Mike Ryko

For over seven years I have been working with 7SearchPPC, before that I was doing it all in house. 7searchppc is really expanding my business through its unique and modern techniques.

Daniel Johnson

Things that I like the most about 7SearchPPC when compared with other search engines in the advertising industry. First, they have really good flow of high quality traffic. They have the best customer service and they are always ready to do whatever it takes to solve customer problems. I'm really glad to work with 7SearchPPC.

Allan weeds

Our website was old and basic before working with 7SearchPPC. It was not matching the image we wanted to portray in the market. We finally ended up choosing 7SearchPPC as they impressed us with their thorough research and understanding of our culture and needs.

Selena James

7SearchPPC offers the best return on investment. They opened another door of revenue for my website.

Ryan Harris

We are pleased with not only the eventual results but also with the working of 7searchppc. The guidance, patience, and understanding they offer in the whole process makes it enjoyable to work with them.

Weikfield Naras

7searchppc worked wonder for me. Before working with them I was getting 3-4 leads per month from my website. Now I am getting more than 30 a month.

Hall Mike

We completely trust the support team at 7searchppc. They are helpful and always ready to solve all our queries and doubts about effective advertising.

Graham Miller

7searchppc helps me keep record of all the profit and earnings that my website is getting through ppc. They provide the user-friendly facilities of roi tracking and report generation.

Steve Jefferson

7searchppc’s expert knowledge is responsible for driving the increased traffic to our website producing revenue for our business.

Henry Quizz

The design and work network of 7searchppc is helpful and user-friendly. New advertisers like us need a platform like 7searchppc to grow big. They helped us find genuine publishers for our advertisements.

Sona B. Choir

I highly recommend 7searchppc because of their creative skills, technical knowledge, and professionalism. The network helps expand the opportunities for advertisers.

Hyde Decor

Our company is working with 7searchppc since 2012. We are a satisfied customer getting converting traffic through 7seachppc. The best part is that they provide browser customization for our ads. This facilitates our ads to be posted on desired browsers only.

Mary. Sifle

I used several other PPC networks before going for 7searchppc. None of them could bring traffic to my website like 7searchppc. Now we are getting genuine leads. Thanks to 7searchppc.

Douglous Nark

I and my wife have been in a business since past 20 years, but I can say that we have never worked with such a wonderful team of people like 7SearchPPC. The support executives are always eager to help. Eliza is the main point of our contact and it is only due to her and her team that would not hesitate to recommend 7SearchPPC to other advertisers.

Tony Harren

Our employees are busier, and our phones are ringing more ever since we started using 7SearchPPC for our website. We always to the monthly updates and excited to see the analytics each month. Report generation feature of 7SearchPPC lets us know about our revenues, and sale conversions.

Metek Brumorgh

Our business improved month by month by 7Searchppc’s prediction on when and how our campaign would begin to bring us opportunities. Their executives are responsive to our ideas, needs, queries, and concerns.

Sean Morgan

The decision of choosing 7searchppc has proved to be very advantageous for us. They have modern features like browser targeting and geo targeting. These features give us the opportunity to reach the targeted audience and get high rates of conversions.

Analie Jim

After telephonic interviews with some other companies, we choose 7SearchPPC. We are really happy with our choice as a publisher. The 7SearchPPC network gave us better revenue-generating chances.

J.V. Patrick

We have been associated with 7SearchPPC since past 8 years. We are extremely happy with the staff’s professionalism and expertise. They clearly met our expectations and have been awesome to work with.

Anthony Mackier

7SearchPPC have been instrumental in helping us get the real value of our business. They have impressive reporting measures and metrics. Their website is user-friendly and customer care executives are responsive.

Kelly Mike

We worked with a handful of other ppc networks but 7searchPPC have added value to our business. We have an excellent experience with the team of their staff and executives.

Don Keith

I personally feel like 7SearchPPC team really understand my business and its needs. They serve us the best publishers and options to select the target audience and browser for my ads.

Barry Rogers

Everybody at seven searchppc is so great to work with. I am a happy publisher associated with their team in the last three years. My business is growing because of seven searchppc. They are the key to my success. Five stars!!!

Andrew. Ross

We started our membership with 7SearchPPC in March 2016. A friend of mine highly recommended them. At first, I was not sure whether to use this network or not. But now I can’t be happier with their services. My small business came to this extent because of 7SearchPPC network. I am thankful to the whole team and recommend others to give a try and you are definitely going to be a fan of 7SearchPPC.

