7 SearchPPC Terms and Conditions

PS: Kindly read this very carefully
Before partnering with us, you need to read understand and agree to this document. It is a mutual contract between us (between 7 searchppc and you). This agreement defines your rights & responsibilities and restricts them wherever necessary.
When you access 7searchppc website and decide to partner with us, you need to comply with the terms and conditions set by us.
It is your duty to check the contents of this webpage for the updates on a periodic basis. Your access on a regular basis to our website to avail our services will be taken as your acceptance to comply with our norms.
You need to bind by our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
If you have any objections to any of our terms or conditions set herewith, you do not have use our services or materials given on the website.

Definitions of common terms:
Take the following defined terms as it is unless specified otherwise.

7 SearchPPC Advertising Program:
This is advertising program proprietary to us. It provides us with the possibility to advertise a vast variety of products or services through the on-line software system which carries on the advertising process and monitoring tools that allow advertisers to create, manage and edit the advertisements which appear on the websites of various publishers to attract the visitors and to direct them to the website of the advertisers.

Any individual or any business that have gone through the membership registration process on our website and are hence enabled to access our services.

Advertiser’s Website:
A website owned or operated by advertiser or being consumed by the advertisers to promote the products or services of third parties.

Publishers Network:
This is the network of sites owned by the publishers who participate in providing 7searchppc with the targeted traffic through 7searchppc search feed integrated within their own web properties and web sites.

Individual or any business that publish our advertisements to their websites to attract the traffic to the advertiser site will be termed as Publisher.

Publisher’s Website:
Websites owned and operated by the publishers where the actual advertisements are displayed. 7searchppc does not have any control over the website of the publishers.

Website Visitors:
Individuals or businesses which have shown interest in the products of the advertisers or who have voluntarily clicked on the advertisements are the website visitors.

Ad Title:
It is a phrase which summarizes and defines the advertisement. This is a top component of the advertisement unit which is seen to the visitors of the publisher website.

Ad Description:
Phrases that can describe the nature of Advertisement and can provide more details pertaining to the product of the advertiser or service. It is a major component of the advertisement unit which is seen to the visitors of the publisher website.

Shown Url:
It is a website address which represents the website of the advertiser. It is a component of the advertisement unit which is seen to the visitors of the publisher website.

Click Url:
It is a website address that leads to the landing page of the website of advertiser. It is not visible to the visitors of the publisher website.
Keywords refer to the search term that are either bid by the advertisers as part of their advertising process or searched by the publisher website visitor visiting to the website of advertiser.

Purpose and services provided by 7search ppc:
7searchppc provides advertisers with an access to online software and also the technological infrastructure that allow them to promote the various products and services to a targeted audience that are among the publishers network. Advertiser can both create and display the advertisements within the search results which appear upon the websites of publishers. Advertisers are able to gain both the visibility and priority in the search results which are based on the bidding on selected keywords in the targeted geographical locations. Each of the advertisement consists of Ad Title, description of ad and also the shown url which are visible to the website visitors. Each advertisement contains click url also which direct the website visitor to the website of advertiser.
Advertisers that are registered in the 7searchppc advertising program are able to manage their promotional campaign as per their requirements and budget. On choosing desired keywords and assigning the precise amount to pay for each website visitor who clicks on the advertisements, advertisers are able to create, manage and edit the advertisements displayed on the website of the publishers so that part of their traffic can be directed through the search engines as a result of the visitor’s click.

Service Policy:
Membership Registration
Registration is requisite for the advertiser to enroll as members in the 7searchppc program and it is subjected to our prior approval. We reserve the right to refuse the service to our new or existing advertisers for whatever reason.

Advertiser or any of their representatives should be authorized to make access and use our services and in doing so they should not violate the laws and regulations or terms and conditions. Advertisers should be able to submit all the accurate information when they use our services.

Personal Information:
Advertisers must furnish all the important information like their valid address, their phone number, their e-mail and their instant messenger etc. to get registered as a member of our website. Advertiser must also indicate their correct residential address (for tax deduction).
Information collected by us about the advertiser is subjected to our privacy policy.

Verification by Phone:
On receiving the payment by a newly registered advertiser, our representative may contact the advertiser by phone to verify their identity. 7search ppc has the right to hold any payment till the complete phone verification is done. If the advertisers cannot prove their identity, the payment would be transferred to the advertiser.

