7Search PPC Campaign Policy

User Agreement

By using the Services of 7Search PPC, an Advertisement Network, the user agrees to abide by the following policies. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any campaign or account that violates our Campaign Policy.

International Laws & Country Policy

Advertisements must comply with all applicable National & International Laws, Guidelines, and Regulations of the country/countries they are supposed to target.

Content available on the Advertiser’s Website or in the Campaign must be legal, trustworthy, and not misleading as per the Laws, Guidelines, and Regulations of the targeted country/countries.

Advertisers must have ownership or legal rights to use property featured in the Campaign. Advertisers must target the only countries where their services or products are legally available and are not blacklisted by the Government or other authorities.

Furthermore, please note that certain countries have some specific restrictions regarding internet campaigns.


  • It is not allowed to use names or advertise products from or on behalf of top government officials (Droupadi Murmu, Narendra Modi, Mohan Bhagwat, Amit Shah, etc) and all state symbols of the country (flag, Ashoka Chakra, coat of arms, presidential standards).
  • Images of women in national costumes in any inappropriate way (half-naked, disheveled, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Advertising betting or gambling business is not allowed. However, advertising the rummy brand or similar licensed companies is allowed except for Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Sikkim.
  • Logos or names of Indian Oil, Reliance Industries, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and SBI are not allowed.
  • Advertising any kind of binary options is not allowed.
  • Advertising or mentioning Pakistan or Pakistani conflict is prohibited.

United Arab Emirates

  • It is not allowed to use the names or promote products of top government officials (Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Sheikh Mansour), Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Sheikh Hamdan) Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, etc)
  • It is also not allowed to use the flag, state emblem, and emblems of all seven emirates.
  • Campaigns with images of LGBTQ+ persons are not allowed.
  • Advertising any binary options is not allowed.
  • Campaigns with naked or half-naked images of women are not allowed.
  • The promotion of VPNs, proxies, and other services to avoid blocking websites is not allowed.
  • Campaigns for gambling or betting promotions are not allowed.
  • Campaigns with the names or logos of Emirates, Etihad Airways, Fly Emirates, Jumeirah Group, Mashreq Bank, and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi are not allowed.

Content Policies

Advertisements or Ad Campaigns must comply with the following Content Policies:

Prohibited Content

  1. Content on the landing page must be legit and should not contain typing errors, empty pages, or misleading images.
  2. Direct downloading (without permission) when clicking on the page link. Promotion of suspicious or unknown products or apps is not acceptable.
  3. Use or reference of popular brands (including social media brands, popular messengers, big companies with virtual presence, sports brands, applications, payment systems, newspapers, postal services, government, etc.) without consent is not allowed.
    • Use of logos of big brands is not allowed.
    • Landing pages with hidden names or characters or wrongly spelled are not acceptable.
    • Campaigns that are offering something on others' behalf, especially on behalf of famous companies, will not be accepted.
  4. Using the logos of search engines is strictly prohibited.
  5. Vulgarity or Sexually provocative images/texts/icons
    • Creatives depicting vulgar or sexual acts, masturbation or sexual organs, etc., will not be accepted.
    • Sexual activities or intimate activities (squeezing of the female breast) images of partially visible intercourse are not allowed.
    • Images that imply sexual contact (even through clothes) will also not be accepted..
    • Images of men or women that initially show sexual activities but are covered by banners, cans, fruits, or with other similar objects will be rejected.
    • Creatives showing complete or partial nudity or sexual positions will also be rejected.
    • Anatomical images of the genitals are not prohibited (including the images of medical checkups)

    Unacceptable texts: Texts like “Girls for the one-night stand” or “Milfs looking to have an orgasm with you,” etc.

    Acceptable texts: Girls want to chat all night, or “Say hi and start chatting with your future girlfriend, etc.

    Ads with people wearing undergarments or swimsuits will be accepted if there are no sexually indicating texts or images.

  6. Adult content or pornography is strictly prohibited from advertising.
    • Child Porn: It is strictly prohibited to advertise anything that is child erotic or pornography, or sexual exploitation of children.
    • Zoo Porn: It is strictly prohibited to advertise content or websites that contain pornography with human and non-human animals.
  7. Images of human secretions like urine, feces, snot, spit, menstruation, or vomit are unacceptable.
  8. Violence or Terrorism
    • It is strictly prohibited to promote any content or website related to terrorism, weapons, and terrorist financing or funding.
    • Violent or brutal images or videos are also not acceptable.
  9. Notice offers
    • It is strictly prohibited to use any information or content in campaign images, texts, and landing pages about potential threats, possible viruses, software damage, etc., that threaten the audience.
    • The notice offers that contain texts like A virus may/can damage,” “You may have problems/viruses,” “Scan completed, and “Click here to fix are allowed.

    However, it is restricted to the use of brands or logos of brands like Google, Yandex, Google Chrome, Apple, Adobe, Safari, Flash, Microsoft, and Windows in the campaign and on the landing pages.

  10. Scary offers: Any statements about junk files, viruses, device problems, etc., are unacceptable.
  11. Unacceptable texts or images with text: “Click here to solve this problem,” System Warning (Remove junk files),” You may have three viruses,” “Update required,” Run a scan system to fix problems that slow down your system speed,” Clear your android/ios memory to solve this problem, etc.

