Privacy Policy

We at would like to ensure our users that your personal information is protected and is only taken when you allow us to see it through. Your permission is needed first before we take a piece of info from you.

While you use the website and visit different pages or its subdomain, you are allowing us to get the information that we need. It is as per the rules and terms are given in the documents of the website. We may also collect or store the data for future references.

The person, if so wishes not to get his/her information gathered by any source and wants to keep the data confidential, it can be done just by not visiting the sites. Even if you are mistakenly viewing a page or a subdomain, you may leave it immediately so that your data is not taken into consideration.

We also keep on updating our policies from time to time. You may check the modifications by regularly visiting our terms and policies page.

Safeguarding your Privacy

Our foremost priority is the users who are linked with us for business. We keep the personal information confidential under the principles of 7SearchPPC that follow the rules for its User's privacy. We want to guarantee you that while you visit our website, you are not concerned about the things that keep happening with other so-called genuine sites. 7SearchPPC is very much into providing the services which will enhance a person's experience on the website. The services that we offer are secure and User-friendly that will further promote a person to get involved in the environment with ease.

You (User) need to be free from any worries while you are transferring the information on the 7SerachPPC platform. We have created a list that explains in what manner do we collect your data and disclose it. The Privacy Policy will inform you on:

  • In what ways we will use your information and protect it,
  • The type of data that we will be storing,
  • The options that will be given to the User in this context, and
  • The limitations that we have put upon the User's access to the website.

Important Terms

As you'll go through the page, there will be terms that may confuse you. In that reference, we have given a brief note about each of the words:

  • User - Any person who visits the site or an advertiser.
  • Advertiser - It can be an individual or a member of a business that is registered. An advertiser has permission to browse the content and use the functioning of the website that is made available for the general public. The areas that consist of the control panel for advertisers is also made accessible for the advertisers.
  • Visitor - It can be anyone who is occasionally visiting the site for a legit purpose or not. Only the portions that are assigned for public access can be browsed by a visitor and nothing else.
  • Personal Information - Data that is considered personal to a person or entity is said to be personal information. It can be a person's identification or stuff that is kept private.
  • Non-Personal Information – The information that we gather from a person regardless of his/her personal data. Any information that is non-personal includes the following data – postal code, data that doesn't interfere with your identity, the type or version of browser that you are using, URL that you are using, your operating system, and the IP address. We can also take some statistical data for research purposes.

Information that we collect from the User

The rules for consent:
Approval from the User - We at 7SearchPPC do not collect User's personal data without taking his prior consent. We have mentioned this in our agreement that collecting or storing a person's information without taking permission is against our rules and policies.
Consent - The User is explicitly cleared about the information that will be requested from the website. We shall also ask for the User's feedback over the consent that is taken first in order to store the data that will be relevant for both the parties.

A user when visits the website, the information is never collected from the data that is stored in his/her browser. It is done so that the personal information of a person is kept intact without asking for any id proof.
Server logs - There is a standard set for most of the web servers. It allows reflecting the visitor's non-personal information on the 7SearchPPC's server.
Advertisers Database - At the time of registration, Advertisers are asked to provide information that strictly defines their identity. It can be your name, address, email address, contact number, or payment information. These are needed so that you can access to the advertising services of 7SearchPPC. The advertisers shall voluntarily provide their personal information to the website in order to have better access to the company's profit-earning as per the Terms and Policies we have mentioned earlier.

HTTP Cookies - In providing our users with a better experience, we use web cookies or browser cookies (HTTP Cookies) of the User's browser. In standard terms, these are pieces of a short text that are taken up by the 7SerachPPC website. These cookies are generally stored on a person's computer and can be used for collecting statistical data. It denotes a user's preference that was previously stored for quick and easy monitoring. There is always an option for every User to delete the cookies that are stored up on your system.
Comments and Inquiries - There are some users that may submit their data without giving it a second thought. The data may consist of – name, email, or phone number when they are contacting the 7SearchPPC through the medium of a phone call or web form. It is collected by the website so that they can be follow-up about the inquiries related to the program.

Use of the Collected Information

Firstly, it is essential to know that we do not sell or disclose your Personal Information with any third-party site. The information that we collect is only to make your experience better that too, when you voluntarily allow us to do so.

  • Sharing of Information - We at 7SearchPPC manage some of our business activities with the help of our third-party sites that may include the hiring of personal information. However, when we make a deal with an outside company, we lay stress on coming into legal terms of the contract, which will not interfere in any unlawful activity. We ensure our users about keeping their data safe in accordance with the Privacy policy of our company.
    Any information that will be shared with our parent companies will be done for the internal business purpose. As said above, the information will be used, keeping in mind the terms related to the Privacy Policy of the company.
    7SearchPPC may transfer the User's data to the potential buyer in case of sale or business. We make sure that this information shall be disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Policy that we have stated clearly.
    We may also disclose some information as per the rules of the law. If, in case any government authorized body, like the court would want us to disclose information about any person, we would have to do so as per the rules and regulation of the law enforcement.
    If a user from some other country is trying to connect with our company, in that condition, the information will be transferred across the boundaries. When that particular User visits the site, he/she is giving consent to get the info transferred.

