Terms and Conditions

It is essential that you go through and understand all the terms that are given in this document. You are obliged to go through it entirely and agree to it once you are sure about the content. By agreeing to this document, you are signing up for the contract that binds you with the 7SearchPPC. The terms and conditions that are defined here limit your rights and responsibilities with 7SearchPPC and all the other pages of the website.
As you visit this website and use the content available here, you agree to all the terms that are mentioned here and other pages. It is your responsibility to check if there has been any update in the documents of the website. If you continued using this site, you are bound to accept the terms given on - Privacy Policy and Terms of use.
If in case you have any objection with any of the terms given on the website, you shall not be using 7SearchPPC any further. The services that we provide include all the detail that is presented on other pages of the site (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms and Conditions).


Some of the specific terms that we have mentioned here may not be known by all the Users. We have defined them here:

a) 7SearchPPC Advertising Program - The program that is run on the 7SearchPPC Website is providing Advertisers with a variety of services through the online software. It will help them manage through the tools that allow them to create advertisements and make them appear on the Publisher's Website. It is done to attract visitors and direct them to the Advertiser's site.
b) Advertiser - It can be an individual or a firm that has registered under the membership program of 7SearchPPC's website. Doing so enables Advertisers to gain access and use our services.
c) Advertiser's Website - The Website that the Advertisers own and operate it by promoting goods and services of the third-party sites.
d) Publisher - It is an individual or a business entity that puts up advertisements provided by 7SearchPPC on their site, which will help them redirect more and more visitors to advertisers' landing pages.
e) Publisher's Website - A website that is owned and operated by a Publisher. Its where the real Advertisement is displayed, and 7SearchPPC has no control over the Publisher's website.
f) Publisher's Network - It is a network of publishers that participate in the working of the website. This network helps 7SearchPPC by targeting visitors through the search feed on their websites, that are managed by their own.
g) Website Visitor - Visitor is any person or an individual who has clicked on the website voluntarily and is interested in the products or services that the Advertiser has to offer. The visitors will be redirected to the Advertiser's site as they click onto the add displayed on a publisher's website.
h) Advertisement - Basically, an ad is a text or image that is put for publicity, which is created by an Advertiser so that they can promote or sell any goods or services. These advertisements appear as per the search results of an individual on the 7SearchPPC's publisher network.

Services provided by 7SearchPPC

At 7SearchPPC, Advertisers will get access to online software and other technological infrastructure that will help them promote their goods and services with the targeted visitors through the Publishers and their network. Advertisers can also create and display Advertisements that will appear on the Publisher's site.
Advertisers can earn visibility as per the search results that will be based upon the biding of the keywords in their targeted regions (country). Every Advertisement has a title, a description, and a URL that is visible to a visitor. Along with that, it, too, has a click URL that redirects the visitor to the Website of the Advertiser.
Those Advertisers that are registered under the 7SearchPPC's Advertising program are allowed to manage their campaign, keeping in mind their budget. They can choose any keyword and set a precise amount that shall be paid when a Visitor on the website clicks on the Advertisement. Therefore, an Advertiser has permission to edit, create, and manage the Advertisements that appear on the Publisher's site.

Service Policy

Here, we will explain to you the policy that we follow while providing you our service.

