What would be there if there was no Social Media? Social Media is not just merely a tool, it has become an emotion. There seems to be something missing in everything if we don’t put it on our Social Media platforms.

We are here to discuss something important about your Social Media Accounts. Just chill! That doesn’t mean that we are about to ask about your hidden fantasy on Social Media. But the Top 7 Ways to Grow Your Social Media are a matter of discussion here. 

So, let’s advance on the journey to the Top 7 Ways to Grow Your Social Media!

Choose The Appropriate Social Media Platform

Well! Every Social Media Platform doesn’t demand the presence of your Business. You need to discover which Social Media Platform entertains the audience you need. It would help you find out the Social Media Platform that suits your business. 
We have prepared a quick go-through for the top tokens among Social Media Platforms. So, here we go!


Facebook has reached door to door in every nook and corner of the world. So, it would not be suitable to put this name in between the list. Facebook deserves to be on the top as it has never failed to give top priority to its users. And we appreciate it.

You may come up with the fact that most businesses are not present there on Facebook. But, every person personally uses it. Anyway, you can use this Social Media Platform to Grow Your Social Media. 

We tell you, every kind of person is present there on Facebook. And it offers you an excellent opportunity to approach them through it.


Instagram has touched new heights since it’s associated with Facebook. It is under the countdown among the three Best Social Media platforms for entertaining traffic. A single step ahead of Facebook, most businesses have their presence on Instagram. So, you are well on the way with Instagram to Grow Your Social Media.

With the Social Media Business Account, you can easily tag your products for easy reach to customers.


You may hesitate to agree with me on whether YouTube is a Social Media platform or not. But we tell you it is on merits as YouTube is the second largest search engine. And we count it well after Google

We, with no surprise, state here that YouTube is the second most visited web well behind Google. With the will to inform you, YouTube content creators create 400 hours of video per minute. And you people generate over 1 billion hours of watch per day.

That all the above information is well to motivate us to use YouTube for Growing Your Social Media


Down to its roots in 2016, Twitter entertained only ups to the date. That is what is on record, but the reality is out of our scope. However, all credit goes to the brilliant tactics that it has played. First, it allowed only 140 characters to post. But now it has been updated to 280 characters.

Above than 12% of Americans use Twitter as their primary source of being updated on the latest news. Twitter functions in around 34 languages. To make Twitter more relevant, Twitter has introduced the facility to upload videos, live streaming, and Advertising.


Linkedin is a rooftop for Professionals in terms of social media platforms. And its business audience is growing day by day. More than 80% of marketers use Linkedin for Business purposes.

You can easily target your target audience here and be as specific as you wish. Let’s have a count on Linkedin’s latest features!

Linkedin has launched a Native Video Platform. It allows its users to record a video or upload a video to publish it on their news feed with just a single click.

As Facebook does, Linkedin has also launched the concept of Linkedin groups. It allows like-minded people to share their ideas.

Analyze your Social Media Platform

That is the one thing that you constantly need to do. It not only rings true for all Businesses but also Social Media.

You should notice the types of posts that are trendy. What new tips and tricks do others are opting for in their posts on different social media platforms? How do others manage to get a lot of engagement? How to target and catch the new audience.

So those are all the aspects for analyzing other best social media platforms. You need to have them in your mind to Grow Your Social Media.

Make Your Profile on Social Media Updated

So, now, we are all done with the relevant information regarding Social Media. It’s time to apply them in reality.

 Be Ready with the Latest Information

The latest information makes the audience know well about your latest venture. Almost every social media demands some relevant information from your side like summary data, profile picture, and profile photo.

Make sure all the data you enter is up to date and represents the personality of your business quite efficiently.

Just a profile doesn’t mean all done

An up-to-date profile is just a root step in the process of Growing Your Social Media. You need to share the daily news and updates regarding your business to keep your audience updated.

In fact, each of the employees in your company should have an updated profile. They should consistently share the news to make it viral among the audience. That will help to increase brand awareness.

Be consistent with your Brand

Here, consistency is not only about sharing your brand’s daily news and updates. But it also means every step you make on your social media has a must goal. And that should be related to your brand.

With a microscopic view, your bio, profile picture, and profile photo should be somewhere that must represent your connection to the brand.

 Share Awesome Content

Here, awesome content means sharing relevant content with your audience that they cannot overlook. Your content should compel the audience to take action in your favor.

Sharing awesome content creates a worthy relationship between you and your audience. And that also plays a significant role in Growing Your Social Media.

You can follow the 70-20-10 rule. 70% of the content should be original that you use on social media. 20% of the content you can share from others is relevant to your brand. And 10% of the content you can use to promote yourself.

 Connect with Influencers

Influencers have to play a great deal in order to Grow Your Social Media. They might be one to bring your social media account on cards. The statics to date well state this fact.