  • Sharing of Non-Personal Information - We shall sometime also provide Non-Personal information to the third-party sites that can make some remarkable offering after taking consent from our users. This whole procedure is carried out so that there is proper monitoring of the User's info, and no misuse is done to the Non-Personal information.
    7SearchPPC may also use Non-Personal information for server logs of the website. It is done to serve our users better and in a more pronounced way. At times, the website logs may take the Non-Personal information and use it for server troubleshooting, administration, and security purposes.
    We do collect Advertisers' information in a separate database so that we can provide them with specific functions on our website. In case of need, we may send emails and messages through the internet messaging system to the Advertisers in order to alert them about any specific activity that we will be making on the site. We may also send them reports and financial documents that will be related to their account.
    Advertisers are permitted to unsubscribe from the messages just by adjusting their notification settings or by sending a mail directly to us for the given scenario. However, there will be some vital information (invoices, announcements, financial notifications, or so) that will be sent to them through messages.

Security of the User's Information

We at 7SearchPPC respect the privacy of our users, and in that manner, our employees also take these matters seriously. The employees that are adequately authorized under the rules and guidelines of 7SearchPPC are allowed to have access to the personal information of the User. If any employee of the company is found violating the Privacy Policy and getting involved in the misuse of the User's data, strict action will be taken in case of a severe condition.

  • Restricted access to storing User's Data - Although we know that data transmission over the internet is not totally secure, still we take several measures to protect it from any outsource. We have put the barriers that won't let any misfortune take place.
  • Limited Access to User's info - The database that we have maintained on the website about the Advertisers is not mentioned to all. Only a few of the authorized employees have access to look into the logs, and the rest are restricted.
  • The time period for storage - All the information that is collected on the site is retained for a specific time slot. The files that are maintained on the 7SearchPPC are for the purpose of giving you pronounced experience. Once it is accomplished, all the data is removed after the period for which it was stored.
  • Unauthorized access - 7SearchPPC takes several measures to protect its User's information. There are some frauds and hackers that always try to get into your privacy on the internet. In that situation, we won't be able to guarantee you complete security. Under such abnormal circumstances, 7SearchPPC will not be held responsible for the losses or damage that is done to the User. For more info on this, you may see our Limitations of Liability in the 'Terms of Use' section.
  • Security of Uses - It is an individual's responsibility to adopt practices that are safe while you work on the internet.
  • Website Address - Before you sign-in on the website securely, make sure that the URL you are entering is and not any other that appears to be similar. There can also be other websites that may have a somewhat identical name to ours, always be careful while entering the URL in the search tab.
  • Secure Mode - Always login in with the safe mode. Be sure that the URL consists of https:// and not http://. The padlock icon on the browser window of your system will confirm the secure mode.
  • Logging out - As you finish your session on the terminal, log out from the website to keep your data safe and not getting into the hands of any other entity. A user should also clear the cache and the browser after logging out. It is way too essential in case your worksheet is shared with others, as well. If you fail not to keep these things in mind, 7SearchPPC will not be liable for any damage done in such a situation.
  • Security of the Password - It the responsibility of the Advertisers to keep their password and account information secure. They will be solely responsible if in case their account is being hacked as they have access to the site. If in case any breach took place, Advertisers should inform it immediately with the 7SearchPPC. It is essential to know that 7SearchPPC never request for the Advertiser's password or account info. Any fraud email should be reported immediately with the company for full-proof security.
  • Authentication – At 7SearchPPC, we have taken preventive measures to deal with the fraudulent use of Personal Information and meet the standards of the industry. As per this, we may limit communications with financial institutions. There are also some credit card agencies which will be verified for authenticity.

Third-party websites

On the website, there will be some links displayed by other sites, and 7SearchPPC does not hold any responsibility for the privacy of these sites. It is our advice for the Users to be cautious while they are on the website and read all that is given in the Privacy Policy section related to the storage of Personal Information.

Third-Party Discussion Groups

The Privacy Policy of our page does not apply when a User visits a third-party site for discussion, any social networking site, or similar interactive groups on the web. Any information that is posted on such areas does not relate to the Terms of use of 7SearchPPC.


Users should know that the information given on the Privacy Policy of the website can be modified at any point in time without giving prior notice to any of the entity(s).

Information Requests and complaints

Any user that has a question or complaint regarding any of the terms mentioned in here may contact us directly through sending an email at You may also contact us if you have any concerns regarding the information that is collected on the website or any issue related to the site.