  • Membership Registration
    It is essential for an Advertiser to enrol and get registered as a member of the 7SearchPPC program. We give prior approval to our members as compared to other entities. We own the right to refuse service of any existing or new Advertiser at any point in time.
    • Eligibility - The representatives and Advertiser should be authorized in order to access the services of 7SearchPPC. While using our services, you should not violate the laws or terms that are mentioned in here. It is mandatory for Advertisers to provide their right and accurate information at all times.
    • Personal Information - All Advertisers shall provide us with a valid name, address, contact numbers, email-id, and others to get registered as a member of 7SearchPPC.
    • Multiple Account Registration - It is not permitted for any Advertiser to register on the website for more than once. In any case of multiple-accounts, we can suspend or terminate that Advertiser and all other accounts that belong to him/her.
  • Advertisement Terms
    • Advertisers should display relevant information on the website. An Advertiser is allowed to submit Titles, Description, and URL of the Ad. If the information is changed on the Advertiser's Website, then it needs to be changed or updated as per the current time.
    • 7SearchPPC has the right to reject any link that includes keywords and descriptions. It is not necessary that we shall approve each and every Advertisement that is submitted by an Advertiser. It shall be due to the violation of any Terms and Conditions mentioned on the site.
    • All the information that is given by the Advertiser should be accurate and to the point. In other words, whether an Ad Title or description assigned by an Advertiser shall not be decisive for the visitor's point of view.
    • An Advertiser is not permitted to run more than one ad that is similar. It is mainly stated when the Advertiser is placing an Ad in the same region or at the same time.
  • Monitoring of the Advertisers and Publishers Website
    • Ads that appear on the Publisher's Website are not managed or owned by 7SearchPPC. Only an Advertiser can put up the Ad on the Publisher's Website, and a Publisher can thus own and operate it. We cannot guarantee that an Ad, which an Advertiser creates, will be displayed on the Publisher's site regardless of the bids that an Advertiser does.
    • An Advertiser understands and agrees that each keyword that is compiled in the advertisement listing is ranked and put as per the highest bids.
    • We cannot assure Advertisers that the Advertisement will appear on the first page of the Publishers. Neither we have any control over the written text or graphics included in an Ad on a Publisher's site. Advertisers are supposed to inform 7SearchPPC if they encounter any violation of the Terms and Conditions or if they have any concern with the content displayed on the Publisher's site.
    • As we have said above, when you sign up at our website for the Advertising Program, it is not necessary that we may accept every Advertisement that will be submitted by an Advertiser. It depends upon various factors as per which the traffic on the website is created and then converted into sales.
    • The testimonials or case studies are nothing but examples that do not say that each person will have the same results. Each individual will be responsible for his/her earning as per the dedication and motivation they'll show in their task.

Policy for Payment

1. How can you make the payment on the website?
An Advertiser is obliged to make his payment before he/she activates the Advertisement. The amount that they are supposed to pay is already mentioned on the website and also the choices or modes through which they would want to pay. The prices may fluctuate as per the time without giving prior notice.

2. Policy for Refund If in case the Advertisers have any issue with the quality of purchased clicks, they may send a request to the 7SearchPPC's support team. It is vital that an Advertiser indicates the ID for which the issue has to be resolved. Necessary steps shall be taken once it is proved that the investigation has been completed.

3. Mode of Payment You can make the payment to our website through your PayPal account. Before doing so, the Advertisers are required to confirm their e-mail ID with the associated wallet of PayPal. You need to follow the complete procedure of verification. 7SearchPPC does reserve the right to reject payment for any specified reason.
Apart from this, there are other mediums available too, for the convenience of our networks. You can make payment through various mediums that are mentioned on the website. If you have any query(s) regarding this, feel free to contact us at any point in time.


The content that is displayed on 7SearchPPC is sensitive, and we are the only proprietor of this website. An Advertiser is not allowed to disclose the material that is published on the website. Doing so is strictly against the law of 7SeachPPC's website. The content that is available at the site shall only be permitted to Advertiser to show it to the authorized users of 7SearchPPC.
If in case it’s found out that there has been a disclosure of any of the registered document of the company or there has been a breach of any fiduciary duty or the Terms and conditions mentioned here. An advertiser is also not allowed to reference the content available on the site to any other source without taking our permission.


Any individual entity that has signed-up for the services and is not willing to continue further or is no more interested in the Terms and Conditions that are already listed, you must have to submit a request to deactivate his/her account. There are not many rules set up to deactivate an account; it can be done with ease. However, the amount that is left in the account of the Advertiser shall not be refunded.
7SearchPPC holds the right to deactivate or terminate an Advertiser's account. It can be done in case there has been a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the company's Website. Here, we would like to make clear that it is 7SearchPPC's sole discretion, and any decision that is made on this matter will be final.

Transfer of Rights

The rights that are reserved under the authorization of an Advertiser shall not be transferred to any other entity. They must not allow any other to use the Advertiser's platform of 7SearchPPC. Assigning your account to someone else is against the Terms and Conditions of our Website.
By doing so, an advertiser will be accounted for under the breach section of Terms & Conditions on the Advertiser's point of the account.


All the 'Terms and Conditions' that are mentioned on this website are monitored under the laws of the country concerned. In case if there has been any dispute or claim that has risen from the access of the website or the Terms of Use, it will be subject to the Jurisdiction and court under the concerned country.

There are other important terms that we have already mentioned in the section "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy." Before you agree to terms, it is vital that you read and understand all the expressions that are mentioned in these documents of the 7SearchPPC's website.