Influencers entertain a huge fanship. So you have an excellent opportunity to approach that audience through them. Believe me! Your efforts in this direction will be worth it.

Use Hashtags

Now, you have almost covered ways to create engaging and awesome content, which helps to Grow Your Social Media. But the question that is unanswered here is how to target a new audience directly.

The ultimate way is using hashtags Use the relevant hashtags. Twitter gave birth to Hashtags, but now all the major social media platforms are in their grip.

Utilize Paid Advertisements or Sponsored Posts

The minds behind social media platforms are quite smart. They want you to pay them to entertain a massive audience on their platform. But we tell you, it is all worth it. Most of the options available there for paid advertisements or sponsored posts are cost-effective.

Get Engaged with the Audience

However, You may feel it easy to have a massive audience on your Social Media. But to maintain it, you really need to put in the effort. You need to be engaged with your audience continuously.

Try to know about their tastes and modulate your social media posts accordingly. That would help you to Grow Your Social Media.

However, these are the top 7 ways to Grow Your Social Media. Here, we have explored some more ways for the same.

Host a Contest for Social Media

Caption Contests

When a brand simply shares an image and asks the audience to come up with a relevant short description about that. That is called a caption contest. And the one with the best caption is awarded. So caption contests are among one the best ways to Grow Your Social Media.

Fill in the blanks Contest

We know! You cannot be unfamiliar with this contest even if you occasionally scroll the news feed of your social media platform. This kind of post compels the audience to engage. But only in case you understand the taste of your audience.

Photo Contest

Photo Contest on Social Media Platforms is trending. And as the name suggests, it is all about photos and photography. Multiple people participate in this contest. And the one with the maximum number of votes wins. You can also use this way in order to Grow your Social Media.

Multiple Choice Contest

Multiple Choice Contest allows you to get a feel of the pulse of the interest of your audience. You may include any kind of emotion in these posts. And laughter is the most famous among them.

All in all, these social media contests can play a vital role in growing your social media in terms of number and attachment.

Share More Videos

Here, sharing more videos doesn’t mean repeating the same concept repeatedly. Every video should come up with a depth of experience and creativity. Only then does it make a difference?
That is why share versatile videos and grow your Social Media

What should be the shareable video length on Social Media?

The video length of Facebook falls between 1 second to 240 minutes. Twitter has a limit to videos of 30 seconds. And Instagram entertains a limit of 60 seconds for a video.

By default on Youtube, you can upload videos of up to 12 minutes. But if your video is of longer duration, you need to verify your account. After that, you can upload the videos for up to 12 hours but not more than 128GB in size.

Give People a Reason to Follow You

Your social media platform should convey the message that you are there at the service of the people. Why would they be there if people would not have a solid reason to be on your social media platform?

So, your motive should be to give them a solid reason to be on your social media platform. And you can’t make it happen in a single day. You will have to work on it continuously

Always Tag to related Things

When you Tag the things relevant to the post’s content, it is easy reach to the audience. And ultimately, it profits you. So why should we not do it? 

So, let’s get it done and Grow our Social Media by leaps and bounds.


So, how has your journey been through our blog? Here, with the hope that you are now all set with tips and tools to grow your social media, we wind up. However, if you feel there is something in this blog that we lack behind. Please feel free to drop it in the comment section. We would be happy to serve you with the best online content ever.


Q.1 What are the social trends for 2023?

We have a quick list given below that is bound to be in social trend for 2023-
1. TikTok will emerge as a big name there in the world of Social Media. 
2. Reaching more audiences will become the first goal of Business through Social Media.
3. Firms will emphasize Social Media hires.
4. Influencer marketing will become mature.
5. The demand for social selling will grow.

Q.2 What is the hottest social media platform right now?

Many names might be under countdown for being the hottest social media platforms. But one that steals the show is Facebook, with the highest number of 2.74 million active users among all social media platforms.

Q.3 What are the six types of Social Media?

The scope of Social Media is as broad as you can’t imagine. But here, we will talk about the six types of Social Media. So let’s get going!
1. Social Networks
2. Social News
3. Microblogging
4. Bookmarking Sites
5. Media Sharing
6. Community Blogs

Q.4 What is the fastest-growing social media platform in 2021?

The honor of the fastest-growing social media platform in 2021 goes to TikTok. And it’s all the result of popular and easy-to-go features that it entertains.

Q.5 What makes a good Social Media post?

You need to have the following things in your mind that target a good Social Media post.
1. Content is still the king. So, you need to pay more focus here on this part.
2. Create multiple visuals for your post.
3. Use Hashtags
4. Pack up emojis in your social media post, but not a lot
5. Share your social media posts at the best times for each social media platform.
So that all make your post good to go with your social media platforms. These tactics also play a vital role in growing your Social Media.

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