If you already have a lot of traffic on your website, it can be easy for you to drive conversion for your business. Make sure you use the right steps and platforms to do so. We have summed up all the steps in this blog to help you convert your traffic into your customers.

What is Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is any kind of advertising that you will have to pay for; the payment you make will go to the advertising platform.

The advertising platform will place your ads in a certain space on their website or on the publisher’s website.

The payment you will have to make depends on ad space and the bidding process among the advertisers and the advertising network.

Paid Advertising Also Consists Of Different Types: >

Banner Ads:

Banner ads are rectangular ads that can be placed anywhere on a website. These ads may include pictures and text on them.

Native Ads:

These ads are those that match the look, feel, and function of the platforms where they appear. These ads look more like articles rather than ads. They mostly appear on social media infeed.

Social Media Ads:

Social media ads are popularly known as sponsored content. These ads can be displayed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Social media platforms have a high engagement of users making these ads more popular.

Google Ads:

Google ads are those that help you display your products and services in the search engine. These ads have high engagement and help to increase sales.

Benefits of Paid Advertising

Paid advertisements have a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

It Boosts Content Visibility:

With marketplaces becoming increasingly competitive, customers are seeking new ways to influence their purchasing decisions. As a result, businesses promote articles, photos, infographics, videos, and other content to demonstrate their competitive edge. And with social media marketing, that material becomes significantly more prominent and attractive for consumers to engage with. As a result of this, your brand gains more followers. As a result, you’ll gain more potential shares and visibility outside of your target demographics and geographic location.

Paid Ads Have a Higher Chance Of Creating Credibility:

Paid ads help you to establish credibility for what your business stands for. You can choose influencers, promoters, or ambassadors to advertise your brand or products. Over the last few years, social media influencers have garnered a lot of clout in the digital realm. With the ever-increasing number of users, having a huge number of followers on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms instills trust. People who follow influencers trust their advice, which is why influencer marketing has become so popular in recent years.

Growth of High-Quality Traffic:

These ads bring high-quality traffic to your websites since they are displayed with the help of ad networks on other traffic websites.

Boost Conversion Rate:

It’s a simple matter of explaining your argument once you’ve secured high-quality traffic. You must demonstrate to your audience why your company is the best option for them. And instead of asking if they’re interested in what you’re offering, you can concentrate on converting them. As a result, because you have a bigger percentage of consumers interested in the type of product/service you’re selling, your conversion rate has the potential to increase.

These benefits of paid ads would help you realize why you should use paid ads. Below are some steps to drive more conversion using traffic.

Use And Understanding Of Long Tail Keywords

Longtail keywords are keywords that use several words to create one keyword. For example, instead of searching for “restaurant,” you should use keywords like “restaurant near me”. Such long keywords are usually searched by the user and are more likely to bring your result to the search engine if you use them in your content.

If it is difficult to find the right keywords for your ads, you may also use keyword tools like Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Semrush, Ahref, etc.

When choosing the keywords, you need to select those keywords that have more traffic and are similar to those that your customers might use to find you.

Only those users search using long-tail keywords which are ready to buy the goods and services. So, make sure you use such keywords that will help to increase conversion and target, capable users.

Understanding of Different Types of Paid Advertising Platforms

We have already given you some idea of paid ads and their types above. We will discuss various ads and the benefits of using these platforms in detail.

Display Ads or Banner Ads: Display ads and banner ads are a good source of driving conversion as they are eye-catchy. They come in various sizes and are usually used on social media and search engines to target audiences to take certain actions.

Most advertisers use display ads on a Pay Per Click basis, and some are displayed based on time. Display ads are merged with text content, video, and image advertisements that motivate the users to click on them.

Google Ads: Mostly, all businesses use Google ads to display their products and services. They offer display and text ads and other ads format to place them on search results, websites, etc. Their work is best when used on a long-term basis.

Google is a wonderful platform since it is constantly used by people. Businesses have higher chances of getting conversions due to good-quality ads on Google.

