Beware! of these Bad Guys- Negative Keywords!!

Beware! of these Bad Guys- Negative Keywords!! 1


A negative keyword can have significant adverse effects on your online advertising campaigns. Before we begin our discussion, it is essential to know what actually are Negative Keywords? 


So first, let us define a Keyword. A Keyword is a text or a phrase that makes your advertisement appear when a user is searching for those particular results. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to include the words that are being searched more than the other words by users seeking a specific type of result. The keyword, decide which result will be displayed to a user when he types a particular phrase or asks a particular question. They are the ones who determine the ranking of any search particular result when something is being searched on any search engine. 


Now that you know what are keywords. Let us now throw some light on Negative Keywords. 

Negative Keywords are the Keywords that are having an adverse impact on your advertising campaign(s) by making it appear in searches where it is not supposed to be. In simple words, it makes your ad that belongs to A type of product appear in the search results when a customer is searches B or any other(except A) type of product via a search engine. 


So how does it impact your advertising campaigns? Though negative keywords may increase your impressions or CTR by attracting reduced quality traffic, at the same time, they will reduce your campaign budgets considerably. Irrespective of the type of advertising model that you are using, you will end up paying far much higher amounts of money for your sales conversions. 


For instance, let us take Pay Per Click advertising. Suppose you have a website that is selling smartphones back covers only. But since it is likely to contain keywords like smartphones, therefore, it will make your ad appear to a user who wants to sell/replace his old smartphone. Since your ad is likely to appear in the ranking, it will attract visitors to your website. This, on the other contrary, will lead to a very high bounce rate owing to the fact that the visitors do not get the desired results from your website. But, at the same time, it is still increasing your ad clicks and thereby reduces your budget. 


In a nutshell, Negative Keywords make you pay for the searches that are completely irrelevant for you. It will significantly reduce your Return On Investment on your advertising campaigns. So ideally, when should a business person start preparing a Negative Keywords list? Keep a check on these Negative Keywords from the point in time you start your advertising campaign. You shall begin to make one right. A negative keywords list is to be reviewed frequently, and the same shall be removed from your websites or pages at earliest. 

There are many Online free Keyword tools that are there to assist you with the Negative Keywords Minning.  Übersuggest,, SEMRush, are some famous names amongst them. 

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