Social media platforms play a very important role in marking one’s business in today’s world. But putting all your efforts into creating the best post is not enough. It is essential to make use of hashtags as well.

The use of hashtags will boost your reach, and a large number of people will be able to connect to you. A good hashtag will help your business to prosper and increase sales of your goods and services.

We have created a complete guide that will tell you the importance of using hashtags to increase reach on social media platforms.

What Is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are the # symbol used before a couple of words that club your content with similar content over the social media platforms which are using the same hashtags. Hashtags are like tags that help find information easily containing specific content.

For example, if you have a clothes store, you can use the brand name as hashtags like #dior or #armanie when you post pictures of these products.

Why We Use Hashtags?

Hashtags increase the engagement of the post when appropriately used. Posts with no hashtags are seen less by users.

Some of the benefits of using hashtags are:

  • The use of hashtags makes it easier for you to target the audience.
  • People searching for any information through a hashtag may get engaged with your content when you use the same hashtags in your post.
  • A similar kind of information is clubbed together on one dedicated page with the use of hashtags.
  • You get more views on your post with the proper use of hashtags.

What is the proper use of hashtags?

Hashtags must be used properly to get better customer engagement.

We have prepared some points to help you understand the proper use of hashtags:

  • Hashtags should always start with a #symbol. Make sure you do not add space after the # and do not add a symbol also. For example, #useofhashtags is the proper way to use a hashtag.
  • When you use hashtags, make sure you convert your account to public. If you do not publicize your account, only your followers will be able to see your post, and it will not be visible to the rest of the world.
  • The hashtag should be small and easy to remember and search for users.
  • Always try to use the right hashtag which is relevant and specific to your content.
  • Avoid the use of hashtags in large numbers. Using more of it would look spammy. And would deteriorate the reach and the quality of your post.

How to use hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

There are different methods to use hashtags on different social media platforms. But some rules stay common for all platforms. These are listed below:

  • Spaces are not allowed in hashtags.
  • You can use top hashtags and one word only in a tag.
  • You cannot use any special symbol, character, or emojis in a hashtag.
  • You can use numbers in a hashtag.

You can use hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the description of any post or comment.
Below are further headings, Where we have discussed in detail how the hashtags work on different social media platforms.

How do hashtags work on Facebook?

Hashtags on Facebook do not work as well as on Twitter and Instagram. In most cases, people keep their Facebook accounts private, which is why hashtags do not fetch much content on Facebook when you keep them private.

Use can use hashtags on various parts of Facebook, like in a post or comments. Facebook hashtags work well when used in Facebook groups.

Do not use more than one or two hashtags on Facebook.

How do hashtags work on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to use as many numbers of hashtags as you want. But it is better not to use more than ten to twelve hashtags in one post. Instagram hashtags work best when used on public accounts with the top hashtags.

The hashtag family on the Instagram club all similar content on a single page, which can be seen separately by any user when searched by a hashtag.

You can use top hashtags after your caption or when replying to someone’s comment. This can help you reach a large audience on social media when someone encounters your comment reply. Experimenting with your Instagram account with hashtags and examining the reach you get can be a good option.

Top hashtags tips for Instagram:

  • Always add a hashtag at the end of the caption.
  • Convert your account to business to watch the number of impressions you have got. And use the most appropriate hashtag the next time.
  • You can add hashtags in the comment section to grab more attention.
  • Do not add them in the middle of the comment or caption.

How do hashtags work on Twitter?

Hashtags were first practiced on Twitter, it was the most popular place to use them; gradually, they moved to other platforms. The best way hashtags would work on Twitter is to start a conversation, as this would bring more reach and better user engagement with your social media account and your brand.

You can also use these either in the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence that suits it the best. In case you are not sure which hashtag can fetch you more reach. You can search for the top hashtag in Twitter’s most trending content or information.

Make sure you do not use more than two hashtags on Twitter, as this platform does not recommend you to use more than that.

How do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that is full of professionals, so you must make proper use of hashtags and the right ones to get the right audience. Since LinkedIn is also actively participating in the hashtag game, it allows you to add them with a separate option at the end of the post.

You can search for the top hashtag in the search bar on the home page. In case you are not sure which one to use. LinkedIn also suggests the right one when you choose to update. Do not add so many tags at the same time, as it is better to choose to add from 2 to 3 tags only.

How to Find Your Niche Hashtags?

Hashtags are all about keywords that are based on research. These types of hashtags have a better reach than broad hashtags. It helps you reach a set of target audiences who would actually be willing to see your goods or posts.

For instance, you have an online shoe store, and you would prefer to use niche hashtags like #shoe, #redshoe, #sneakers, #sportsshoe, etc. These are the niche hashtag that would reach only those users who want to see results related to shoes, red shoes, sneakers, or sports shoes.

We hope this blog gave you want you came here for. You need to do some research and analyze your target audience about what they are searching for and are looking for in the social media platform related to your goods and services. Make sure that you add a top hashtag and make the best use of a hashtag.


Q.1 What Is The Right Use Of Hashtags?

The right use of hashtags is:
1. Do not add space after the symbol #.
2. Do not use more than one word.
3. Use a limited number of hashtags in one post.
4. Add top hashtags to your post.

Q.2 What Is The Search Use Of Hashtags?

The search use of hashtags is the most wonderful technique to find out the relevant or similar hashtags that user searches to find a result. For example, if you search #dior, you will find similar hashtags that people search related to this search, such as #diorglasses, #diorbeauty, etc.

Q.3 What is the proper use of hashtags and keywords for marketing?

The proper use of hashtags and keywords for marketing are
1. Use industry-specific hashtags or keywords.
2. Create your own unique brand hashtag.
3. Build a short and easy hashtag.
4. Do complete research on trending tags in your industry.

Q.4 How to measure the use of hashtags?

To measure the use of hashtags, you can use hashtag analysis tools. These tools will help you to see how many people searched for it and engaged with it. Some of the hashtag analysis tools are Keyhole, union matrics, Hashtagify, and TweetBinder.

Q.5 What is the purpose of a hashtag on social media?

The main purpose of using hashtags is to reach the right audience. Hashtags give you more engagement on your social media post. If you are a business, it will generate new customers and profits for you.

Q.6 How Do I Create A Trending Hashtag?

To create trending hashtags, here are some tips:
1. Use small and easy-to-remember tags.
2. Do research on the latest hashtag.
3. Create tags on popular brand names.
4. Build your organic tags.
5. Create unique keywords that your followers would like to reuse.