In the era of digital marketing, writing eye-catching and engaging content is the goal of every advertiser and marketer. While it is one thing to write great content, making your content visible to the right audience is an entirely different task. Combining your excellent content with well-researched and popular keyword ideas will unlock the market’s potential and target a sizeable audience.

Keyword ideas can help you make critical connections when setting up a paid social media campaign to ensure your campaign’s success.

Determining which keywords to use in your ad copy can either make or break your entire social media campaign.

You can do wonders with the right keywords, but you will lose your potential audience with the wrong one.

Popular hashtags can be a great source of inspiration for your paid social media campaigns. These hashtags can potentially lift your campaign off the ground if used correctly.

Hashtag’s Importance In Paid Social Media Campaigns

Hashtags are a way to tell what people are talking about; It is a dream come true for a marketer because they no longer have to guess what people might be looking for and where. You can get keyword ideas from top hashtags for your paid campaigns.

Hashtags represent people’s interests and can give you insightful keyword ideas if you know how to look.

The following questions can help you find relevant keywords ideas from the trending hashtags:

  • About what are people talking?
  • Who is using these hashtags?
  • What is the demand for a particular service or product?
  • Is the interest risk, or is the trend declining?
  • What is the context of the hashtag-ridden conversations?

Popular hashtag research can uncover relevant insights into the conversations happening around a particular topic. The hashtags empower you with the data you can mine from real people in real time.

Following top hashtag conversations, you might stumble upon other relevant hashtags that can be great to get keyword ideas that you would not have considered otherwise. Digging deeper, you might see some patterns that you can use in your paid social media campaign.

Keep an eye out for:

  • New hashtags
  • Hashtags used by other target markets
  • Concerns or questions people are asking
  • Relevant phrases that come up often

How To Use Trending Hashtags In Your Paid Social Media Campaigns?

First things first, go around social media and find the top hashtags. You can start at a trending page, see trends in your industry, and build from there. Each social media has its unique concept of presenting hashtags, but in general, they all have something similar to an “explore” feature.

As you go deeper into the world of hashtags, explore the content and conversation happening around the hashtags. You will be able to get keyword ideas from hashtags.

How can you use this information? It is all about taking inspiration. The hashtags, phrases, and keywords you explore can help you with your paid social media campaigns in the following ways:

For Text

What you see around you can be used as the launching point for your ad’s language. Look at the content and posts surrounding the hashtag and try incorporating the language people are using for communication into your ad copy. Knowing how people talk about a particular thing can help you convey your message effectively and address any pain points they face with the solutions they will love.

For Images

Hashtags research will make you aware of the image associated with a particular hashtag. If you plan to use a stock image for your ad copy or a pre-existing photo, you can compare it with what you find attached to hashtags and determine the type of image you should use.

You might even find a meme that works better with the hashtag, so you can abandon the idea of using a stock photo and use the meme instead. Using what is trending in your ad copy is an excellent way to increase social engagement.

For Target Audience

You can use hashtag research to determine the parameters of your social media ad reach. Use the information gathered from hashtag research like:

  • Who is using the hashtags?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live? What other interests do they have?

This info can make help you narrow down your target audience.

For Sponsored Post Research

Hashtags can help you create a paid social ad with more relevant content, and in addition to that, hashtags can also help identify a recent post behind which you can put your cash.

Try experimenting with different top hashtags while posting on social platforms. Hashtags can help your post perform well organically, and after analyzing your top-performing post, you can boost them with sponsorship.

Facebook Top Hashtags For Paid Ads

Our first stop should be Facebook, as it is for over 2 billion people. It is among the most popular online marketing platform.

With more than two billion active users a month, Facebook can be a great place to conduct your top keyword research.

Though you are not in touch with a large number of people, you can’t let that stop you.

Facebook makes it possible to choose who can see your Facebook ads. However, before creating a social media ad, you will need to find the right keywords to use.

Probably the ones most likely to be visible. At this stage, hashtags come into play.

A quick search for #pizza on Facebook will present you with some drool-worthy pictures from strangers around the world (who have made their posts public) as well as from brand pages.

When you type the word “#pizza” into the Facebook search bar, you will get a list of the most common words following the hashtag. When you hit the search icon, Facebook will also show you how many people are talking about the hashtag on top of the page.

The number of people talking about a hashtag can give you a rough idea of how many you can attract to your ad.

Facebook’s autofill feature can help you find similar hashtags to the one you searched; when you start typing, Facebook will fill in the other related hashtags giving you an option to explore.

Facebook also provides bookmarks that you can use to find info on local events, crisis response, and other timely events and topics. These bookmarks can give you useful insights into why people are using a particular hashtag.

Instagram Top Hashtags For Paid Ads

Instagram is a social media platform that promotes hashtag use, making it a perfect place for top hashtag research.

Like Facebook, you can start by typing your hashtag ideas in the search bar and seeing what Instagram’s autofill feature suggests.

Because Instagram is much more heavily focused on hashtags than Facebook, it shows you the popularity of those hashtags in the search suggestions based on posts that included a particular hashtag.

The explore feature on Instagram, which you can access by tapping on the search icon on the app, will let you explore tons of hashtags. This Explore section is an excellent place to find new and emerging trends.

While it is easy to find hashtags on Facebook and Instagram, try remembering that these hashtags don’t always translate directly into keywords for your paid social media campaign.

You will need to convert your message from a brief hashtag into a natural-sounding one. The following are some tips that can help you with that:

Listen to what people are saying using those hashtags

It is essential to take some time and watch the videos and Instagram stories associated with the hashtags. Try to listen to how they talk about the subject and what key phrases come up often.

