Cost Per Click (CPC) is the payment made by an advertiser to the publisher on the no of clicks made by the visitors on the advertiser’s advertisement. CPC is also known as Pay Per Click(PPC). The formula for CPC is the cost of advertising divided by the number of clicks. CPC ad network works best for many products selling businesses and movie-downloading sites. The cost per click may cost different for different publishers’ websites. CPC generates leads for advertisers and generates significant revenue for publishers.

The CPC ad network is the best for websites with good traffic volume to earn money by displaying advertisers’ ads. A large number of small and big publishers use the CPC ad networks.

Let us now discuss the best high CPC ad network 2023 briefly-: is the leading contextual ad network with millions of users and high-quality content and traffic. It pays through Payoneer or wire transfer and no longer uses PayPal as a payment mode. Many publishers prefer using this ad network as an alternative to Google Adsense.

7Search PPC

7Search PPC is the most popular PPC or top CPC ad network, provider. It provides a common platform for advertisers and publishers to provide advertisements and help publishers to earn revenue. 7Search PPC provides advertisers with high-quality traffic and publishers to monetize their websites. They also offer an Adsense alternative for small websites.


AdPushup is one of the best CPC ad networks which can help increase website revenue. It uses the best revenue optimization features which are A/B testing, visual ad manager, header bidding, AMP monetization, and performance benchmarking. It Improves ad visibility and uses a better ad layout to increase engagement and CTR for publishers.


It is the best Video ad network for advertisers and publishers. It is the highest-paying CPC ad network with high-quality content and the utmost brand safety. The payment modes used are PayPal, Bank transfer with no minimum payment for PayPal. Publishers enjoy the best monetization solution and dedicated video content with recent technologies giving them the freedom to grow their revenue. It connects a large number of advertisers with publishers.


Bidvertiser is the leading and longest-running CPC advertising network and works on the advertising model, including CPC, CPM, and CPA. It is paid monthly with a minimum payout of $10 to its users. It does not accept sites that display adult content or are involved with pirating and hacking.

Google AdSense

Instead of increasing the competition level in the digital marketing sector, Google Adsense is still the leading best CPC ad network. Google Adsense uses a variety of payment modes, including checks, electronic fund transfers, rapid, wire transfers, etc., for monthly transfers of payments. It attracts a large number of websites worldwide and is an easy-to-use ad platform that attracts many bloggers.

It is a leading self-serve push notification ad network with high traffic and an easy-to-use setup. Push. the house has an extensive network volume with the US, UK, India, BR, UA, and many more. The Wide variety of payment modes used is Visa, Payeer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Webmoney, PM, advcash, etc. It uses a push notification method and offers high revenue with a minimum payout of $50 and a referral commission of 3%

How Does CPC Work?

CPC works based on the number of clicks made by the viewers on an advertisement, and the publisher charges the advertisers only when there is a click on the ad. The final CPC charged is known as the actual CPC. The click costs are different for different websites. CPC works better than other ad networks as it drives more traffic to the websites. Advertisers select the audience that is more interested in the advertised product.

How To Choose A CPC Ad Network?

Before choosing a CPC ad network, it is important to analyze the concept of CPC and how they pay for a CPC ad network, and the payment mode that the ad network is supporting. Advertisers should choose publications that best suit their customer profile and display ads in them. The ad network you choose should help you manage your ad layouts, fill the most ad space, and generate the best ad revenue possible.

Benefits Of CPC Ad Network For Advertisers

There are enormous benefits for advertisers

  • Advertisers prepare banners, and CPC is the best indicator of their quality.
  • Advertisers can block a few websites to display their ads, keeping in mind the targeted audience.
  • Beneficial for advertisers who have a fixed budget for the advertisement campaign.
  • CPC is a more highly valued and more reliable model.

Benefits Of CPC Ad Network For Publishers

Below are a few points discussed by publishers

  • Publishers can block a few advertisers who do not suit the type of ads they display.
  • CPC delivers quick results.
  • CPC has become very popular for high-traffic websites to earn large revenue.
  • Publishers can use more than two ad networks rather than depending on a single ad network that creates multiple earning sources.


Q.1 Why is an ad network needed?

You need Ad networks to work as an intermediate between publishers and advertisers. It helps businesses or advertisers to meet the right publishers to display their ads. The ad network helps publishers earn revenue, and advertisers generate leads for their businesses.

Q.2 Do publishers work with ad networks?

Yes, publishers work with an ad network to connect with the right advertiser to display their ad on their website and earn revenue. Publishers work with ad networks that help them generate passive income. They can work with more than two ad networks to create multiple earning sources.

Q.3 Highest paying ad network for publishers?

There are several highest-paying ad networks for publishers.
Some of them are named below-:
Propeller Ads

Q.4 Best CPC ad network for bloggers?

Display ads generate passive income for bloggers.
Here are a few best ad networks for bloggers-:
Propeller Ads
Revenue Hits

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