Since the use of the mobile phone is very common nowadays, mobile optimization is becoming essential for websites. According to the survey, about 91.54 % of the world’s population uses mobile phones. And a large number of people use mobile phones as internet surfing devices.

Creating websites for business purposes and not paying attention to mobile optimization can be a big loss. We have prepared a complete guide to mobile optimization and its techniques which you must know to build the best website for mobile users.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile Optimization is the conversion or development of your website in such a way that the mobile user has a good experience while visiting the website through the mobile phone.

In other words, mobile Optimization is the process in which you have to adjust your content so that visitors can easily access your website from their mobiles. Optimized content gives a user-friendly experience to the audience. You should keep the below points in mind while you are doing mobile optimization.

  • AMP Issue
  • Mobile visibility issue
  • Text/Font Size Issue
  • Content Layout Issue
  • Design Or CSS Issue
  • Use a Responsive Theme
  • Choose the best Web Hosting
  • Less Loading Time For Your Website
  • Light-Weighted Pop-Ups for Mobile Devices
  • Always Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Create an Application For Mobile

Importance of Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is a significant factor in growing your business. Some of the importance of using mobile optimization that can help to build a better business are:

  • The major importance of mobile optimization is to improve user experience.
  • Mobile optimization helps in increasing the website loading speed and does not let the users wait longer and move on to some other site.
  • It helps improve mobile SEO which leads to an overall ranking of your website on all devices.
  • Mobile optimization helps to Increase the average time spent on the site by the users.
  • Better optimization of websites for mobile devices can lead to huge sales of the products and services of a business.

Mobile Optimization Techniques

You need to utilize the best practices and techniques that can help you optimize your website and its web pages according to the mobile users. In order to keep your users happy with the web interaction, you must adopt these key factors.
Some of the techniques for mobile optimization are:

  • The content should be the same while displayed on desktop and mobile phones.
  • Use responsive design techniques.
  • Check your site on multiple operating and display systems.
  • Make sure to use image optimization and compression based on the resolution of various devices.
  • Optimize your overall page size.

Mobile Optimization Strategy

It is important to implement the right strategies to optimize your website according to the mobile users. Mobile optimization will not only give a better experience to a user but also fetch better results for a business site. Some of the mobile optimization strategies are given below:

  • Create unique and updated content that is helpful for mobile users.
  • Do not use pop-ups as they may irritate your users.
  • Create a user-friendly interface for the website.
  • Try to use compressed images that will help to take less time to load the web page.
  • Use small buttons, smaller images, and autofill form fields, auto-detect location settings.
  • Choose a responsive web design.

Best Sites To Build A Website With Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones are the most commonly used devices for internet surfing. If you are building a website based on desktop users and not paying attention to mobile users, you will lose many leads.

Your website performance is all that will impact how long the users will stay on your site and whether they will buy something or leave without purchasing.

Since we are discussing so much about mobile optimization, let us now know about the best website builder tools. These tools will help you to build a mobile-friendly website that will keep your users happy and your business growing.


Godaddy is an excellent website builder platform. You get more than twenty templates and build a user-friendly website. The platform helps all types of businesses, small and big, to create a website with wonderful features. With Godaddy, you will be able to test and check what your site will look like on various devices.

The platform offers multiple features such as managing social media accounts, Monitoring metrics and analytics, managing appointments and orders, etc.


Elementor is a wonderful web creator platform basically for building websites for WordPress. You can create landing pages, e-commerce stores, and a full-fledged website. This platform gives you the freedom to create the type of website that you want.

You get excellent tools that help you in lead generating and conversion. Elementor works well with all types of WordPress themes.

Like all other website builders, you get the best-paid plans with Elementor, which include personal, plus, and expert.


This is a popularly known website builder, and you must have heard about it before. If not, then let me tell you that Squarespace The templates used in superspace suit all types of content such as e-commerce, blog, small and large business websites, etc.

Squarespace has brought AMP(accelerated mobile pages) feature in existence that helps in opening up the website faster on mobile layout. The platform offers you different paid plans such as personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce.


Wix is also a popular website builder that helps you to create a mobile-friendly website without any knowledge of coding. The platform offers you multiple features such as publishing text, images, and video content, building an online store, etc. You get an exclusive template collection to use for your website.

The platform is easy to use, and you can choose the plan you prefer from this list Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP.