Multiple Account Registration:
The advertisers are not permitted to register for more than on 7searchppc account without the permission of official from our administration. We have the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of advertisers belonging to the individuals who register them without our consent.

Advertisement Subscription
Advertisers may submit only the Ad titles, shown urls, ad descriptions and keywords which are relevant to the website of the advertisers where click url points to. If information provided on the websites of advertiser is changed, the keywords and the advertisement description must be updated to be current with accuracy.

Right to Reject:
All the url links, keywords and also the ad descriptions are subjected to our approval, Signing up for our advertising program does not guarantee that we will accept that particular ad.
We have the right to refuse any advertisement submitted by the advertisers. Without any explanation, we reserve the right to remove any advertisement which violates the terms and conditions or found to be objectionable otherwise.

Advertising Listings:
The Ad title, ad description, shown url created and assigned by the advertiser can’t deceive the perception of visitors. Domain name in the shown url should match the domain name of the landing page. Just in case the advertiser represents a 3rd party and cannot comply with this rule due to the violation of 3rd party TOC or the intellectual property rights, advertiser should seek a permission from us to assign a domain name to the shown url which differs from the domain name contained in the landing page of the url. We reserve the right to suspend the accounts that violate our norms or terminate them altogether.

Duplicate Advertisements:
In no case advertiser can run two or more than two similar ads that contain the same ad title, description and shown url and the identical keywords within the same time periods.
They are not allowed to run two or more than two ads with an identical click url, leading to the same web page, directly or via redirect of any kind. The advertisements should not contain identical keywords within the same geographic region or the same time period. But, they can run the similar ads containing similar keywords in the same geographic region.
Advertisers may run identical ads that have similar keywords within the same geographic region but the ads received by them should have received traffic from the different traffic sources and the IDs.

Special Characters:
The title and the description of the ad of advertiser should not contain over six special symbols apart from the symbols used in the punctuation process. Also, the advertisers should also not overuse the capitals in the titles, descriptions and the shown urls of the ad. Capital letters should be used only to emphasize the important terms only.
The title and description of the advertiser's ad must not contain more than six special symbols in addition to the symbols used for the punctuation purposes. Likewise, the advertiser should not overuse capital letters in the title, description and shown URL of their ad. Capital letters may only be used to emphasize important terms.

3.5 Advertising on the Websites of Publishers and Monitoring:
Advertisements can be seen on the websites of publisher that are the part of the publishers’ network. Advertisers understands and also agrees that the visitors can view and access advertisements on the websites of publishers that are managed and operated or represented by the publishers.
Advertisement can be seen on the websites of the publishers that are part of the network of publishers. Advertisers understand and agree to the fact that the visitors can view and access advertisement on the websites of the publishers that are owned, operated, managed and represented by the publishers. 7 searchppc does not have any control over the websites of the publishers.
Neither does 7searchppc guarantees that advertisement posted by advertiser regardless of their bids or the advertisement listing generated in connection with our advertising program will appear, be available or displayed on the websites of the publishers.

Advertiser understands and acknowledges the fact that the advertisement listing compiled for each of the Keywords and made available by 7 searchppc to the publishers are positioned and determined as per the highest bids. Each publisher can determine the number of advertisement that he intends to display on their sites and also the number of pages of the sites where the search results would be displayed.

Positioning and visuals:
7searchppc does not take the onus of making your advertisement appear on the first page of the advertisement listings on the publisher websites. There are certain publishers that merge search results generated by the network of publisher within single advertisement listings. This is the reason why we do not guarantee any advertisement position on the website of the publisher irrespective of the position displayed in our bid checker.
We do not have any control over the graphic and the text style employed on the website of the publisher. This is the reason why advertisement may appear in different styles. Publishers may add graphic elements that may include icons and bullet and the screen shot of the website of advertiser which may appear just next to the advertisement. We are not responsible for such type of alterations.
Publishers control design of the advertisement and can also make changes in the visual settings to attract the visitors to the website of advertisers. Advertiser agrees to the fact that the actual display of the advertisement may change and depends on the design of the publisher websites.
We also do not guarantee any consistency in content within the websites of publishers. It is not liable and offers no guarantee to the accuracy and updating of the information contained in the websites of the publishers.
Just in case advertiser encounters any violation of the terms and conditions by publisher or has concerns pertaining to the quality or relevancy of the publisher website content, it is the obligation of the advertiser to inform 7searchppc about such problems.

