Advertisers can advertise their goods and services through the best ad network present over the internet. Fortunately, there are many ad networks that can help you get publicity for your brand.

What is An Ad Network?

An ad network is an intermediate between the group of publishers and the advertisers. The main purpose of an ad network is to provide inventory from the supply side to the demand side, looking for ads to display on their website. With the help of ad networks, advertisers popularize their goods and services and can advertise on the publisher’s website.

How To Do Ad Network Work?

Ad network helps businesses to advertise their products on the publisher’s website. The ad network provides an appropriate publisher to the companies to promote their goods and services.
The businesses will have to pay a commission to the publisher when there is a click or sale on the advertisement of the business’s product.

How To Choose The Best Ad Networks?

Here are six points that you can consider while choosing an ad network.

  • The ad network should have connections with a large number of publishers and advertisers.
  • The ad network should connect you with the right publisher for the kind of advertisement you want to display.
  • Choose an ad network that provides you with the best ad management.
  • Before signing up with the ad network, you should know the payment mode and method used by the network.
  • The ads displayed should be of good quality to attract new customers.
  • Select an ad network according to your budget.

What are The Best Ad Networks?

You should analyze all the advertising networks and choose the best ad networks among them. Some of the best ad networks are listed below. These ad networks can also be classified as AdSense Alternatives-

7Search PPC

7Search PPC is one of the most popular Pay-Per-Click ad networks. It is the best ad network for advertisers and publishers. With 7Search PPC, you can display your ads on the best high-traffic websites and popularize your brand. This platform helps to monetize the publisher’s website. It is also used for the best AdSense Alternatives For Low Traffic. 7Search PPC provides you with multiple ad formats for businesses and offers different purchasing traffic methods with multiple campaigning targeting options.


PropellerAds is the best choice for new and old advertisers. You can target the right audience with the best-performing ads. There is no minimum traffic required to sign up with PropellerAds. Eventually, they started with Pop-under advertisements, gradually moved on to native advertisement, and now have become a global AdTech company.


The platform allows you to create highly targeted worldwide campaigns. Adcash has exclusive publishers to reach audiences around the globe. It may work as the best advertising network for publishers. This platform provides different ad formats, including native, display, pop, and push to attract customers in all possible ways.


Infolinks is the best ad network for bloggers. This website offers bloggers an easy-to-use platform that lets them easily add Infolinks to their blog. The platform allows you to create compelling videos, banners, and contextual ads. Its in-house algorithm is effectively designed to connect the advertiser with the audience.


Bidvertisers have different ad formats, such as native, push, pop-under, and slider ads for mobile phones and desktops. It has an automatic approval process for publishers. Bidvertiser gives points to the publishers according to the ads displayed by them. Advertisers use these points to rank their websites for placing their bids.


Outbrain is the top ad network for app monetization that helps brands connect with one-third of the world’s consumers engaging with content on the web. They provide you with the best native advertisement among all ad platforms. Outbrain helps to connect advertisers and publishers allowing them to trade ad inventory. They give you access to 290 billion impressions across 56 plus countries. is one of the most popular AdSense alternatives for contextual ads. They provide you with different ad formats including Contextual, native, and display ads. The minimum payout of is $100 which may be higher than other AdSense alternatives. offers payment mode only in USD.


Taboola is a user-friendly ad network platform. You can usually see Taboola ads on the new websites as they are pretty common. It is a form of native advertisement that uses in-feed and recommendation advertisement formats. The best thing about Taboola is that it reaches a large audience with minimal cost.


Adsterra is the best ad network for bloggers. Advertisers looking to display ad campaigns on blogs can sign-up with Adsterra. The cost of advertising on the Adsterra platform is relatively cheaper. Adsterra uses various ad formats including popunders, native, display, banner, video, and social bar ads. Adsterra pays twice a month on a net 15 basis through Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, and Paxum.


PopCash provides a self-serve and user-friendly platform for its users. They provide high-traffic websites to their advertisers. They support various payment modes, including Paxum, Payza, PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Bank wire. With PopCash, you can display the best pop-under advertisements with the highest CPM rates.

I personally recommend you use different ad networks at the same time for better results for your businesses.

Advantages of ad network

Some of the advantages of using ad networks are-

  • Increase the reach in the environment.
  • Boost website traffic.
  • Ad networks increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Increase Rate Of Return.
  • Brands get publicity for their products.
  • Ad networks give instant results to both publishers and advertisers.
  • With the help of an ad network, you can do detailed targeting for the customers.


Q.1 What are the best ad networks for beginners?

The best ad networks for beginners are-
7Search PPC
Google AdSense
Amazon Associate

Q.2 Which is the highest-paying ad network?

Some of the highest-paying ad networks are-
7Search PPC
Google AdSense

Q.3. Which is the largest ad network?

The largest and most popular ad network is Google AdSense. It has billions of advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

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