Often, creating and running an online ad campaign can be a difficult task. You may have the best-in-class products in the market, or you may be selling them at a cheaper rate than your competitors. But is it enough? 

Are you getting the types of sales conversions that you should be getting with this type of quality or price? In a nutshell, irrespective of the quality or price of your products, you cannot get sales conversion unless you are able to communicate the same to prospective customers. For doing so, it is crucial that you design and frame your banner ads to the best possible ROI and CTR. We have put together some crucial tips that can do wonders for your online banner ads.

Determination of Goal Related to Banner Ads

It is essential to know the purpose of your ad campaigns before you even get started with them. This question needs to be answered before initiating your banner ads or text ads. Increasing sales, awareness, building a brand image, etc. 

Personalization of Banner Ads

The message contained in the banner ad should be targeted towards the stage of the buying cycle the customer of a product or service is in. Let’s take, for example, a customer who does not know your website, your simple design, and message will be inadequate.

On the other hand, the customers on your site need a bit more temptation. Usually, whitepaper and media kits are offered by lead-based campaigns. 

For product-based campaigns, usually, a discount or free shipping is offered as a limited-time offer to get better sales conversions.

Keep it catchy and relevant

Web surfers come across various types of ads on a daily basis. The Internet is crowded with various kinds of advertisements that keep on popping up now and then. Thereby it becomes essential for your ad to be catchy, relevant, and straightforward to attract the right and maximum traffic

A Relevant Landing Page

It is important that your landing page agrees with your banner ad. It means that the same offer, which is displayed on your ad, must be present on your landing page. No one likes bait. Though you may think that it is a good way to tempt your customers to your landing, it will irritate the customers. It is often seen that bounce rates are very high when such practices are followed. 

Refer to Your Data

While the CTR and the number of clicks may be important to you. The main indices of your ad campaign performance are your actual sales conversations and the ROI of your ad campaigns


Sometimes, even after strictly following the above points, you may still not get the desired results from your ad campaigns. Then what should be done?

In such a situation, it is always better to try and test other variants of the same ad. Maybe a change in color or design is the answer to this problem.

We hope this will assist you in getting better sales conversions. To know more about us.