If you are looking for the best healthcare and pharmacy ads network, then congratulations! You are at the right place. Because we will discuss the best healthcare and pharmacy ads network for publishers and advertisers. A publisher can use various ad networks for health care and pharmacy, but finding the best one is difficult. To reduce your difficulty, we have come up with some of the best pharmacy ads network platforms. Continue reading to find out the best one for you.

Ad Network for Health Care and Pharmacy Publishers

To advertise a product, advertisers will have to make contacts with publishers. And to help advertisers and publishers connect, ad networks enable them to bridge this gap. Below is the list of AdSense alternative pharmacy ads networks to give you the best result for your pharmacy site.

7Search PPC

Advertising on 7Search PPC

7Search PPC is the best ads network for pharmacy advertisements that allows an advertiser to promote his Health Care & Pharmacy industry Site or APP. It provides you with the pharmacy ads network platform for the pharmacy industry business. This platform also allows publishers to promote blog content related to healthcare and pharmacy sites.

Why Advertising on 7Search PPC

Advertising on 7Search PPC will help you promote your pharmacy business effectively, which can bring a lot of profits for your business. As 7Search PPC has a vast base of users, it is beneficial for all advertisers and publishers to promote their sites and gain huge profits and passive income.

About 7Search PPC

It is a high-traffic advertising platform that offers different ad formats, including native ads, display ads, popunder, social bar, etc. 7Search PPC provides a vast network with overall traffic from more than 239 countries with advanced analytics & bidding. The platform offers on-time payments to its publishers. The payment modes available with 7Search PPC are PayPal, BTC, and BCH.

Healthy Ads

Advertising on Healthy Ads

Healthy Ads is a health advertising platform for pharma and medicine advertisements. As a publisher, it becomes easier for you to get the right advertiser for your website through Healthy Ads, which has many advertisers.

Why Advertising on Healthy Ads?

This platform helps you to advertise your business around the globe. You can select the particular location and time when and where you want to promote your business and through which publisher. Healthy Ads is a healthcare and pharmacy ads network that promises to give you high-quality ads.

About Healthy Ads

Healthy Ads has been an advertising network operating since 2012. Some of the advertisers with whom Healthy Ads deals are Lilly, Roche, Sanofi, Novartis, etc. Healthy Ads has a globally distributed ad team that has enabled them to give quick results to their clients.


Advertising on Deepintent

Deepintent is considered to be one of the best healthcare advertising networks. It has become one of the best healthcare demand-side platforms.

Deepintent has a huge base of healthcare advertisers from all over the globe. Having huge advertisers is a benefit for its publishers to earn more.

Why Advertising on Deepintent?

Deepintent allows its advertisers to market, plan, and optimize their campaigns for better results for their business. It lets you discover and reach a clinically precise audience with only a healthcare data marketplace.

About Deepintent

Deepintent has partnered with more than seven pharmaceutical companies around the globe. It can give high results to advertisers and a good sum of income to publishers. The platform also connects marketers with patients through unique data and premium medical partnerships across all devices.

Ad prime

Advertising on Ad Prime

Ad Prime is one of the largest online healthcare advertisers and advisers. They bridge the demand and supply side gap and connect healthcare brands with an audience. The platform helps you to build an advertising campaign by targeting the audience, strategies, content, data, location, and action.

Why Advertising on Ad Prime

Ad Prime is a hybrid platform with a high-traffic network, custom content, data storage, and exchange all in one place. This platform works with leaders in healthcare brands, including Johnson, the American heart association, CVS, Roche, Genentech, GSK, etc.

About Ad Prime

Ad Prime was founded in 2006 and is one of the largest healthcare publishers and ad platforms over the internet. The platform has over 15,00 publishers and over 2.5 million health care professionals. Ad Prime provides customized strategies for its advertisers and advanced targeting, with extensive industry reach. For publishers, Ad Prime works as the growth partner and helps them connect with the most appropriate brands for their content and audience.

Advantages of Ad Networks for Health Care and Pharmacy Publishers

Some of the advantages of ad networks for healthcare and pharmacy publishers are:

  • Ads networks act as an intermediate between advertisers and publishers.
  • You can get to the right advertisers for your website through ad networks.
  • It allows the publishers to earn passive income for themselves.
  • Ads networks fulfill the requirements of both the demand side and supply side.

Advantages of Ad Networks for Health Care and Pharmacy Advertisers

Some of the advantages of ad networks for care and pharmacy advertisers are:

  • Advertisers have a chance to promote their products on a number of high-traffic websites available on the pharmacy ads network.
  • Promoting the right website can bring huge profits to the business.
  • Ad networks can help advertisers to connect with the most appropriate publishers for their products.
  • The ad networks help advertisers to target the right audience for their services.


Q.1 What is an Ad network?

An Ad network is an intermediate between advertisers and publishers. Ad networks fulfill the demands of both advertisers and publishers. Through the help of an ad network, you can advertise or publish the ads on the website.

Q.2 What is the importance of Ad networks?

Ad network plays a vital role in connecting advertisers with publishers and visa-versa. Without an ad network, it could be difficult for advertisers to find the right publisher for their business. Ad networks give an opportunity to the publishers to earn a reasonable sum of passive income.

Q.3 Which are the best Ads network for healthcare and pharmacy publishers?

The best ads network for pharmacy publishers are:
1. 7Search PPC
2. HealthyAds
3. Deepintent
4. Ad prime
5. Wellness network

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