Kenneth J. Henry

Whether you are a big company or small business. 7searchppc is the right choice for you. I started a small business in 2016 and joined 7searchppc network. My business has expanded substantially due to the efforts and suggestions of 7searchppc team.

Chole Baker

I was looking for a company that can help grow my business through perfect ad placement and genuine traffic. Then I got to know about 7SearchPPC. They are like a bunch of friends who are always ready to help you. I got the desired results through 7SearchPPC.

Bob Dixons

7 searchppc is an excellent business partner that helped us follow the growth goals. They genuine care and a joy to work with.

Henry. Dick Jones

7SearchPPC keeps us up to date with all the latest changes in online marketing. They offer a huge support to develop and run ad campaigns.

Larry Greens

7searchppc delivers above and beyond the expectations. Our business is growing significantly after joining hands with the 7searchppc team. Their dedication for the work is unmatchable.

Titus. Donald

Our internet campaigns run successfully because of 7SearchPPC network. The unconventional methods and strategies they follow ensures considerable traffic to the website.

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Everyone I worked with at 7searchppc was friendly and accommodating. 7searchppc should to be the top choice for everyone who needs to grow their business though online marketing.

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7Searchppc continues to provide desired results to its clients. I am a happy advertiser associated with 7Searchppc team. My website is getting a good rate of traffic and conversions because of the efforts of 7Searchppc members.

Peitro Josephn

It is hard to believe how simple 7 searchppc has made it for the advertisers to run online ad campaigns. My only regret is not choosing their network sooner.

Anarch Lindsey

7searchppc boosted up my business workflow and taught me about the most important aspects of digital marketing campaigns.

Phillips Banner

I have been working with 7searchppc for over 2 years on multiple projects and they never disappoint me. They helped me augment by business and bought me genuine traffic.

Binner Burns

7searchppc has a friendly and also an approachable team. A good complement of competence and skills.

Andrew Bean

7Searchppc, particularly Steve, have the ability to make complex tasks simple. They are an impressive team working 24*7 at making our online marketing experience better each day.

Albert Mark

Professional and well-taught staff and unique features to provide excellent customer services. I started my ad campaign with 7SearchPPC and got lucrative results from that campaign.

Micheal Jonnes.

7searchppc team is absolutely pleasure to work with. Their communication and understanding are top-notch. They have strong skills and expertise on the pay-per-click and online marketing sector.

Stanley Scanner

I worked with 7Searchppc team on four of my projects and all of them were absolute success. The team is always quick to respond and make quality efforts for their clients.

Sam Blair

7SearchPPC team have an in-depth technical knowledge of the online marketing sector. Additionally, they communicate properly and look after the needs of clients.

Alan Willings

We started working with 7SearchPPC in 2014. They are an extension of our marketing team. 7SearchPPC assist in tracking and analysis of our digital marketing goals.

Clay Johnson

7searchppc provided result-driven support to our business. Their team is nothing but professional and they are committed to our success. I am looking forward to further expand my business with 7searchppc in the long run.

Christopher Gray

Working with 7SearchPPC generated great online marketing opportunities, extending our marketing activities and revenue. We, as a business, are very pleased with the expertise and help of 7SearchPPC.

Alex Benz

For several years we have been a prosperous publisher on the 7SearchPPC network. We are getting high revenues through our alliance with 7SearchPPC.

Arron Richard Karren

7searchppc have exceptional knowledge of contemporary marketing techniques. Their support team and blogs are significantly helpful.

Robert Meyer.

I was an owner of a small business firm and I did not know whom to trust for online marketing. A close friend of mine recommended 7Searchppc. After choosing them, I saw remarkable positive results. I am very happy with the quality of their work.

Bill Claimes

Our 7SearchPPC ad campaigns turn into lead generation. Their team is responsive, accommodating, and diligent. Working with 7SearchPPC really feels like we are working with a partner- our success is their success. Thank you 7SearchPPCers!!!

Joe Donald

The team at 7searchppc has been extremely helpful to navigate a successful digital marketing path to us. I can proudly say that I am a happy advertiser at 7searchppc!

Millia Jack

7SearchPPC team is knowledgeable and above all they have quality publishers for our ads. The analytics and marketing feature they offer are nonpareil. They give you the ease to select your target audience, region, and also device. I must say the best PPC service is here now!

