Online marketing has grown immensely in the last few years, and so has email marketing. A large number of companies are using e-mail marketing to promote their business and increase sales. Various marketing techniques have come and gone, but email marketing has continued to be the best among them.

Email helps you to communicate directly with the users and build a connection with them. The right email marketing strategy will help you to get the best results.
To know the right email marketing strategy continue reading this 7 mins blog and find out what you can do to improve your marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most productive and cost-effective method to grow a business. It is the act of sending promotional content to the users in bulk to improve the business.

Businesses can update their contact list of clients about new products, sales, and other information by using email marketing, a direct marketing method. The majority of organizations’ total inbound strategy depends on it because of its strong ROI.
Types of emails marketing

There are various types of email marketing. Some of them are described below

Promotional emails

Promotional email marketing is usually used to promote goods and services among users by asking them to perform an action. Such emails help to increase sales and improve brand awareness. You should use the right email marketing template to keep the users engaged with your email. An engaging mail can result in profits.

The call to action you prepare should have a specific action you want your users to perform. Your promotion content describes your business capability and what type of products and services you offer.

Seasonal Email Campaign

Seasonal changes are the best time to send email marketing. You should create emails according to changes in season. For Instance, you can give offers and discounts to the users on Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion to boost sales. There may be a buildup prior to the event and a follow-up following it with these types of email marketing campaigns, giving you more opportunities to send an email.

To promote the products according to the season, you must know the holiday or festive day to pre-plan the email. This will help you to prepare the email list in advance for the audience you want to target. The email you prepare should reach the audience before all your competitors, taking advantage prior to your rivals.

Informational Emails

You can also create newsletters when you are launching any new product on the market. This will help you to promote your newly launched item directly to the public and maintain touch with the users by sending regular emails at regular intervals time.

Emails are the best way to educate the audience about any new offer, product, or changes in any product. The users may ignore other forms of marketing, but email is the least ignored form of advertising.

Cart abandon Email

Cart abandon is the best email marketing campaign that targets only those users who empty their carts and do not place an order. The emails can consist of encouraging lines and offers to cheer the users to make purchases.

For Instance, you can create an email stating, “Hey, finish your purchase with an extra 20% discount for the next 24 hours on your order”. Such emails have a very high potential to increase conversion rates.

Re-engagement Emails

Re-engaging emails helps you to retarget those users who have not made any purchases from your business for a long duration of time.

You can re-engage your audience by sending emails showing interest in your audience’s opinions and reviews. You can use email to the users asking for their reviews about your products and services. This will encourage them to repurchase from you.
If you are not able to create the most productive emails by yourself, then you can take the help of email marketing platforms, also known as ESP(Email Service Provider). Email marketing websites would assist the companies in using the best Email marketing tools and take various advantages of email marketing. You can start your email campaign with an email list, ESP, a complete set of goals, etc., to fulfill your business criteria.

Important of Email Marketing

It would help you to cope with the email marketing trend when you are aware of its importance. Approximately 80% of internet users use email as a mode of communication, and more than 70% of them check their mail at least once a day.

Below are some of the important factors of using email marketing:

  • Almost all internet users use email; hence it is essential to use email as a marketing tactic.
  • A large number of mobile users who instantly check emails make it essential to use email marketing advertising.
  • It helps to create direct communication with the users making it reach the customers much faster than other modes of advertising.
  • Email assists you in creating personalized messages for target users to generate more sales.
  • You can build brand awareness and trust among the users by creating an email that includes a customer review.
  • With emails, you can collect reviews for what you are doing right and what not.

How to Do Email Marketing

To do email marketing, you first need to have the best email service provider for sending the email with the most effective practices. If you do not choose the right ESP, your emails can run into the spam section of the email platform, and instead of benefiting, you can get into problems. Therefore, you must choose the right platform. The next heading will help you to choose the correct ESP for your email campaign.

After choosing the ESP, you can follow the below steps to do email marketing:

Understand The Goal Of Your Email Campaign

Know the goal for which you want to send the email. If you are sending an email that does not have any specific goal, then you are not going to get anywhere.

Know Your Target Audience

Understand and know your audience about what they prefer to buy and target them accordingly. You can also target the audience according to their geographical location, taste, preferences, age, gender, online activities, etc.

Choose The Right Email Campaign Type

It is important that you choose the right email campaign. For instance, you are repeatedly sending welcome emails to your old customers, which can be annoying for them to read them again and again. Some of the email campaigns you can choose after segmenting your email list are the welcome email, cart abandons campaign, re-engagement emails, holiday email, etc.

Send The Email at The Most Appropriable Time During The Day

You should know the most capable time when the users may open your email. In case you send the email at night, your email can be buried under the other email in their inbox that they received in the morning. Sending too many emails can also lead users to unsubscribe from your email list. The evening and afternoon can be the best time to send email marketing.

How To Choose An Email Service Provider?

Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are the best free email marketing software or free email marketing platforms that you can choose as your email service provider. These are free but are not bulk senders for emails, so if you send emails in bulk, they may get into spam, and your account may be suspended for suspicious activity.

Some points that you must keep in mind before choosing ESP are given below:

  • Choose the platform according to your budget.
  • What type of email you want to send and what email marketing template you want depends on the ESP.
  • If you are a complete beginner, you need to choose a full-fledged ESP that helps you completely to start the campaign. From creating the email to sending it to the users.
  • The list segment offered by the ESP is essential to differentiate the users for the email you want to send.

