Are you looking forward to building international SEO and getting to the right international audience? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss the most important topic in SEO.

International SEO plays a very important role in increasing the brand awareness of your business on a global level. And if you want to popularize your business with the help of international SEO, you ought to read this article.

What Is International SEO?

International Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that the search engine can recognize which country you want to target. In other words, it includes all of those activities that improve the organic search presence of a website.

Do We Need To Go For International SEO?

If you are confident enough that you can provide the best product and services in other countries, then you can go for international SEO.

The main need for international SEO is to provide a sense of assurance to the users about the quality of the services.

By implementing international Search Engine Optimization, you can use the native language of the country where your target audience by to make it more convenient for them to make purchases.

Does My Business Need an International SEO Strategy?

Your business will definitely need an international SEO strategy if you want to increase the global reach of your business.

Some do the international SEO strategies are given below:

  • The first step in any SEO is to identify your goals.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Know your potential customers.
  • Do international keyword research.
  • Language targets your site.
  • Tailor your content according to the needs of the user.

Factors That Affect International SEO

Some of the factors that affect international SEO are:

  • Language and country targeting
  • International web structure optimization
  • Correct hreflang usage
  • Usage of the right tools
  • International website linking
  • Website page content

How To Implement International SEO

To implement your international SEO, you can follow these steps, and they will help you to implement international SEO and its strategies.

  • Research Your International Seo Strategy
  • Choose The Url Structure
  • Language Target Your Site
  • Prepare The Best Content
  • Target The Countries According To Your Priority

URL Structures For International Sites

Web admins can use various URL structures to target any particular country for their international sites. The URL structure consists of a country code top-level domain(ccTLD), a subdomain, a subdirectory, and a subfolder. All of these are explained below in detail:

Country-code Top-level Domain:

It uses a two-letter code to help the search engine to identify which country and users you want to target. For example. URLstructure.US, US in this is the ccTLD and is specific to the United States. This URL structure is suitable for those who have strong international brands and can serve in various countries. These domains are costly and a bit difficult to implement; still, they are very helpful.


This focuses on a specific language rather than a country, like in the case of ccTLD. You can use this type of domain if you want to share some content that is based on a language or is different from the rest of the site. This separate subdomain helps you to target your international audience and present variation in the content on the bases of language. But all these versions will be linked together on one site. It is also known as the three-level domain. An example of a subdomain is


Subdomains are also based on the target language instead of the country. Here it becomes easy for the websites to organize the content in various sections on the website. An example of a subfolder is A subfolder helps increase traffic to the main domain.

gTLD With Language Parameter:

The generic top-level domain is used to target users who understand a different or specific language. For example,

Language-Target Your Website or ( Website Pages)

Language targeting helps you to select the language of the users you want to reach.

To language target your website, you can use the hreflang. When these tags are used, Google will find them on the site and will crawl the related URLs that are linked to these tags. These links will bring the users to the desired destination after they have been crawled.

Through this process, your site will maintain an international presence, and the users can get the result in their desired language.

International SEO Best Practices

Some of the best practices of International Search Engine Optimization are:

Provide Authentic Services:

The services you give to your users should be authentic and satisfy the users to make them your regular customers.

Make The User Comfortable In Providing The Content In Their Language:

If you dispense the content in the language that, the users understand much better. It becomes simpler for you to convince them to make a purchase of your goods and services.

Deliver The Content That Is Relevant To The Users:

Relevant content can increase the interest of users and have more engagement.

Pay Attention To International Backlinks:

International backlinks can play a very important role in the ranking of your website. The more authentic backlinks you have, the better you can rank.

Use Hreflang To Reach Potential Customers In Different Regions:

hreflang provides a good user experience on multi-language sites.

Tools For International SEO

Tools can assist in getting the best result for your search engine ranking. They assist you in getting the right keyword and the strategies to target relevant users.

Some of the international SEO tools given below can be beneficial for you:

Semrush International SEO Tool:

Semrush is an international keyword tool that helps you to get those keywords that can help you to get a global ranking in the search engine. You can search a large number of keywords according to the language and region where you want to sell your goods and services. SEMrush is a very advanced tool to identify your competitors and current marking activity.

Google International SEO Tool:

Google Trends is an international SEO tool for creating international web content. These trends assist you in knowing the most trending content and searches within a country. This would help you to create content on the latest searches and get more users to your website. As a business website, you can gain a lot of benefits as you can come to know about seasonal trends.

Ubersuggest International SEO Tool:

Ubersuggest having an easy-to-use interface. It fetches the information from Google Analytics and the search console. You get multiple related keywords and also do competitor research at the same time. Ubersuggest helps you find and research the right keywords, identify their monthly search capacity, and identify how difficult the keyword is to outrank or outperform.

Moz SEO Tool:

Moz is an overall SEO toolset. It comprises keyword research, site audit, link building, rank tracking, page optimization, etc. It has a manageable and user-friendly interface to navigate. This is a fee-based tool but has some free features with limited use as well. You can use the 30-day free trial, and the initial price starts at $99 per month.

Ahref Keyword Explorer:

Just like other keyword research tools, ahref is also an effective keyword explorer. It has multiple features, and the main feature is keyword ranking and content alert. They update their data with fresh keywords every month. Ahref filters the whole list of keywords by keyword difficulty and search volume.


Q.1 Which Domain Extensions Should You Use For International?

You can use any other domain extension other than your native country’s domain extension to do international SEO. For example, if you are from the US, and you can use UAE you can do instead of the as the domain extension to make use of international SEO.

Q.2 How To Get Better International SEO Rankings?

  1. Estimate Your Potential In Your Target Countries.
  2. Analyze The Competitive Landscape.
  3. Conduct International Keyword Research.
  4. Localize Your Brand.
  5. Decide On The Main Technical Aspects.

Q.3 How To Break Into International Markets Through Global SEO?

  • Target The Right Search Engine.
  • Look Into The Local Law That Can Influence Your Website Or Business.
  • Target Specific Regions With Proper Url Structure.
  • Do Not Forget To Check Your Global Performance.

To set up an international subdomain with SEO, you can use multiple domain names. For example:

  • for the United States
  • for Brazil
  • for India

Q.4 How To Build Backlinks For International SEO?

The tips to build backlinks for international SEO are:

  • Take benefit from websites that link to corporate websites.
  • Check the local competition’s list.
  • Leave your link in multiple places.
  • Create good content and create links for them.

Q.5 How To Use Hreflang To Improve International SEO?

Hreflang can be used to boost global SEO. It can improve your SEO by targeting various regions on the basis of their language. Targeting the audience by their local language can increase user engagement with the online content.

Q.6 Difference Between Local SEO vs. International SEO?

Local SEO focuses on only the local audience for the business activities in your local area, whereas global SEO focus on the global reach of customers in different countries.

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