When you make use of other advertising systems, you simply advertise your service and products without any control over the quality of traffic. 7searchppc has an edge as it offers you a number of latest features that protects the fraud of clicks, low-bids and state-of-the-art bidding tools. These all make 7searchppc a leader in PPC industry.
We are cost effective because our bids are lower than one-tier PPC search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN etc. They are lower than most of the 2-tier PPC systems. Our network delivers high quality targeted traffic to your websites and our bids are low and hence we are the most cost-effective PPC advertising system in the market.
7searchppc accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, Web money, money order, wire transfer and cheques etc.
Your advertisements will be seen on high quality websites that are thematically same to the subjects of our advertisements.
The advertisements would start running after moderation and as long as you comply with our Terms and Conditions.
You need to sign up for an advertiser’s account and you are ready to go. When you have an account and have funds in the account, you can start advertising.
7searchPPC makes use of a sophisticated multi-layered click-fraud protection system. It is being updated continually with filters. We have developed a click detection technology which is unique and ensures a complete security. Apart from that, our manual monitoring also ensures complete security. Our latest analytical methods and anti-fraud software provides a complete protection against click-fraud.
You can begin to advertise once you make pay of US $ 30 or more.
You need to keep tabs on your account as soon as your funds are exhausted; you need to add money to get your ads going.
There can be several ways to improve the performance of your advertisements like you can analyze your stats, fine tune the setting of your ad, change the text of your ad, add the keywords, manage the traffic sources and use our tracking tools.
As soon as you are through with the registration of your account and ready to begin advertising you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Add funds to the wallet
Step 2: Start creating a campaign
Step 3: Create an ad
Step 4: Ad Keywords

Account Management and Initial Setup
Prior to beginning the campaign, you need to add the funds. We accept credit cards and all the payment modes stated. The minimum amount depends on the pay you made. You need to notify us if you are making use of alternative payment method. Your wallet history containing all the transactions can be accessed any time.
You can change the details of your profile any time but your user name cannot be modified.
You can access to your wallet history that includes all the internal (adding funds to your campaigns) and external (adding funds to the account) transactions. Customers can sort this data by the transaction type and can set date range as required by them.
Bidding Process

Creating a New Campaign
To create a new campaign you need to enter all the requisite information and select the category of the site that you need to advertise.
Budget you need to incur:
The minimum budget for any campaign is 5 $. The amount you assign to the campaign gets deducted automatically from the walled and gets added to the campaign balance. At any point of the time you can return the balance that remains in your wallet. If you do so, your campaign would no longer be active.
Adding the countries:
You have the choice to select the countries you wish to work with by adding them to the selected list. The list of countries associated with your campaign would allow you assign advertisements to any of these countries.
About editing your campaign:
You can edit your campaign at any point of time. You can make changes in the campaign details. But, if your campaign balance is lower than 5 $, your campaign would be inactive.
Creating a New Advertisement:
It is important to note that every advertisement belong to certain campaign. If you want to enter a new advertisement, you should enter all the requisite information; select the sub category of the site which you would advertise.
Your advertisement will have three components which are visible to the surfers they are tile, description and url. You need to keep in mind the first impression. Properly composed and the appealing ad title along with the description would attract more targeted clicks. Your url should not be the home page of your website. You should be able to direct your potential customers to the pages you want to. Once the advertisements are created you can began adding keywords.

At any point of time, you can change the details of your advertisements and include the percentage of the default bids. For the purpose of tracking and analysis, you have to add special tracking parameters to your click URL. Using these parameters will provide you detailed information about all the clicks. This will include the traffic source, the keyword you would like to bid on and the keywords used by the surfers. All the information would be available in stats of server, in the third party stats and in our stats.
Adding the Keywords:
When you have done with creating your advertisement, you can start adding keywords. You can add them later also. While adding the keywords, you can use the special tags indicating broad, phrase match or you can also check the corresponding boxes. You can also choose the bulk bid amount that can be changed for keywords later on.

Bidding Manager enables you to perform the following.
1) Edit the keywords you have chosen, countries, the match type, the bid amount and the current position etc.
2) Modify bids and positions for a keyword group.
3) Deactivate and activate the keywords.
4) Restore and delete the keywords
5) Duplicate and copy your advertisements.
You can also block the unwanted traffic sources for your campaigns. At any point of time you can edit the banned traffic sources and make them functional. You can get the detail information about the traffic sources from the report manager or from the third part stats.

Analyze the Reports:
How can you check your stats:
Our report manager enables you to monitor your stats completely. You can select one of the following report types.

  • 1) Keyword performance
  • 2) Ad Performance
  • 3) Campaign Performance
  • 4) Account Performance
You can also set the time and date range.
We use a set of filters that can narrow down your data by:
  • Ads
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Countries
  • Match Type
  • Traffic Sources

Support and Communication
Get in touch with us by send us a message on our messaging center or submit a trouble ticket using our ticket system. All messages sent by you are saved in our messaging center. If you face any technical issue, you can raise a ticket. You just need to describe your problem and we will trouble shoot it in a due course of time. The ticket list shows all the submitted ticket and their status.

Learning center:
Once you are logged in to your account, you would find an FAQ page along with the technical tutorial that contains all the detailed information about using 7 searchppc to get the optimum results.