Finding ways to monetize your website traffic and generate revenue as a publisher can be challenging. Ad networks can make it easier for you to promote your gambling website without any issues. Many of them have strict guidelines against monetize gambling and game sites. There are still various options with flexible guidelines available that can be beneficial for you. In further lines, we will introduce you to the top gambling ad networks. Continue reading to dive into the depth of the topic. 

Introduction To The Gambling Ad Network

A gambling ad network is a specialized platform that helps to connect advertisers in the gambling sector with relevant publishers who have available space on their gambling platform. It works similarly to other ad networks but concentrates on promoting gambling-related services and products. If you want to monetize your game site successfully, you must choose an ideal ad network

Advantages Of Monetizing Gaming Sites With An Ad Network

Monetizing gambling or gaming with an ad network may provide various benefits to the site owners. Here are a few benefits of using an ad network to generate revenue from gambling websites;

Diversified Revenue Stream

Gambling websites may diversify their sources of income by incorporating an ad network. While the initial payment might come from gambling activities, like poker games betting, showcasing ads enables them to earn additional revenue without relying entirely on player wagers. 

Non-Invasive Revenue Model

Gambling ad networks offer various ad formats. Ads offer a non-intrusive revenue approach, unlike some other monetization strategies that directly involve players spending money. Players may select whether or not to interact with the ads, and the website still generates revenue without requiring any action from the players. 

Reporting And Analytics

Ad networks provide detailed analytics and reporting tools. Publishers may easily track their ad performance and earnings and optimize ad placements based on data-driven insights. 

Competitive Edge

In the competitive world of online gambling and gaming, having a stable source of revenue enables these sites to stay ahead in the competitive market. It offers them the means to invest in development and research, making their platform more alluring to other users. 

These are the few benefits that you may grab by monetizing your gaming site through an ad network

Best Platforms To Monetize Gambling And Game Sites

Here is the list of platforms that helps to monetize gambling and gaming sites;

7Search PPC

7Search PPC is one of the best monetization platforms for publishers in the gaming industry. Here are the benefits of choosing this ad network

Global Reach 

7Search PPC has a broad reach and may serve ads to visitors across the world. It can be beneficial for gambling sites targeting global audiences, as it enables you to monetize traffic from different regions. 

Real-Time Reporting

7Search PPC provides real-time analytics and reporting, enabling you to measure the performance of your ads. You may also optimize your ad placements based on data-driven insights. 

Variety of Ad Formats

7Search PPC provides a variety of ad formats, including native ads, text ads, popunder ads, banner ads, and more. Getting various ad types may assist you in finding the best-performing ad formats for your particular demographics and site design. 

Payment Alternatives

7Search PPC generally offers various payment alternatives, such as Visa, Bitcoin, UPI, Paytm, and more. A variety of payment options gives convenience, flexibility, security, and compliance to both the gaming site publisher and its users. 

No Minimum Traffic Requirements

Unlike a few other ad networks, 7Search PPC doesn't have strict minimum traffic needs for publishers. This means this ad network can be a suitable option for less-traffic gambling websites


AdMob is also the best monetization platform for publishers in the gambling industry. Here are the benefits of choosing this network;

Larger Adevrtiser Base

As a part of the Google ecosystem, AdMob has a vast pool of advertisers. It may result in a wide variety of ads being shown on your gambling-related app. 

Ad-Format Variety

AdMob provides a variety of ad formats, including interstitial ads, banner ads, native ads, and rewarded video ads. This diversity lets you select the formats that best suit your app's user experience. 

Ad Mediation

AdMob provides ad mediation, enabling you to showcase ads from various ad networks alongside Google's ads. It may assist you in diversifying your ad sources and potentially boosting your ad revenue


Popcash has grown over time to become a well-known gambling advertising network. Probably, you are already familiar with this ad network which began from a simple idea like many other monetization platforms. Here are the benefits of choosing Popcash;

Easy Setup

Popcash is generally known for its user-friendly and easy setup process. Publishers may quickly register, get their sites approved, and start showcasing popunder ads within a short period. 

Worldwide Reach

Popcash has a vast network of gambling advertisers, which may result in ads being provided to visitors from various regions and countries. This worldwide reach is beneficial for gambling websites with international visitors. 

Multiple Payment Alternatives

Popcash provides a variety of payment alternatives for publishers, including Payoneer, PayPal, and Paxum, making it reliable for receiving earnings. 

Real-Time Reporting

Popcash offers real-time analytics and reporting. It enables publishers to measure their impressions, earnings, and other performance metrics. 

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is one of the best monetization platforms. This ad network enables developers of Unity-based mobile games to display native ads. Here are a few benefits of choosing Unity Ads;

Wide Reach

Unity ads have a broad network of advertisers, including gaming-related advertisers, which may offer publishers a wide range of ad campaigns to select from. 

Targeted Ads

Unity ads provide advanced targeting capabilities, enabling publishers to showcase gambling ads that are relevant to the interest of their audience. It may enhance user engagement and improve ad performance. 

Dedicated Account Managers

Unity Ads provides dedicated account managers to help publishers with their optimization techniques, ad campaigns, and overall performance. 


If you want to monetize your game site effectively, Zeropark can be an ideal option. Here are a few benefits of choosing this platform;

Targeted Traffic

Zeropark provides targeted traffic options, and it allows gambling publishers to reach a relevant audience. It may improve the overall effectiveness of the ad campaigns. 

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Zeropark offers detailed analytics and reporting tools. With the help of these tools, publishers may track the performance of their gambling ads and make data-driven decisions. 

Flexible Budgeting

Zeropark provides flexible budgeting options and allows gambling publishers to manage their ad spending. With this, they may adjust their budgets based on results and performance. 


Here are a few benefits of choosing AdMaven as a monetization platform for gambling sites;

Variety of Ad Formats

AdMaven provides various ad formats that help publishers to select the most suitable format for their gambling sites. 

Global Reach

AdMaven has a broad reach and delivers gambling ads to audiences across various regions. It provides worldwide exposure for publishers of gambling sites

Assitance And Support

Gambling site publishers may get assistance from AdMaven's support team in handling their gambling ad campaigns successfully. 


Selecting the best platform to monetize gambling and game sites depends on a variety of factors. These include the site's niche, content type, target market, and revenue motives. We mentioned a few of the Global gambling ad networks that provide various opportunities to gambling publishers. As a publisher, you may choose any of them to get positive outcomes.