You must have seen many posters, billboards, and company logos without even realizing it, or You stared at the company’s board named Comic Sans and immediately understood the organization’s sole objective.

You read some articles and realized that you are reading something dire. It is all because fonts that the article is having. Our moods can be changed along with the fonts, too.

Reading a paragraph in a crazy font can make it more challenging to read, and therefore ruin our mood.

On the other hand, reading a section in a modern or classical font that is easy to read can give us a sense of calm and lead to a better mood. Your company’s logo, brand colors, brand fonts, etc.

We should come all together to describe the story of your brand. And it is very important that your audience should resonate with it.

The following are some features of a perfect brand font.

  • It should be unique and memorable.
  • The font should be legible.
  • The fonts should work on every platform.
  • It should communicate your brand personality.

When anyone visits your website, they don’t care too much about the graphics. Visitors go through the textual part of your website. The texts on the site are the primary source of information about the brand and its product.

You should make a perfect balance between texts and graphics while preparing your website’s content. And this is where typography comes into play. Typography means adjusting your text within the design to create compelling content.

Reasons for Using Perfect Font For Your Brand

The following is the reason why using a perfect font is essential for a brand.

  • It is a medium of communication

You can make your website related to your business, some specific products, or art. While making your website, you should take care that visitors can quickly determine what kind of information is available on your website. You may do this with the help of typography. Proper arrangement of content, color, and fonts provides you with a better way to communicate with your visitors.

  • It attracts readers

The basic approach to selecting the best typography is to choose the correct font. The font style should be as clean as possible. Using legible fonts is the key to a better presentation. Font adds good value to your text. The correct choice of color, font, text, and design can attract more readers.

  • It holds the audience’s attention

First easy to attract audiences’ by using typographic techniques, but it is quite challenging to hold their attention. It requires more creativity to hold onto the visitor’s attention. You can make your text more engaging by highlighting the critical points. Every content contains a few monotonous texts; you can make them creative by using typography and graphics.

  • It conveys a certain mood or feeling

If you are creating content about any computer game or gaming product, it must contain some exciting features. In that case, you should draft playful, fun, and glamorous content.

On the other hand, if your content is about some serious issue, you should create the text with simple, professional, and straightforward fonts.

  • It establishes an information hierarchy

Information hierarchy means categorizing the text into a heading, sub-headings, pointers, etc. as per their importance. You may use different font styles, font sizes, and font colors to highlight the content’s essential texts. This practice may help you to hold your visitors’ attention.

  • It helps to create harmony

If you prepare your presentation using the same typography throughout the content, you can create harmony in your content. The harmonic design provides an artistic effect to your website. Using the same font for similar content offers continuity. The alignment of fonts with the correct proportion organizes your presentation and makes it uncluttered.

  • It reflects professionalism

The proper use of the correct typography in a design project reflects outstanding professionalism. The appropriate use of font size and text can help you win the customers’ trust and benefit your product’s marketing campaign on your website.

  • It creates and builds recognition

If you follow the same format of using any font style and typography and present it on your website with some rhythm, it will help you develop your product’s brand identity.

I and you both have understood the importance of using good typography and fonts, you should imply it in your near future projects.

If you think that your typography budget is getting increased as per your estimated budget, then don’t worry, the internet is full of many free font download Software.

The following are some places to free fonts, and from here, you can download the necessary fonts.

  1. Font M
  2. FontSpace
  3. DaFont
  4. Creative Market
  5. Behance
  6. Fantasy
  7. FontStruct
  8. 1001 free fonts
  9. Neogray
  10. Abstract fonts

There are different categories for fonts, and each type has something unique about it.

You have to choose the best font for your brand to stand out in the business world. The basic categories of the fonts.

  • Serifs: These are the oldest style that originated in the 15th century. They are known for the feet (called serifs) seen at the bottom and top of each alphabet. Because of its originality, people often consider it traditional, classic, & trustworthy. They are usually favored by brands who want to convey the feeling of tradition and respect. Examples of the serif font are Times New Roman, Baskerville, etc.
  • Sans-serif: This font style originated after the 19th century. These are the simple font style; therefore, they give you minimal design & a sense of cleanliness. The most common Sans-serif fonts are Arial, Open Sans, Roboto, etc.
  • Slab serif: They give you a bold, Quirky, and confident look. This font type is usually suitable for companies with a solid background and who wants to prove their quality. Some examples of slab serif fonts are Rockwell, Roboto slab, Arvo, courier New, etc.
  • Script: These fonts are elegantly designed with beautiful creative writing and have alphabets connected. Script fonts give you a distinct look for your brand. A few trendy script fonts are Dancing Script, Allura, and Satisfy.
  • Handwritten: These fonts are best for you if you want to present your brand as playful, informal, and approachable. A few examples of handwritten fonts available on Google Fonts are Permanent marker, Patrick hand, Amatic SC, etc.
  • Decorative: These fonts are the most diverse ones. It includes any font that uses unique shapes, proportions, or forms. These powerful fonts are best if you use them in decent doses. Examples of some fun decorative fonts include Fredericka, lobster two, and Bangers.

To use the best font for your company’s brand, you can use the font finder available on the internet.