Eric Richardson

7searchppc works wonders for online marketing. We had a terrible past experience from two ppc companies. Finally, 7searchppc came as a boon for us. Now we are getting positive results, traffic and leads. Thanks to the teams of 7searchppc network.

Herman Mantilla

Over the last multiple years I have used both Google Adwords and Bing to do PPC campaigns. While effective they both cost an arm and a leg. I have found that there is little support to create and develop ad campaigns.

One of my online marketing mentors suggested me to use the advertising services of 7SearchPPC. From the very beginning 7searchppc has been hands on in helping me organize and develope my advertising campaigns. Their staff's assistance is spot on. Carolynn Simpson Thank you.

I have got more value for money with 7searchppc than with any other Pay Per Click advertising that I have tried in all these years of running my online business. Can anyone of the big box advertisers provide me this kind of help? Certainly No! Thanks a lot 7SearchPPC.

Craig Wakefield

I have received help from Elizabeth she is very nice, and replies back to my questions the same day. I couldn't be happier than this. Thank you very much.


You guys at 7SearchPPC are simply great! I have never had any kind of hardship in having a word with someone if I have a query or problem. They go the extra mile in reviewing my account, without my requesting, and suggest me how I can attract better traffic. I feel like they care about how my site is doing, and moreover they are a partner. Thanks 7searchppc!


I was really surprised by the kind of quality service I was rendered from 7searchppc, being a small businessman. I was used to being ignored for the most part as standard treatment like I was getting from their competition, I won’t mention any names. The type of treatment I get from 7SearchPPC is usually the one given to big companies. I get quick and neat answers, on the spot help and tips on how to run my campaigns and help where and when I need it. What else can we ask for from an advertising company. I wish I found 7SearchPPC earlier!


We develop and manage PPC ad campaigns for our multiple clients around the globe, and it is always a delight to be associated with 7SearchPPC. With their commitment to their clients and proactive Account Managers, 7searchppc has proven themselves to be the most dedicated amongst all the other major search engines we have worked with. I strongly recommend 7SearchPPC to a person looking for a search engine that provides both money’s worth and best in class service.

Dan R.

I have been advertising my ads with 7searchppc.com for last five years now! I think this explains all?

Jeff G.

The customer service is outstanding! I can email them with a question and they respond back within 30min at the latest. Being a new user of Keyword Search, my account specialist, Carolyn, has always been there for my assistance, she was always there to solve all my beginner's queries. I need not mention the quality traffic that my business has been getting all along these years owing to 7SearchPPC. Just Awesome all around service.

Ryan J.

I wanna thank you guys for taking that extra effort and giving one of my display ad campaigns a break when you noticed that the website was displaying a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error message. You did this to ensure that I didn't receive traffic to a dead link.

This is one of those efforts that makes you guys such a great advertising company. I was having trouble with my hosting company and a number of my sites were down at the time.
Thanks again for putting your clients needs first.

Bruce Q.

I can now afford traffic and I know it’s targeted. If you are thinking if 7searchppc.com is for you – the answer is YES! The tools are easy to use and they have friendly customer support team. I didn’t expect it. Taught by my past experiences with other systems I hesitantly sent over an e-question. I didn’t expect an answer – maybe if lucky, in a week or two I’d hear something. Amazingly I got a call the next day. A CALL. AND help walking through exactly how to make my ads work in their system. AND follow-up too.
With only ONE advertisement I can link to topics on other pages or on my site. I could bid each keyword, and check the reports by using the analytics tools to see the exact keywords that people are searching. Incomparable!. Makes it fun and not a mystery or a crapshoot.

Why am I so excitement? This is because I belonged to the wasteland of PPC ignored small ads. After spending months learning different systems, only to discover a smaller advertiser (read less than $1,000 or more a month) is all on his own. There was no answer for what was happening, no customer support, no assistance, and not a single clue why my ads were not running, or rejected, site is rejected (probably by a robot) or how to fix it?

I am now able to attract quality traffic that is directed on my landing page. It is fun and simple I am using 7Searchppc.com. It’s giving it a shot – Why don’t you experience it yourself and see if it works for your business too?

Cheryl J.

I have been using 7searchppc.com for about 3 months now and am really pleased. I would highly recommend 7SearchPPC as a second tier search engine, it far surpasses MSN in terms of traffic and conversion rates. BostonMediaDomain.com and EverSave.com have used 7SearchPPC successfully and they are making good profits. No one could have done anymore than you!!

Jeff S.