You can use these points as your email marketing ideas to attain your business goals by choosing the right ESP.

How To Get Email Lists For Marketing?

To get an email list, you can ask the audience to Opt-in by signing in on whichever platform they enter, such as the website, blog, social media, landing page, etc.

If the users enter their email addresses, it means that they are interested in getting the email from the company. As a business, you can also start a survey, quizzes, or poll to get an email address and other information about your business from the users. If users take part in your surveys and polls, it shows that they are interested in the product and services you offer.

Permission-based marketing has the capability of being your best customer for years, so do not let them down and send the right email at the right time to avoid them unsubscribing from your email list.

How To Write a Marketing Email?

To write a marketing email, you can follow these steps

Use actionable language

Use words that help users to understand what you actually want them to do. For example, It’s your last chance to buy the product. Hurry up.

Personalize when possible

Send the email according to the user’s needs and requirements. Segment them into different groups and send a personalized email rather than sending the same email to everyone.

Align your subject line copy and email copy

Your subject line and email should have the same criteria. Do not make a mistake by asking the users to buy in the subject line and asking for a review in the email copy.

Establish relevancy

Make relevant offers that are possible for you to deliver to your audience.

Write in the second person

You should use second-person words like you, your, and yours. To make it easier for the users to relate.

Talk about benefits

If you are offering any products and services, you must add the benefits of using your product in the message to tell the users why they should use your product.

Provide a short message

You should deliver messages to the users that are short and crisp. Readers do not like too lengthy emails and may not perform any action.

Use actionable language in your Call To Action. Use words or lines that ask the users to perform some action, such as buy now, hurry up, grab your free gift, pick your favorite product, etc.

Email Marketing Strategies

Some of the email marketing strategies are:

  • Keep your subject line short.
  • Select the right time to send an email.
  • Send mobile and desktop-friendly emails.
  • Segment your subscriber.
  • Re-engaging with inactive customers.

Free email marketing tools

Some of the email marketing tools are:

HubSpot email marketing tool

HubSpot is the best email marketing service provider that supports all types of small and big businesses. You can start all types of email campaigns, such as email after purchase, welcome purchase, or any other email campaign, according to the target users. It provides you with a feature of an easy drag-and-drop visual editor and also assists you with a free email marketing template.


This excellent platform helps as an email marketing tool, landing page creation, and customer relationship management. It has more than 60 email marketing templates that make beautiful and engaging emails. After designing your email you can conduct A/B testing to know whether your email campaign is working properly or not.


This is one of the best free email marketing platforms that helps you automatically send the email to the users at the time you want. You can use its comprehensive audience insights to send the most productive email messages to the users. To deliver the best email you can add catalogs, discount coupons, and gift boxes to get the best result.


Mailchimp is a B2B email marketing tool that helps businesses send emails to other businesses conveniently. You get various features such as email creation, scheduling the email, using attractive templates, audience insight, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing are:

Benefits of email marketing

Conversions (selling your products and services)

Email marketing is an easy way to increase conversion rates as you directly send messages to the users encouraging them to complete an action. Emails are the best source for selling your products and services.

Brand awareness

Since email marketing consists of direct messaging to an audience in a large mass, it helps in brand awareness and recognition among the audience. When you are in the inbox of the user’s email, they keep you in mind and may return to your website to have a look at your business.

Customer loyalty

Email is sent regularly to the users to develop a community by maintaining communication with the users. It is one of the best ways to generate trust among users.

Create personalized content

You can create an email on the basis of the user’s geographical and psychological data to deliver the best message to influence the users to build a connection with the company.

Disadvantages of email marketing

You require an email list

If you do not have an email list, it will not be possible for you to deliver the emails to the users.

Tough competition

Since already all companies are using the email method for advertising, your competitor may also send emails to users to generate sales. It can become difficult for you to stand out in the user’s inbox.

Complex rules and regulations to follow

Many rules and regulations make it difficult for advertisers to use email marketing. The emails can sometimes be transferred to spam even if the users have subscribed to the channel.


Q.1 What is Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a set of rules which advertisers use to do electronic mail to advertise any goods or services. Email marketing gives a communication platform to businesses to encourage users to perform some action.

Q.2 How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy?

To create an email strategy, you need to follow these steps:
1. Identify your goal
2. Choose your target audience
3. Choose an email marketing template
4. Create an email list
5. Send the email at the right time
6. Use email marketing analytics to measure the performance

Q.3 How To Improve Email Marketing Strategy?

To improve your email marketing strategy, you can analyze the previous email that you have sent in the past, note the things that you feel were not appropriate, make changes, and do A/B testing to know which email is more converting.

Q.4 How To Plan An Email Marketing Strategy?

To plan an email marketing strategy, follow the below steps:
1. Know your goal to reach with email marketing
2. Select your target audience
3. Create an email listing
4. Build email according to the email marketing trend
5. You can also take the help of email marketing tools
6. Analyze the performance of your email

Q.5 What Are The 4 Types Of Email Marketing?

Four types of email marketing are
1. Promotional email
2. Re-engagement email
3. Cart abandon email
4. Informative email

Q.6 How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

The price of email marketing can vary significantly based on the size of your email list, how many emails you send, how much help you require, and the technical requirements you have.