  12. Phishing offers
    • Phishing alerts with statements about receiving or winning large and substantial money or gifts are not allowed.
    • Phishing alerts regarding transferring or crediting funds are also not allowed.
    • Campaigns that ask for money to pick up a winning amount are prohibited.

    Unacceptable texts or images with text: You have won iPhone/car, $1,000 was credited to your account.
    Acceptable texts or images with text: “You may win iPhone/money, “You won a gift card/coupon/certificate.”

    Phishing messages stating a price payment are also not allowed.

  13. Offers of sexual wellness products like genital enlargement products, prostate treatment drugs, male potency supplements, etc.
    • Ads promoting harmless supplements or with harmless statements are allowed.
    • Ads with the words potency,” “prostate,” Viagra, etc., are not acceptable.

    Landing pages with the words potency, “prostate, etc., are accepted. However, there must be an indication that the promoted product is a dietary supplement. The landing page will be rejected if the product is medicinal.

  14. Images with the imitation of system updates or messages are not allowed.
  15. Replication of browser system messages is not allowed.
    • Landing pages with fake logos of popular browsers are unacceptable.
  16. Imitation of interfaces of popular brands or sites
    • Landing pages with fake logos of popular brands are not accepted.
  17. Vulnerabilities
    • Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser, like to install a file, are not acceptable.
  18. Malware
    • Ads containing malicious software or “malware” that can harm computers or mobile devices are unacceptable.
  19. Tech support ads are not allowed, if;
    • pages that include browser/tab lockers, hidden redirects or parent page redirects; or any other illegal goods, services or transactions.
    • not to distribute viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature (i.e. malware).
  20. Notification request cheat
    • Landing pages collecting subscriptions or reviews by a notification request cheat (misleading viewers into subscribing to offers by blocking or reloading the offer page) are not acceptable.
  21. Use of the names or images of celebrities
    • The use of celebrities' or politicians’ names for the promotion of negative representation of the individuals featured or for spreading fake news is not allowed.
    • Promoting a product or diet on behalf of a celebrity is also not allowed.
    • Unacceptable texts or images with text: Breaking {Celebrity Name} is dead”
      Acceptable texts or images with text: Anyone can profit from Bitcoin. Bill Gates explained how?

  22. Political advertising
    • It is not allowed to promote any political parties or leaders and calls for a violent overthrow of the state regime.
    • The use of National flags of a State, like RU, UA, NZ, etc., to circulate a message on behalf of the state is not allowed.
    • Images mentioning politicians or leaders are not allowed.
    • Landing pages with the following are not allowed;

    • Call of aggression
    • Use any political agitation
    • Collecting funds to support a state, donations, humanitarian aid, etc.
    • Post information about military actions and their results on non-news websites
    • In GEOs BY and RU, it is not allowed to use flag images, express solidarity or support, or post information about military activities on news resources.
  23. a) Offers or campaigns with automatic dialing of phone numbers, as well as with a request to send sms messages, are not allowed.
    b) Pages that include browser/tab lockers, hidden redirects, or parent page redirects will also not be accepted.
  24. Promoting Illegal Services
    • Promoting illegal services like money laundering, illegal gambling, Ponzi, pyramid, or other “get rich quick” schemes will not be accepted.
  25. Forced Labor or Sexual Exploitation
    • Ads promoting human trafficking, forced labor, or sexual exploitation will not be accepted. Websites or ads providing or asking for child labor will also not be entertained.
  26. Content or Services Intend to Harm Nature
    • Any content or services that intend to harm natural resources, archaeological findings, protected animals, or protected plants illegally will not be accepted.
  27. Promotion of Pharmaceuticals
    • Campaigns promoting the unlawful distribution of controlled substances or Rx-only drugs are prohibited.
  28. Message from postal services
    • Landing pages or messages on behalf of the post office are not accepted.
    • Campaigns with information regarding payment/awaiting/delivery (delivery number) of any prize, package, etc., are not acceptable.

    Unacceptable texts or images with text: “Order EF26573536878AU delivered, Your phone has been paid, click to claim,” etc.

  29. Campaigns with landing pages or prelanders focused on collecting subscribers are not allowed.
  30. Fake, unofficial, false, untrue, misleading, invented, or reproduced information regarding natural disasters, pandemics, and acts of god is unacceptable.
  31. Campaigns for companies or brands which have been declared fraud or misleading by respective authorities will not be accepted.
  32. Fake or imitation messages from national or international banks are prohibited.
  33. Calendar subscriptions are not allowed both for Android and iOS.
  34. Reselling our traffic through direct links is strictly prohibited.
  35. System updates
    • Updates on behalf of the system or software are prohibited.
    • Campaigns regarding system updates will not be entertained without an official update from the Search Engine or App Store.

Please Note: Landing pages, texts, creatives, and images must comply with the policies above. These guidelines are not exhaustive, we can pause, unapprove or terminate any campaign that is unlawful or that we believe harmful to our publishers or users, even if the campaign follows all these guidelines.