What about an ideal blog length? Why does it vary from niche to niche? How about its role in SEO optimization? Yes! Multiple questions are there, ready to come to your mind when you sit down to write your blog.

No worries at all! We are here to provide you with quick outlook preferences for your blog with some tips and tricks that will help you take over the minds of your targeted audience. Your blogs would become a potential reason for the regular visit of readers to your platform.

Pay attention! It’s not the only word count that makes your blog one to the top list, but nothing compares to the combined package of long word count and quality content.

You can produce a million-word article but all for nothing, if it is not a good competitor in the race of You, can produce a million-word article but all for nothing if it is not a good competitor in the race of good content. Nevertheless, this fact is also well on the way that the long form of content is always the king as it has more possibilities to get easily ranked on Google.

Let’s get going!

Content-Length Variation Niche To Niche

This heading will help you connect the word count preferences of the best blog niches. But really, how does it matter? This question might also heal your mind with the potential to press your brain muscles, but we tell you it matters, and statistics make it more obvious.

Content-Length For Manufacturing Blog

The longer the content, the more it has the opportunity to get ranked on Google and better for lead The longer the content, the more it has the opportunity to get ranked on Google and better for lead generation. That is also implemented in the case of Manufacturing. The ideal word counts for a Manufacturing blog rounds between 1,700 to 1,900 words. You should use H2 and H3 headers in such blogs to hit it hard. 
Again summing up that the length of the blog certainly matters, but quality content matters more. So take a note and put it into your mind. If your content is not worth giving attention to, it doesn’t matter whether there are 2500 words or 25 words in your article.

Content-Length For Tech Blog

There is an excellent blogging opportunity in technology because it keeps on changing. So if you are flexible enough to adapt yourself as per day to day changing world, you are the most suitable person to go for it as a blogger. 

However, a Tech Blog is a short commentary about a particular product, technology, or event. You need to sum up the article with the best content in short word counts; the ideal blog length rounds between 800 to 1000 words.

Content-Length For Gadgets Blog

The blog length considering the best Search Engine Optimisation performance for articles related to Gadget rounds around 300 to 500 words. The lower word count for this niche might be one of the reasons for your thought process, but please think if you need to write a 2000-word article just to cover background, key features, pricing, and images. Most Probably, No! 

In case you want to cover the topic to some level of depth and give a clear understanding to them of your Gadget, 500 words with relevant images are going to be more than enough.

Marketing / Advertising

If you find yourself inclined to write blogs with a great word count, we tell you that this industry is going to take you to your dreamland. Bloggers with name and fame generally opt for even more than 2,500 words per article in such blogs as this industry demands a deep and thorough go-through to write it.

Content-Length For Healthcare Blog

Do you count yourself among one of the bloggers related to the niche of healthcare? Yes! In that case, you will indeed be facing the music as the bloggers fixed with this domain are professional and try hard to meet the expectations of this highly demanding industry. As a result, the script of the blog also demands 2,000 to 2,150 words to become one of its competitors. 

Nevertheless, the Healthcare industry also makes itself at the top of the list to generate revenue, making it easily approachable for bloggers.


The word count for blogs in the Fashion niche falls a little bit, and It rounds around 800-950 words. Studies have suggested that a blog containing 669 words is even good to go and will own the stage. Plenty of pictures make the Fashion blog bang for the buck.

Fashion blogs are trending nowadays, and if your passion is to catch fashion. Please count us in your readership as well, and don’t hesitate to drop the link of your blog in the comment section.


Now, we will introduce you to another massive industry that never fails to grab multiple trillions in the U.S. per year, making it a big cover story. It proves that the bloggers are engaged in writing blogs related to this domain.

As a result, several blogs have come into the limelight across us while scrolling the posts on websites or other social media platforms.

So taking the turn and coming on our head point, the word count of the Food niche should be around 1,400 to 1,900.


The Film Industry is ever-growing, and it is famous for opportunities among bloggers. If you are counting yourself in, you are in tough competition and you need to produce content that can entertain a considerable readership. So to stand out, your post needs to be somewhere around 1,500 to 1,700 words with outstanding content quality.

All You Need To Know About The Content-Length

All in all, there’s nothing to tell you something like the fact that X number of word counts would be sufficient to win the heart of readers and would make your blog trending but Yup! If you make up your article keeping the points mentioned above in your mind, the possibility to rank your article on Google is greater. To have a practical understanding of content length for a blog, you can visit the blogs at 7searchppc.com.

Needless to mention here once again, your word count only plays a role if all other requirements for a big article are fulfilled. If your article does that and then with long-form content, you are all set to put the stage on fire.


Q.1 What is the optimal content length in a blog?

Although the optimal length may vary as per your niche and targeted audience, in most cases, the ideal word count is considered to be 1,500 to 2,000. Longer pieces of blogs are profitable in the long run.

Q.2 What should be the length of content on a general basis?

According to Forbes, usually, content should have at least 300 words to meet SEO best practices. Content with this many words entertains a greater chance of including the right SEO keywords with the proper density and frequency, making it easier for a search engine crawler to classify and index the content properly.

Q.3 What is the average blog length to get a complete understanding for the reader?

The average blog length may vary from niche to niche, but on average, a blog length should round around 1,500 to 2,000 to be competent in the long run. However, you also need to have a common understanding of the background of the domain with which your blog is associated.

Q.4 Is content length important in the view of bloggers?

As per the researcher’s suggestion, long-form content has a greater probability of earning quality backlinks, significantly improving search rankings. So, A great Yes! Content length is important and plays an important role only if your content fulfills all other criteria. All in all, you need to keep in mind content length with all other demands.

Q.5 How do I write good content for my blog?

Today, Blogs are one of the most popular and widely used content formats. You need to follow the below steps for writing good content in your blog.
1. Know your audience
2. Think about the niche on which you wish to write
3. Organize your blogs to increase readability
4. Write evergreen content
5. Modulate the language as per your audience

Q.6 What makes a good blog post?

You need to mind the following things in order to come up with a good blog post, and these are-.
 1. Decide the niche for your blog.
2. Come up with a suitable and catchy title for your blog.
3. The first paragraph should be written in such a way that it binds the reader for the complete reading of the blog.
4. The idea you want to prove with your blog should have supportive facts.
5. Edit and Revise.
6. Proofread
7. Publish

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