deal. It helps and permits you to accurately judge how great your ads are based on the clicks they get. Ad impressions are essential as you can use them as a good indicator of overall campaign health.

How to deal with different aspects of Ad Impressions?

There are mainly three things to look out for when it comes to Ad Impressions. The first thing is you have low impressions with lower conversions. Second, your campaigns have high Ad Impressions but fewer conversions. And the last one is low Ad Impressions with a high conversion rate.

Let’s have a look at each scenario separately!

Low Ad Impression And Fewer Conversions

It is tough to clarify spending time tweaking and optimizing a campaign when no one sees your ads. There are two factual reasons on 7Search PPC to determine why your Ad Impressions are low.

First, you should check your keywords and bid on them. The handy keyword suggestion tool of 7SearchPPC may help you resolve your keyword problem.

Are you being outbid, or if the highest bid is $0.11 and your bid is $0.05, there is a risk of burning your ad? You should change your decision and increase your bid to $0.12 to make your ads appear in a better position. You may carry forward with all your keywords in your campaign to maximize your exposure.

Second, if your increased bid does not look helpful, you may have over-optimized your campaign, and the targeting parameters are too narrow. 

For example, having just about ten keywords in an ad campaign is possible. However, it is not bad if these keywords receive sufficient searches. But if they are not providing enough traffic and clicks, it is time to add broader terms to your campaign and increase exposure.

In the same way, you may open your targeting options, so that you are targeting a vast geographic area.

You should not limit your ads and use broad keywords to see what works and then drill down and optimize. 

Beginning under limitations can be difficult, so keep the initial campaign as unfettered as possible while sticking to essential, broad keywords in the category you are targeting.

So, while we offer an excellent, transparent CPC bidding model, keep staying on your impressions. They can tell you better than you think. Now go and create some great campaigns!

High Ad Impressions But Fewer Conversions

Some people may be confused that this is an indirect positive of their 7SearchPPC campaign. They can think that many people see their ads, but they are not paying for them. Win-win! Nope, that is not a fact or reality. 

You should try to ask yourself what is the fault in your ad or why no one is clicking your particular ads. Your goal should be to get viewers to click your ads, visit your website, and complete the desired action.

When I see a campaign with huge impressions and low clicks, my sudden strategy is to change ad copy and try to make a difference in the campaign. 

If my change does not make a difference, then I switch the keywords in the campaign so that it’s more targeted to the users I am going after. 

Remember, optimize for conversions and clicks. Keep attention to your impressions, and make sure people interact with your ads.

Low Ad Impressions But Greater Conversions

Great! Your business has room to scale as you can generate leads. Low Ad Impressions, but an effective conversion into leads only means you have the right eye on your target.

Now, you need to mind increasing Ad Impressions through organic ways. But keep in mind, the ratio should always remain the same between Ad Impressions and their conversion into leads. 

All in all, you are well on the way to having many leads in the row.

How Can We Improve Our Ad Impressions?

There are multiple ways to improve the number of your Ad Impressions. However, we are here to hand over a few of the best that ultimately work to upgrade your Ad Impressions.

To know why you cannot get a good number of Ad impressions, you just need to visit your share impression rating in Ads Manager. 

It will open a graph for you. The Ad Impressions you are getting appear in green. You cannot reach the Ad Impressions due to the low Ad rank appearing in Yellow. And the Ad Impressions that you cannot reach due to low budget appear in blue.

So, all you need is to analyze your issue and recover it. You can adopt one of the following options.

  • Improve your Ad Ranking
  • Increase your Budget
  • Analyze your Keywords


Your ultimate focus might be on getting a vast number of Ad Impressions. But they only make sense if you can convert them into leads. And everything is for nothing if it doesn’t work. 

All in all, you need to target the right audience at the right moment.
So, we hope you get some points into your head regarding the Ad impression, and whether they matter.


Q.1 What is Ad Impression?

Whenever an Ad appears to someone on Google or Google Network, it takes the form of an Ad Impression.

Q.2 Why do Ad Impressions Matter in PPC?

Ad Impressions matter a lot in PPC as these are the root steps to entertain the audience on your platform. A good deal of Ad impressions on your platform helps you generate leads.

Q.3 Are the Ad Impressions the same as Clicks?

It is pretty evident from the names of both of them. Ad Impression means when your Ad appears on Google, but clicks refer to the engagement activity on the Ad.

Q.4 Do Ad Impressions Matter in Marketing?

A marketer must understand that Ad Impressions also do not matter much. You must have the correct information about the users and their contribution to generating your leads. That road takes you to success.

Q.5 Do Ad Impressions Matter in PPC?

The answer is Yes! Ad Impressions matter in PPC as they show the relevancy of your Ad to the Audience.