7 Search PPC Privacy Policy

7searchppc is committed towards protecting the personal information and uses it only if provided voluntarily by the users. When you access our site, including its pages or any of its sub domains you need to be agreed with all the rules and practices contained here. If as a user of our service, you do not want to disclose any of the required information or if you are extra cautious about the confidentiality of your personal information, you can just leave the website. You are liable to check the modifications of the terms of our privacy policy. If you need to make regular and continued access of our services, you need to imply with our privacy policy.

Commitment to Privacy:
7search ppc knows the importance of privacy to the users. We strive to make our users feel reassured whenever they visit our site and use our services so that they feel friendly and cared about.

Users of our site can be free from any type of worries when they furnish their information onto our site. We take every possible care to protect your privacy and take control over how your personal information is being used and disclosed.

We have developed a privacy policy which explains our practices related to the collection, use and disclosure of our information which states the type of information collected, the way information is used and disclosure of information which states what type of information is collected, the way information is used & protected and the choices available to the users regarding this.

Here are the terms that define and limit the rights of users and their responsibilities in accessing and making use of the website.

Definitions of some commonly used terms:
Refer to the business or individuals of the websites that are registered and those who can browse the content and make use of the functionality of the websites which are made available to the public and the advertiser’s member area which is accessible through the control panel of advertisers.

Any visitors or advertisers
Any occasional, unregistered or signed off individuals or businesses that browse and make use of the public portion of the website and hence have limited access.

Personal Information:
Data which allows the personal identification of all those who use our website.

Non-Personal Information:
Any information which is entered by the users but does not identify them is non-personal information. The information may include:

  • Postal code
  • Non-personal data that does not identify user like type and version of browser used for referring URL, Internet Protocol (IP) and address.
  • Information on the customers that is summarized in a comprehensive non personal format for the research and statistical purposes.

Collecting the User Information
General Rules of Consent
User Consent:

7searchppc does not collect any type of personal information of user without its prior agreement to provide personal information, except as permitted by the law.

Consent is expressing clearly and explicitly when the users can use the website and provide the requested information. Users may sometimes be asked to give their express consent, by making use of appropriate check box.

When visitors make use of the website, 7searchppc does not collect any data that is transmitted via their browsers to identify them it tries to gain any access to their personal information.

Server Logs:
As a standard practice of most of the web servers, some of non-personal information of the visitors is reflected in our server logs.

Advertisers Database:

Advertiser need to provide some personal information at the time of registration like name address, phone number, e-mail address, information about the payment to access our advertising services. Advertisers voluntarily chose to furnish their personal information and give consent to their use by 7searchppc with our privacy policy and our TOC found on the website.

HTTP Cookies:

To provide a better user experience, 7searchppc makes use of HTTP cookies that are also known as browser cookies or web cookies also. Such cookies are stored on the computer of the user and are used mainly for the convenience of the user in specific occasions like collecting the statistical data or reading the previously stored user preferences, session monitoring, quick authentication and the likes. Cookies can be deleted from the browser of the user anytime.
Such as collecting statistical data, reading previously stored user preferences, quick authentication, session monitoring and the likes. Any browser provides the User with means to delete any cookies from the user's computer at any time.

Comments and Inquiries:
There are some users that may submit their data voluntarily like their email, phone numbers, names etc. They can contact us by email, web forms, via IM or by phone etc. This information may be gathered by us so that it can be used for follow ups.

Use of the Gathered Information
General Rule of Disclosure:
We do not sell, disclose or rent any personal information provided by our users.

Sharing of Information:
Service providers of 7searchppc may use third parties for managing certain aspects of the business that includes the handling of the personal information as well. When this happens, we enter into a contract with the company or make use of other appropriate means to make sure that your personal information is not breached and used as per our privacy policy only.

Divisions, Parent Companies and Subsidiaries:
We have the right to share the information gathered by us on our website with our parent companies, divisions or subsidiaries for the internal business purposes. All the information will be consumed by others according to our privacy policy.
Any sale or transfer of any of the business information held by us pertaining to the transfer or disclosure to a purchaser or prospective buyers in case of assignment, sale or transfer of business or assets wholly or partially. In case of such kind of transfer, we would put forth reasonable efforts which will ensure that the transferee would make use of the information strictly in accordance with our privacy policy.
We also have the right to disclose certain piece of information as permissible by the law. A court or similar type of other entity with a complete authority would be required if we need to disclose any type information. We disclose information only when it is useful or can be used as a part of investigation into the illicit or the illegal activities. We may disclose such information to the law enforcement or investigation agencies.

International boundaries:
If user connects to a website from any country that differs from the countries where our servers are located, the communication would result in information getting transferred across the global boundaries. As a visitor, you need to concede to these transfers. If you furnish personal information to us, you have to agree to the fact that this information may be transferred from your current location to our offices and servers, to our agents and to the service providers.

