Digital marketing has become a prevalent form of advertising in today’s world. Due to today’s pandemic condition, digital marketing is at its height. It has become more accessible for marketers to promote their products and services over the Internet. Native advertising is one of those advertising tools that marketers prefer these days. To know more about native advertising, you must read the article ahead.

Native advertising is paid advertisements that match the look and feel of the media on which they appear. Mostly we find these ads on social media feeds. These ads look more like posts or articles rather than advertisements. Native ads thoroughly blend into the platform on which they appear.

Why Use Native Advertising?

People have become habitual in today’s world while ignoring textual or banner advertisements. Therefore, native ads are designed not to look like ads, making it an exciting concept for the viewers not to skip but go through the ad. Native ads have high conversion rates, which would help advertisers to make profits for their company.

Benefits Of Native Advertising

Native advertisements have lots of benefits for advertisers. Let us know about some of them.

  1. These ads can grab the user’s attention.
  2. Custom contents are more trustworthy than traditional advertising.
  3. Native ads receive high conversion rates.
  4. Publishers earn more through native ads as a source of PPC ad networks.
  5. Increase brand awareness.
  6. Native display ads receive a higher click-through rate than typical display ads

Types of Native Advertisements

Native advertisement runs on a variety of platforms. These include:

In Feed ads

Almost all social media platforms display advertisements on their feeds. The social media users who go through their feeds may see those ads designed in the same way as other posts but tagged with paid ad language. In Infeed, ads look different on different sites as they fit according to their appearance.

Search Engine

Search engines place a few paid ads at the top of the page. These ads appear on the basis of the keywords that the user searches on the browser. For example, if a users search for the most comfortable shoes, the search engine may show few paid advertisement related to shoes.

Content Recommendation Ads

These ads appear beside the editor’s content. The recommended ads are related to the content that the editor has posted. These ads usually appear at the end of the article and sometimes by the side.

Display Ads With Native Advertising

Native ads are sometimes combined with native advertising, making them more attractive. For instance, you may see a few native ads with banners along with them that contextually match the site they appear on.

Best Native Advertisement Platform

A few native advertising platforms that advertisers are continuously involved in are-


Taboola is one of the leading native advertisement platforms with billions of users. It provides its users with high-quality traffic at cheap rates. Taboola best suits those marketers who want to connect with a new audience. They give you a wide choice of when and where to show the ads.

Native ads

Native Ads can help you bridge the gaps between businesses and mainstream audiences. This ad platform is specially made only for those advertisers who want to display native ads. They give a pay-per-click option to their advertisers.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini offers mobile, native marketing, and advertisement. It provides you with a cost-effective bidding system and easy budget management. Gemini helps drive potential customers to the client’s website or landing page.


It is one of the best native ads providers with high quality and visibility of advertisement. Outbrain has partnered with the most prominent publishers around the world. It provides the most friendly platform, which quickly helps you set up a campaign. They allow you to choose a good audience selection with great tips for better performance.


You can create native advertising campaigns on the 7Search PPC platform. They help you connect with users in the format of the user’s choice. 7SearchPPC gives you high traffic to promote your business with the help of native advertisements. It is a user-friendly platform for creating a native campaign easily and in a concise duration.

Why Do Advertisers Choose Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a new phenomenon but has quickly become a part of our marketing mix. Advertisers choose native advertisements, as they are non-disruptive, and users usually interact with them. Native advertising helps brands tell their stories, and people are always interested in others’ stories. Because of this, native ads never get ignored by the users.

Advertisers should plan their native advertisements similar to the website or platform they will appear on. Marketers choose native advertisements as they have higher visibility than any other ads. It brings more sales to the company and improves the brand’s popularity.

How Does Native Advertising Cost?

Native advertisement costs are similar to other ads, depending on when and where they appear and how many people view them. Native ads are a bit pricey compared to other advertising modes. But are still cost-effective as it gives higher results—native advertising cost on the mechanism of Pay Per Click. Whenever a user sees a native ad on their social media handle or other platform and clicks on it, the advertiser will pay the publisher for those ads accordingly.


Q.1 What is native advertising on social media?

On social media, native advertising appears more like posts or stories rather than looking like ads. You may see these types of ads in social media feeds. Social media users usually go through these ads like all other posts on these platforms.

Q.2 What is a native advertising example?

A few examples of native advertisements are-
1. Content recommendation ads
2. Infeed ads
3. Search engine ads
4. Social media ads

Q.3 Is Native advertisement considered marketing?

Native ads are the most considerate form of advertisement in today’s time. Many marketers have started using native ads as digital marketing tools.

Q.4 Native advertisement vs. display ads?

Native advertisements indirectly convince users to buy or become their customers, whereas display ads look more like a pitch that forces them to buy. Native ads are more effective on cell phones than desktops, which is a better option to display ads.

Q.5 What is native advertising in marketing?

Native advertisement in marketing means selling goods and services through interactive content like posts or stories on social media or other platforms. A native ad is a form of marketing.

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