Quality of Traffic:
When you sign up for our advertising program we do not guarantee that any advertisement submitted would generate traffic to the website of the advertiser or any visitors-to-sales conversion rates.
Both Return of Investment of the advertiser and the traffic conversion rates depends on diversified factors that also include over and all competitiveness of the offers made by the advertisers, their quality and relevancy of the advertiser’s landing pages, bidding strategy, geographical targeting, keywords and settings of campaign. All the advertising results including the online sales, sign ups, digital product downloads, submission of the personal information are the responsibility of advertisers alone. 7searchppc is not responsible for any traffic conversion rates or for any fluctuation in the traffic quality.

7searchppc needs advance payment that has to be made by the advertiser before they activate their advertisements. The minimum amount has been mentioned on our website and depends upon the mode of the payment selected by the advertiser. We reserve the right to change the minimum payable amount at any point of time without notifying you beforehand. Advertiser has to pay the entire processing fee and the charges applicable to the payments. Also, advertiser needs to understand and agree that the account would be charged for all the clicks on the advertisements created by him.

Advertiser need to deposit desirable amount of money in advance covering all the future clicks. Our website would redirect the visitors to the website of the advertiser according to the bid and settings assigned by the advertiser and then charge the account balance of the advertiser for every single click.
Advertiser has to acknowledge that the payment obligation is based only on the number of clicks or visitors delivered to the website of advertiser.

Refund Policy:
Just in case advertiser is unsatisfied with the quality of the purchased clicks for whatever reason, he can submit a request for the internal investigation in 15 days from the moment of receiving these clicks provided that the controversial traffic source has provided at least 15 clicks in the stipulated time frame. All the requests must be submitted through our ticket system only. The advertiser must indicate the traffic source ID and provide supporting material to help 7searchppc in investigating and fix the issue. If we judge that the reported traffic source has provided advertiser with insufficient quality traffic, the advertisers internal account would be credited with the appropriate amount (part pay or full) for the maximum tenure of fifteen days (unless the advertiser has an agreement with our refund terms).
Any refund is at our sole discretion and we evaluate the refund case-by-case basis.

PayPal Payments:
If advertiser wants to pay via a PayPal account, he needs to confirm the e-mail address linked with that account. The account of advertiser would not be funded till the verification process is over. We reserve the right to decline any payment for any sort of reason. The transaction fee of the PayPal will be deducted from the total amount paid.

Webmoney Transfer System:
The services offered by 7searcppc are not provided for WebMoney Transfer System. We act as an independent entity providing you services and making decisions by our own pertaining to our services, policies and fees.

Case of Charge back
In chargeback is the case, we have the sole right to either suspend or terminate the account of advertiser with or without any notice.
Final billing to the advertiser should be accurate.
REPRESENTATIONS OF ADVERTISER Advertiser should be duly authorized to operate an account with us and should be authorized to use our services. Should be truthful and should furnish all the accurate information, should not violate the laws and regulations of our websites regarding to the advertisements and their postings. Advertiser should acts in compliance with our TOC specifically to the prohibited activities, should own the files, images, photos, text files etc. The posting of advertiser content should not violate our privacy rights, intellectual property rights and contract rights.

If Advertiser is unsatisfied with our services or Terms and conditions; he can make a request to deactivate his account. You can deactivate your account anytime by sending you an email to 7searchppc support. The remaining account balance will be non-refundable.
It is our sole discretion to deactivate or terminate the account of advertiser and discontinue the campaigns or the use of any particular keywords if we feel that the advertiser has violated the Terms and Conditions or guidelines or the other policies that we may post on our website or provide to the advertisers via email. We can also deactivate or terminate the account if we believe that the conduct of the advertiser is harmful to other visitors and advertisers.
The remaining amount in the account is not returned to the advertiser. All decisions made by us will be final and we can cancel any advertising program at any time. Credits and promotional credits are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to change any part of the Terms and conditions without any notice beforehand. Any part of the website can be modified or removed at our discretion without any prior notification.

Registration of the advertiser with website is for the personal and exclusive usage. Advertiser cannot authorize others to make use of its account with us. He cannot transfer the account to any other entity. Advertiser does not have any right to transfer or assign the account or the identification number or password to any other person or entity. Any such attempt of the transfer will be considered as void and will be taken as a breach to the Terms and Conditions. It is the obligation of the advertiser to report any breach of security, loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of their account, password or personal identification with us.