Sharing of the Non-Personal Information:
We provide some piece of non-personal information to the 3rd party subcontractors who can make special offering with the prior consent of the users, the whole subject to strict the contractual terms and with proven means to inspect against any misuse or any unauthorized disclosure of non-personal information.

Server logs:
As far as non-personal information is concerned, we monitor and analyse the website logs periodically to assess the aggregate usage trends in order to serve the needs of users in a better way. In some of the cases this information may be used for the purpose of system administration, for security or for troubleshooting.

Database of Advertisers:
Information of the advertisers is gathered and maintained only to provide the advertisers with access to the precise functionality given to them through their membership with 7searchppc. If it is considered necessary, we will use the membership database to send periodic emails or messages via internal messaging system to provide the advertisers with alerts, activity reports and financial documents. Advertisers can choose to unsubscribe from certain types of messages sent by us like alerts, offers, postal mailings, account reports etc.) By adjusting their notification settings or contacting 7searchppc. There are some types of messages like invoices, personal messages, announcements or any other financial notifications which are delivered to the advertisers also.

Users’ Security:
Respect of Privacy by the Employees of 7searchppc:
Only the employees that are authorized by 7searchppc can access to the personal information of the users. All of the employees need to comply with the privacy policy and if they violate any policy it would attract disciplinary sanctions that include dismissal when any severe breach is made.

Data Storage for the Users:
Restricted Access:
No data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be absolutely secure (cent per cent secure), we take care to protect the security of received data.

Limited Access: The access to the database of the advertiser, system administration logs are restricted only to certain number of authorized employees.

Storage Period:
All the files containing any personal information are retained by us only for the time necessary to accomplish the purpose for which the information was gathered.

Unauthorized Access:
Though we take every possible caution to protect the personal information of the users, we do not guarantee a complete security if the servers are hacked or are subjected to any of the abnormal situations. In no way we should be held responsible for the acts or to be blamed for any loss or damage.

Security of uses:
Both parties are mutually responsible for safety. Henceforth users also need to adopt the practices to use the website safely.

Website Address:
Before signing in to the secure zone of the site, the users need to make sure that the url of the website is visible in the browser as well as in the address bar of our site and not with any other similar address that may be forged. It will prevent the potential phishing and loss of users log in data.

Secure Mode:
When you make access to a member area, the User needs to check if he is in the secure mode. This includes making sure that the url or web address starts with https:// rather than http:// The padlock icon on the browser window is the sign of secure mode.

Log off:
Logging out the website once you are finished during a session when terminal is not attended by you is important. To close a session securely, you need to just log out of it, clear the cache and just close the window. These operations become all the more important if user is sharing the work station. We want to make it clear that we are no way liable to any loss or damage resulting from the failure to fulfil any obligation.

Equipment Protection:
Users need to protect and safeguard the data and the computer equipment. Users also need to prevent unauthorized access to the accounts of advertisers.
Security of the Advertisers Personal Information:
A number of standard technical means to insure the security of advertisers have been put in place by us to protect the personal information of the advertisers.

Advertisers need to prevent the unauthorized access to their computer and passwords. They are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of their password and the information of their accounts. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to inform us immediately for any unauthorized use of the password, username or any breach of the security and also to make all the measures readily available so to ensure the optimal level of security while using our website. We never send any unsolicited communication that requests passwords or ask you to put your account information up-to-date. Any email fraud should be reported to us.

The communication between the advertiser’s computer and the advertising area is given via a certified encrypted secure HTTPS protocol.

7searchppc has taken strict steps to prevent any fraudulent use of the Personal information and also the authentication procedure that meets the industry standards.This may include communication with the financial institutions, credit reporting agenciesthat can verify the authenticity of credit card and the billing data.

Hyperlinks- Third Parties Websites
Our website may contain links to certain other sites and we want to make it clear that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of the other websites. We encourage the users to be very cautious when they leave our website and to read the privacy statements of the sites which may collect the personal information. The privacy policy given here is applied to usage of our site only.
Also, our privacy policy does not apply to the posting of the users or any third party groups, discussion threads, external forums, social networking sites and similar other interactive web properties.

We have the right to modify the privacy policy at any time before any notice. It is the responsibility of the users to review it thoroughly.

10. Information Requests and Complaints
Users who may have any queries or complaints pertaining to the privacy policy can contact us via email to [email protected] You can get in touch if you have any concerns about the accuracy of the personal information gathered by us.
Users that have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy may contact 7 Search PPC, by email to [email protected] Any User may also contact 7 Search PPC if he or she has any concerns about the accuracy of or wish to correct the Personal Information collected by 7 Search PPC.