It might not be easy to clean up content because you want to improve its quality without impacting your search engine rankings. As we know, content is the backbone of any site and is critical for driving views, conversions, and engagement. The success of a website might be hampered by irrelevant, outdated, or poorly performing content, though not all content is made equally.

Even though content cleanups might seem tedious, they are crucial for maintaining viewers' and search engine interest.

Audit Your Content

The first stage in content cleanup is to carry out an audit of your website's content. It involves analyzing your website's content and assessing its relevance, quality, and performance. Various metrics such as bounce rate, traffic, and engagement play a major role in identifying which page is performing well and which is not. 

Prioritize the pages based on their importance to your site once you have determined which ones are not working well. Pages that are not driving conversions or traffic might require to be prioritized over pages that aren't working well.

Differentiate Between Time-sensitive And Evergreen Content 

It is essential to consider whether a site's page is time-sensitive or evergreen. Time-sensitive content is information that has a short shelf life. It contains information such as updates, news, announcements, trends, and events that have an end date. Time-sensitive information needs to be viewed right away and has a short lifespan.

Once the information is no longer relevant or the event has passed, the content becomes outdated. You can mislead your viewers if you don't remove time-sensitive content on time. On the other side, evergreen content is information that remains useful and relevant for a long duration, often even years after it was created.

Evergreen content is generally informative, knowledgeable, and instructional. It may cover topics that are not likely to change over time, including tutorials, guides, tips, and how-to articles. Evergreen content offers long-term worth and aids in attracting and keeping audiences for a considerable period.

For pages that are still useful but not working well, you might be able to update them with new content and details to improve their performance. For pages that are no more relevant or outdated, it may be beneficial to remove them altogether. While removing content from the site, implement 301 redirects to relevant pages. It helps to ensure that any backlinks pointing to the previous page are not lost.

Evergreen Content And Time-sensitive Content, Which One Is Better?

Due to the value of extended-period evergreen content is considered the best content for a website. Evergreen content needs less effort to maintain and update than time-sensitive content because it is not dependent on a specific period or event. It may save resources and time for content writers and site owners.

On the other side, time-sensitive content plays a vital role in maintaining audiences and readers about the latest news, updates, and events. This content is crucial for social media, news organizations, and other platforms that concentrate on breaking news or current events.

Time-sensitive content might be a powerful tool for businesses to elicit an urgent response from their audience. For instance, a limited-time deal or sale might be an effective way to generate revenue and drive sales. Both contents are better in their way as they are helpful for different purposes. 

Check Your Stuff

Checking your search engine rankings after cleaning up your content is crucial. It ensures that your changes don't affect your SEO negatively. The content optimization process may impact conversions, navigation, traffic, and other items that affect your overall SEO efforts. Keep a careful eye on Google Analytics.

You might require to reconsider some adjustments if traffic declines. While analyzing your stuff, ensure that your changes don't impact your website's SERP rankings. It might take some time for your rankings to become stable after a content cleanup. So, it's essential to be patient and analyze your website's performance over time.

Consider using Google Search Console to find pages with strong impressions but low click-through rates to optimize your content cleanup further. These pages can benefit from content optimization or updates to improve rankings or performance. Furthermore, combining pages that address related subjects into a single comprehensive page may enhance user experience and prevent keyword cannibalization.

To Sum Up

Cleaning up your website's content can help to improve the website's performance and enhance user experience and brand reputation. It's essential to update and review your site content regularly. If you remove or update irrelevant or outdated content on your site, your visitors may navigate your site easily. They can quickly get the information they require.

Hope! Now you can clean up your site's content without affecting rankings.


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