Weebly is a website builder that focuses on building e-commerce websites for small as well as large businesses. Any start-up business that wants to create a website can trust and create a user-friendly website for mobile users on this platform. The templates on Weebly allow your website to adjust and display according to mobile devices automatically.

You get an outstanding feature of the drag-and-drop editor. This will help you know how your website will look on a mobile device. The easy drag and drop app phone website builder app is created looking into the needs of online store owners. You get four different plans that are Connect, Pro, Business, and Business Plus.

I would suggest you use Weebly if you are a beginner in website building and have absolutely no coding knowledge. Weebly can be a good option for you.

How To Fix Poor Mobile Optimization

  • Pick a 100% responsive web design. The best way to start optimizing your site for mobile is to choose a responsive design.
  • Use structured data.
  • Compress your images that would help reduce the website’s loading time.
  • Identify non-mobile-friendly features.
  • Add Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Test popup usage.
  • Add video content.
  • Never use Flash.

Benefits Of Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization plays a very important factor nowadays for businesses to increase their conversion rate. Some of the major benefits of mobile optimization are as follows:

  1. Mobile optimization helps you with new advertising opportunities.
  2. By optimizing your mobile, you can gain an advantage over your competitors.
  3. It reduces the site loading time and does not force your users to wait for a longer time.
  4. Your users gain a better experience.
  5. It helps in increasing the conversion rate of your business.

What Includes Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is not just about any one factor. It includes a number of factors to be worked upon to get the best result for your brand.

The number of factors it includes are:

Site Design

The websites should be designed so that the users do not face any issues while navigating the website. Make sure you do not add pop-ups as they may irritate the users and end up leaving the site.

Website Loading Speed

The most important factor in mobile optimization is the loading time on a website. If your site takes longer to load on mobile devices, the user would not wait longer and move to another site. You should not use such graphics and images that cause a delay in opening up the website.

Structure Of Your Website:

The structure of your website should be simple and easy to navigate. The structure of your website plays a very important role for the search engine to understand your content.

Meta Title and Meta Description

You need to keep in mind that the screen size of mobile devices is not too big. So try to create a small meta title and description. While preparing the titles, do not sacrifice the quality else you would lose on your competitor.


Q1. Why Mobile Optimization Is Important?

Ans. Mobile optimization is a must to give your user a better experience on your website. Mobile optimization helps to fit the videos and images according to the mobile screen size and also helps the user to navigate the site easily.

Q2. How Important Is Mobile Optimization?

Ans. Mobile optimization is essential for the users to convert them into buyers. Since there are a large number of mobile users, it becomes a key factor in optimizing websites for mobile users.

Q3. How To Fix Poor Mobile Optimization?

Ans. To fix poor mobile optimization, you need to pay attention to these facts:
a. Make sure your site is responsive.
b. Improve your site speed.
c. Use structured data.
d. Choose the correct viewport.

Q4. What Is Mobile Optimization For Email Newsletters?


a. Use clean and simple images as it is the key when it comes to mobile-optimized emails.
b. If you are using a predesigned template from your email service provider, make sure that you use a responsive template.
c. Be word-wise.
d. Make sure you do not use big paragraphs and break the text.
e. Befriend buttons.

Q5. Why Is Site Speed Important For Mobile Optimization?

Ans. If the speed of your site on the mobile device is slow, the user may tend to move on to some other site to fetch the information. The slower speed of your website can cause a huge loss to your business.

Q6. How To Optimize Email For Mobile?

Ans. Some of the ways to optimize your email for mobile are:
a. You should use a shot line in your subject.
b.Write interesting and relevant preheads to boost open rates.
c. You line break to break big chunks of lines.
d. Make sure to use images according to the mobile screen.
e. Choose the right font size which is appropriate for the users to read on the mobile screen.

Q7. How To Optimize HTML For Mobile?


a. Use compressed images
b. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
c. Reduce the use of redirects
d. Remove render-blocking JavaScript
e. Leverage browser caching
f. Improve server response time
g. Use a content distribution network
h. Optimize images

Q8. How To Optimize Images For Mobile?

Ans. To optimize the images for mobile, you can consider these points.
a. Specify The Image Resolution
b. Compress Images
c. Create CSS Sprites Of Icons
d. Activate Google Developer Mode

Q9. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization?

Ans. The accelerated mobile page is also known as AMP. It is the coding process formed by Google by joining hands with other organizations. It focused on preparing websites that would open up very quickly on mobile devices.