Food is getting ready in the oven. The football match is on television. Your house is prepared to welcome guests for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. It takes a lot of effort to prepare. Just like your house, your Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas also need a few preparations. If you want to ensure maximum ROI and increase conversion rate in the post-thanksgiving food coma bliss. The following are some tips that you can consider.

Leveraged Thanksgiving and other holidays: themed keywords

To enjoy the advantage of this anticipated uptick in the potential customer and ensure that your ad campaign will appear in the holiday search, be double sure to highlight all the holiday-related keywords relevant to your product or services. After that, you should also keep a check and adjust your bids for Pay Per Click accordingly as Cost Per Click spikes up on high-traffic days.

Check your ads schedule and track your statistics

We all know people tend to be lazy, and they do not follow their regular schedules during holidays. So if you allow your ads to run during any specific time of the day. Please make sure you have adjusted them accordingly. It would help if you also take care of your promotions aligned carefully with your Thanksgiving PPC campaign to get the maximum out of your PPC marketing campaign.

Once your campaign is underway, you should keep a check on the holiday metrics and granularity as there may be chances for some aberrations due to the holiday. You should pay close attention to the conversion rates, CTR, and keywords performance as they are more likely to fluctuate during the holiday season.

Ensure your PPC bidding optimize for mobile phones

You must be aware that most searches, including searches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are done with mobile phones during holidays. To ensure that you provide an optimum mobile experience to the users, you should check that the users are on their devices using the correct mobile landing page. You have updated your mobile bid modifiers.

Create relevant holiday content

You are required to do some brainstorming work for attractive keywords and eye-catching ads. Be sure that you have posted your ads copy well before the holiday season begins so that your audience can find you easily when they want.

Capitalize on Black Friday

The best time to write a powerful call-to-action (CTA) is the day after the Thanksgiving feast. The reason behind this is that almost everyone is in their home. And they have the pressure to start their shopping bonanzas. They are already in the mood of purchasing the perfect gifts for their loved ones, which may help you boost your CTA.

Thanksgiving is one of the fantastic holidays for business. It provides you an opportunity to expand your reach to the audience and take benefit from the spending surge. You can also consider this holiday season a rare chance to show gratitude towards clients and customers who supported the business.

The following are 10 Thanksgiving marketing ideas to increase sales and make your online presence strong.

Turkey dinner Giveaway

A mouth-watering dinner and a perfectly roasted turkey at the center of the well-decorated table is the first thing that strikes our minds after hearing “Thanksgiving dinner”. You can provide the giveaway to your lucky customer via a raffle draw. This giveaway prize includes roasted turkey, homestyle mashed potatoes, southern cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry orange relish, and turkey gravy.

Recipe contest

The recipe contest is the perfect place for food lovers to showcase their cooking talents. You can pick out the ingredients for the recipe, or you can organize a theme-based cooking competition. The rewards for this cooking competition can be some home appliances or a prize of your choice.

Friendsgiving giveaway

This Friendsgiving giveaway is the perfect way to target the young market. A food blog named the new baguette last year launched this Friendsgiving giveaway, and the prize for it was holiday party kitchenware essentials. It includes a meat thermometer, a pair of non-stick tongs, ceramic pie dishes, and seasonings.

Holiday gift guide

The giveaway of the holiday gift guide works two ways. It helps the purchasers who are in urgent need of the present and enables you to flaunt your product that they might want as a giveaway. You can launch a hard copy of your holiday gift guide, or you may provide an online catalog, but in both cases, to make your guide the best, you may need a professional graphic designer.

Gift basket giveaway

Like in the turkey dinner giveaway, In this promo, the winner is entitled to get a basket full of holiday goodies in this giveaway. Cooking Light, in association with the whole food market, launched this giveaway last year. It includes items like ready-to-eat carrots, stuffing mix, instant mashed potatoes, frozen cranberries, butter, honey, olive oil, and seasonings.

Turkey trot for charity

Thanksgiving is not all about merrymaking but also about sharing and counting the blessing we are thankful for. People do Something similar in the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Turkey Trot 5K Race Walk Charity.

Guessing games

This Thanksgiving offer can be one of the exciting and entertaining ideas to spark the Thanksgiving season feast. You can put your selected pumpkin at your business place and ask the visitors to guess the pumpkin’s weight. Declare the winner of the contest to the person whose guess is the closest to the pumpkin’s actual weight. You can give the winner of the game some special holiday offers.

Collage contest

If your business is related to some visuals such as mobile stickers, photography, or graphics designing tools, you can organize a digital event for collage-making. You can suggest your contestants make a collage using your newly launched stickers or photographs and post it on social networking sites with #happythanksgiving.


You can launch a fundraising event to benefit any particular section of society. Suppose you have a restaurant business, and you launched a Thanksgiving fundraising offer. Whatever the business’s revenue receipt will be on these particular days. We will use that amount to provide education facilities to the orphans.

Expressing gratitude

You can celebrate your Thanksgiving feast by expressing your honest and sincere gratitude towards your clients.
For your clients, You can do this by writing a heartful message. you can enjoy the live session with your clients and have some #turkeytalks with them. You can also launch Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas and send them to your clients via email. Above are the ten tips to make your Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas season even more exciting. And if you have some other mind-blowing Thanksgiving ideas, don’t forget to use them this Thanksgiving season.