Read what the hashtags are saying

After watching the video, it’s time to do some reading. Look for actual content associated with the hashtags and go through it. 

It will help you understand what people are trying to convey using a particular hashtag. Reading will also reveal what the key phrases are.

These key phrases will help you get to the heart of the conversation and let you understand the meaning behind the hashtag. Learning about the issues behind a topic can help you frame your campaign in a usable way.

Talking out loud

After gathering the ideas, it’s time to put pen to paper. When you start writing your ad campaign content, it is good to speak aloud about what you have written.

Saying it out loud will help you disconnect from your inner voice and give you a feel of what you are writing and how it will sound if someone else is to read it.

If you have someone working with you, ask them to read aloud what you have written. You can use this to determine where you can make improvements.

Twitter Top Hashtags For Paid Ads

Keeping track of top hashtags is maybe the easiest on Twitter. If you are on Twitter’s mobile app, you can find the trending hashtags by tapping on the magnifying glass icon.

On the Desktop, click on the “#Explore” option on the left navigation pane, then click on “Trending” to see what’s popular.

You can find what topics Twitter thinks are important and what people are talking about; These trending hashtags get listed in the “#Explore” tab by Twitter’s algorithm.

While these trending hashtags are typically organic, you can often find “Promoted” hashtags on the “#Explore” feed. Twitter labels the promoted hashtags to make sure people know what is trending organically and what is not.

Though it is easy to find trending topics on Twitter, you might have to dig deeper to find hashtags relevant to your industry or niche.

Check out the appropriate hashtags, and don’t be afraid to take inspiration. You can get on a new hashtag that is starting to catch fire before it becomes a wildfire.

Linkedin Top Hashtags For Paid Ads

Like other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter), you can find hashtags on LinkedIn by typing the relevant query in the search bar. LinkedIn will also show you how many people are currently talking about a hashtag like other platforms.

This data can help you understand how many people might view your post if you incorporate a particular hashtag. You can also see the top posts containing the hashtag that you have searched for.

If you follow a hashtag, you can click or tap on the three dots present on the right side and choose the “Discover new hashtags” option. After selecting that option, you will see all sorts of popular hashtags to incorporate into your next campaign.

Context is of paramount importance while using LinkedIn

The most crucial thing to remember about Linkedin is it’s a popular platform for content, particularly its contextual use. LinkedIn’s primary service is to facilitate career and professional conversations.

Pinterest Top Hashtags For Paid Ads

If you want to reach a creative, DIY crowd through your ad campaign, Pinterest can be the right place for you.

Pinterest is not heavily keen on hashtags. It values keywords more as compared to other social platforms. Putting a keyword in the search bar will show you as many results as placing a hashtag in there.

While doing keyword research on Pinterest, it is essential to remember that your goal is to find what people are talking about and what they want. To know about that, you can search for the relevant keywords and go through the top posts.

However, if you need to check the popularity of a particular keyword (hashtag), you can log in to Pinterest’s mobile app and tap on the “create new pin” option. When you type a hashtag in the description area, it will list alternative hashtags and stats for their popularity.

Tools For Finding Hashtags

While social media hashtag research can give you some good options, social media search bars are not tailor-made digital tools. So, if you are looking for relevant and popular hashtags for your campaign, you can try various online hashtag search tools.

These online tools and apps will allow you to input hashtags you are using and find relevant and popular hashtags pertinent to your campaign. Some popular hashtag tools include:

  • Rite tag app – also available as a Chrome extension
  • Hashtag Expert app
  • #HashMe – only available for Apple devices
  • All Hashtag Generator
  • Hashtagify

Using these popular tools might give you better results, but they will not show you the in-depth context you can gain from social media research.


The primary role of hashtags for an ad campaign is to work as a launching point. When conducting keyword research using hashtags, try to look for hashtags relevant to the specific topic or industry you want to target.

Hashtags can tell you a lot about your audience; Who are they? What do they care about, and how do they communicate and interact online? You can use this information to your benefit while creating your ad campaign.

Popular hashtags can open you up to new opportunities for your ad campaign strategy. Your ad campaign can have a better outreach if you use hashtags and relatable phrases while joining the recent or ongoing conversations happening online.

When you analyze people’s behavior by conducting keyword research using hashtags, you will better understand what people want and how you can best cater to their needs.

You can use this newfound knowledge to expand into new markets and provide people with the options they want.


Q.1 How do I find paid social media keyword ideas from top hashtags?

Firstly, start with what’s trending in your industry. After that, explore the content around the hashtags and get keyword ideas from hashtags.

Q.2 What is the difference between hashtags, tags, and keywords?

Hashtags, tags, and keywords are very different terms, and one should know the difference between them before doing social media marketing.
Let’s know the difference between them.
Both hashtags and keywords help users to search for specific content. However, these two are not the same. Let’s take a look at the definition:
Hashtag: A hashtag is a word that is used within a social media post. It helps in making your content more discoverable on social media platforms.
Tags: Tags allow social media users to engage an individual, business, or any entity with a social profile when they mention them in a post or comment.
Keywords: Keywords can be words or phrases used in your web content that helps people in finding your website via search engines.

Q.3 What is the best keyword research tool?

Some of the best keywords research tools include:
1. Ahrefs
2. Google Keyword Planner
3. SEMrush
4. Ubersuggest
5. AnswerThePublic

Q.4 How do you find the best hashtags for your Instagram post?

You can discover the best hashtags for your Instagram post by using a hashtag aggregator tool and choosing the right hashtags.
You can choose the right hashtags in the following ways:
1. Using social media tools
2. Using third-party tools
3. Finding a unique hashtag
4. Keep it short and simple
5. Make it relevant

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