The month of November is coming, and it is the most suitable time for online marketers. The holiday season in the United States provides a chance to spend some quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, but consequently, the buyers are in the mood to spend money on this holiday period!! The buyers want to shop more this season like the Cyber Monday holiday Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Thanksgiving holidays are coming soon, followed by Black Friday, and one of the peak revenue-generating events, “Cyber Monday .”

Cyber Monday comes with enormous tempting online sales for shoppers, bringing about revenue of over $3 billion. Amazing!! It shows that people spend a huge amount of money on online shopping in the United States. So, the PPC marketers start your Cyber Monday crusade now! Don’t miss this large revenue-generating window.

Cyber Vocation

Online advertisements play a very significant role in online shopping. The most popular categories to run the ad for the Cyber Monday campaign are:

  • Travel: Air travel and shopping come under the pinnacle converting group on 7searchppc.
  • Shopping: Shopping is one of the favorite categories among advertisers on 7searchppc.
  • Travel: Air travel is also one of the standard converting categories on 7searchppc.
  • Shopping: Most affordable groups of 7searchppc are auctions, hotels, and lodging.
  • Travel: One of the peak conversion percentiles on 7searchppc is air travel.
  • Promotion: Product, services, or website promotion through gift cards can also do better.

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Cyber Plans

The categories mentioned above have a high potential to perform well on Cyber Monday. The question is, WHY??

The travel category goes the best because most people book last-minute flights to spend their Christmas and New Year with their loved ones. People love to travel during the holidays and even go out for destination New Year’s Eve parties. It increases the air ticket bookings that go deranged on Cyber Mondays.

Shopping is a favorable thing among people during the holidays. This niche does well because people wait throughout the year for massive discounts and tempting deals to shop. Cyber Monday attracts shoppers through huge discounts on high-end items.

The products or websites promoting gifts and discount cards do exceptionally well because the industry is remarkably in demand. For the record, Digital Gift Card sales were near $15 billion by 2021.

Cyber Choices

The 7searchppc has some fantastic keyword deals for you if you want to advertise in the stated categories. Currently, the top bid keyword is Gift Card with $0.08, followed by Flight Bookings, which starts at just $0.05, and Hotel Price with a high bid of $0.07. Shopping Deal is the top bid keyword of $0.05 in the shopping category. Test the Search and Display advertising campaigns to get an excellent and unrivaled response to your advertisement.

Will the Cyber Monday of 2021 surpass the $10.8 billion generated in 2020?

The growth of Cyber Monday since its establishment clearly shows that the answer is YES!! The 2017 shopping event will also do very well as its predecessors. Do not forget to keep your ROI in mind all the time so that you can comprehend the gain and profit. Work well on your offers, make a perfect ad, choose the most applicable keywords, and commence your Cyber Monday holiday advertising at the start of the month.

Take good care of yourselves, all my advertising comrades! It’s been great to share my ideas and strategies with you this month. I am always looking forward to working with you to run booming and profit-making campaigns on 7searchppc Network.