Bing or Yahoo: Microsoft owns the three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. When an advertiser markets its goods and services on any one platform, it would automatically displays the ads on the rest of the two platforms. Bing and Yahoo ads work the same as Google. Like Google, it also combines display and text ads and offers keyword research tools.

Social Media Ads: Social Media platforms and their ads have gained a lot of popularity in just a few years. These social platforms have billions of users, making it profitable to display ads on them. Ads on these platforms combine images, text, videos, and graphics to attract users. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms, whichever suits your business and customer requirement.

Tracking Your Paid Ad Results

Only displaying the ads on various platforms and media is not enough. You must track your paid ads and their results from time to time and make regular changes to them. You can make it easy for yourself to track the performance of your ads with the help of tools. The tools can be Google Analytics, Adroll, stack adapt, Clever Ads, etc.

These tools help you fully control your ads, check regular issues, and track their performance with them.

Create a Landing Page

It is essential to create a landing page and provide a good experience to the users. The landing page should not be the home page; rather, there should be a separate page that provides information to the users about the goods and services.

Such separate dedicated pages encourage users to perform some actions such as purchasing an e-book, claiming a free product in exchange for a survey, etc. Landing pages help businesses to track users’ visits.

Create a Call to Action: Every time a user visits your landing page, give them a reason why they should act on your page. A good landing page will narrate to the users what it wants them to do. Every part of your page should be engaging and put in all the effort to encourage the users to do what the business wants them to do, which can be sales or taking part in a survey.

A landing page should contain words like “call now” “buy now” “find out more” etc. Such words can motivate the users to act.

Use A/B Testing: A/B testing refers to experimenting among two to three versions of techniques at equal intervals of time and selecting or finalizing the one which is the most profitable for the ad campaign.

A/B testing helps you get the best plan that would bring more profitable results for your campaign. This way, you get the winner to plan your campaign when test better two or multiple plans.

The Reason Why You Should Use A/B Testing Are:

  • Get better ROI from existing traffic.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Make low-risk modifications.
  • Achieve statistically significant improvements.

Review Your Paid Advertisement Ad Results Regularly

Don’t look at your outcomes every day, no matter what you do. This strategy can result in rash decisions based on inadequate information. It is preferable to wait so that your analytics may gather precise trends and data. Then decide on a time frame for reviewing and making improvements to your statistics. It might be once a month, once a week, or once a month. Checking once a month is a solid strategy for detecting large adjustments.

Consider using spreadsheets to keep track of your data. When you go into your analytics to get the numbers for your spreadsheet, it’s easier to spot trends and understand what you’re seeing.


Paid ads are a wonderful source to boost one’s business, but it would definitely take some time. To effectively use paid ads, you need to do some research and collect information about your audience and the platform where you want to advertise. You also need to choose the most appropriate ad format to accelerate your ad campaign.

To take complete benefit from paid ads, you need to set a small budget for your ad campaign at the initial stages.


Q.1 Is Paid Advertising Worth It?

Paid advertising is a good option when you have a set budget and goals. You can get huge conversions and traffic when using paid advertising methods.

Q.2 How Much Do Facebook Paid Advertising Ads Cost Monthly?

The ads on Facebook depend on the industry, the keyword you choose, and the bidding system.

Q.3 How Effective Are Paid Advertisements?

Paid ads are an effective source to increase your website traffic, generate leads, and reach more audiences.

Q.4 Which Social Media Platforms Pay For Advertising?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the social media platforms that offer payment for the advertisement.

Q.5 Who Pays The Most For Advertising?

Large-scale business usually pays more for advertising since they have huge budgets and are willing to pay higher to attract more customers. Some of the high-paying advertisers are Amazon, Samsung Electronics, Ford Motor Company, etc.

Q.6 What Paid Advertising Mean?

Paid advertising is an internet advertising technique in which advertisers bid in real-time auctions to have their adverts shown in certain slots on a platform or network. You can see both text and display ads in paid advertisements.