I have used PPC advertising since its beginning when goto.com, the first PPC service provider, came up with its in the late 1990’s. I've been associated with almost all the major PPC service providers; especially all the top players and consider PPC an essential part of our marketing efforts. Having said that, this is not an evidence of the effectiveness of 7searchppc.com to reach customers, rather it is an assertion of their staff.

Recently we encountered an issue which on the surface seemed to be innocuous enough, simply rectifying some developing information. However the corrections created an error that could have cost us thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Enter 7searchppc's Brandy Holtz. Brandy worked with us to resolve the problem but more essentially she had the ability to consider our losses that may have occurred if we not credited our account. She stayed with it until she found a temporary solution and made provision for us to fund while the funding problem was being resolved in another department.
It did not stop there, though, as Brandy contacted me with a little more than a half hour left in her day to advise that the problem had not yet been resolved. She called to see if I would prefer to add additional funds via her temporary work around, should this issue continue to the following day. Something I was very glad to be able to do.

But it was not so much that I was able to fund the account as much as it was that Brandy was thinking ahead and considering our business. How often do employees see the clock and think about quitting time with half an hour to go? And how dissimilar our experience would have been if I had discovered 7searchppc closed for the day and my funding issue not resolved? That Brandy took the time to see this issue to completion, even if a temporary fix for the night, speaks highly of her character and her loyalty to the company for which she works. The problem we has is now fully resolved and thanks to the concerns she had for our business, we never missed a beat. And, as it rolls out, we had a record day in total sales.

W. G. Rogers

I have been using 7searchppc.com since 2004 now and have utilized their great tools and traffic as my ‘Secret Weapon’ to making my PPC costs more profitable. Exceptional quality traffic combined with exceptional support are two strong motivesI stick to use 7SearchPPC… wonderful work 7SearchPPC, We have a long-lasting mutually benefiting relationship.

Todd W.

I began my PPC campaign with 7searchppc.com just before the national holiday of Thanksgiving and was amazed at how rapidly traffic began moving to my website site. The program is very user friendly and economical, an excellent combination for new and experienced web marketers alike. My favorite part - the program shows me the top three bid prices, so I know exactly where I stand in comparison to my competitors. I believe that one of the major factors for my successful business are the skills and expertise of these guys. Thanks for making my very 1st PPC ad campaign a massive Success!!

Michelle A.

If you ask me, 7searchppc.com is by fast the best PPC services provider I have tried. Tier 1 PPC service providers like Google were O.K. but they are very expensive and the learning curve was not quick. I was associated with Yahoo for a number of months.

I closed my account and got a 90% refund. The customer support at other so called top known PPC brands was not very good and the learning curve was long and tough. 7searchppc.com has a superb customer support staff, the learning curve is very much shorter and overall their product is awesome. I hope this assists everyone looking for a PPC company to a decision for their campaigns.

Lance M.

Your click fraud prevention is the best. I have recently used many other fairly big search engines to publicize with and without overstating 99% of the 605 clicks I apparently got never clicked via to the advertiser's site. Though, I am an amature in buying PPC advertising and I don't have the time at disposal to add extra PPC campaigns, I see from the clicks I have received through 7searchppc that the actual CTR to the advertisers website has been above 90%.

Randolph W.

I am a "newbie" to the world internet marketing, and thus have difficulty navigating sites.
I have tried to advertise on Adbrite, and it was very difficult for me to navigate their site, and I gave up. I found the same to be true with Facebook, although I did place five (5) ads with them, when the ads on Facebook weren’t Panning out,” I also placed ads on Google.
Google was a little easier to navigate; but again, even though my ads were “written by the book”, sales were inadequate at best.

I even tried two (2) different ads for the same product, to no avail.
Some days earlier, a counselor at PMI who is training me inAffiliate Marketing, profounded that 7searchppc.com was probably one of the easier sites for me to place ads, and navigate.
I placed an advertisement on 7searchppc.com, noon, on Jan 27th. When I looked at sales that late afternoon, I was very happy to find that I had 6 sales on that very day! The next day I had 6 more by mid-day!

I called there 800 number several times throughout the process, and these guys “were always there for me”. On my second call to them I had the pleasure of speaking with Giovanni. He was so nice, that I asked for his extension, which he readily gave me. He not only helped me thru the process, but he told me that he would call me the next day, to see how my ad was doing! UNBELEIVABLE!!!
Thank a lot 7searchppc.com, and Giovanni. I’m on my pursuit to success. (Done above)