As the days are passing, Halloween and Bonfire turn into cherishable memories, and the most prominent event e-commerce calendar is on the way. Yes, it is Black Friday and Cyber Monday- commonly known as Cyber Week. Just in case you don’t know about these marketing terms, Black Friday is a causal name given to the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday. On the other hand, the PPC strategy Cyber Monday, also known as Blue Monday, is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

In this segment of the discussion, we only talk about Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days on retailers’ calendars. Before making any PPC strategy for Cyber Monday, you should be aware of whether Cyber Monday suits your business or not.

This marketing model is probably more suitable for B2C companies. It gives you an excellent opportunity to maximize your sale with an attractive Cyber Monday offer that makes you stand apart from your competitor.

The data released by the researchers shows that during the coming Cyber Monday, most online sites will experience a hike in their sales., this year predicts a growth of 13-15 percent.

The following are a few pieces of advice to fight up your PPC ad campaign this Cyber Monday.

Plan offers and promotions

You should plan your Cyber Monday offers far before the event and make your team aware of the same. You can hire any marketing agency to plan the PPC campaign for PPC strategy Cyber Monday. Your offer for this event should be completely different from the deals you have provided throughout the year. As a seller, you should give your buyers the best price and deals because now the buyers are so price savvy and tend to hunt the best deals for themselves. Therefore, your offer must stand out in the market. You are also required to ensure that you have submitted your promotions and offers to the merchant center for approval.

Review your performance in previous years

If you do some analysis of the past performance of your Cyber Monday PPC ad campaign. It will be best to track your conversion, clicks, and conversion rate for your campaigns last November. It will help you to rectify your shortcoming and imply the best PPC strategy in the upcoming marketing campaign.

Consider some additional budget

You must be ready with some additional budget during the sales season of Cyber Monday in advance. As no one can tell you the ideal amount you should put in this sales season as every company is different, and it requires an additional amount to maximize the opportunity.

Get your ad copy written and approved by Google

After drafting your ads, you should get them approved by Google in advance and keep them a secret till you are ready to make them on air. Google Ads is all about standing out against your competitors and getting the click, so for Cyber Monday, you must update your ad copy, especially on your top-performing campaigns, to include your Cyber Monday promotion.

Optimize your ad extension

If you want to improve CTR, then you can use an extension in your ad campaigns. It will boost your Click-Through Rate. These promotion extensions perform well during Cyber Monday and make your offer outstanding from the rest of the crowd. You can use the site link extension to increase the traffic on your Cyber Monday sales and offer pages. You can also use a callout extension to let the buyer know about your running promotions.

Consider some additional keywords

By adding keywords related to Cyber Monday to boost your sales, clicks, and conversion. You should do some additional brainstorming to find the necessary and appropriate words for your Cyber Monday Pay-per-click ad campaign. You should know the desired keyword position for your ads. If you know the specific situation, it will bring the best cost-effective results; you should keep adjusting your bid. As the cost per click (CPC) increases along with the increase in submissions from your competition, you may require to increase your bids as well.

Automate with scheduling and rules

Buyers act quite differently during this sales season. They use to shop for very minimal hours, and you have to that your ads go live during that time so that you and your potential customer bear the maximum advantage of it.

Affinity Audiences & Seasonal Event Segments For In-Market Audiences

Affinity audiences are the users who are searching around for a particular product or showing interest in the topic. Google has various audience categories to choose from, so take a look and consider adding these and potentially bid adjusting for them once you have some more data.

Use a location blanket bid

Most of the keywords bids of your ad campaign are in the right position. Still, the PPC strategy of Cyber Monday can increase bids for your location to give your account temporary uplift.

Use landing pages

If possible, you should create a specific Landing Page for Cyber Monday as it allows you to highlight your ads and the site links to a thematic page and boost your Online Holiday Sale.

Monitor, analyze, and optimize

It is important to keep a check on all your e-commerce websites. You can gather all the necessary information with the help of Google Analytics and other real-time tracking tools. It will help you to understand the trend of your business this holiday season.

In short, you should prepare, plan, and organize your strategies as soon as possible and deliver a successful Cyber Monday. Decent discounts are significant factors, but providing an outstanding customer experience is essential to retain your existing customers and gaining potential ones.