Are you an online marketer and wish to grow the search traffic for your brand? Do you know around 80% of search traffic and 95% of social media traffic coming from mobile today? Because of that, you can fulfill your wish to reach business growth goals with the help of a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page.

No matter what industry you belong to, learning to design a mobile-friendly landing page is necessary to get maximum output. But what if you lack the proper information on how to create a mobile-friendly landing page?

Users often get annoyed when they click on a link and land on a page not optimized for their device. Also, when it comes to designing a mobile-friendly landing page, smartphone users experience several issues. For example; 

  • Cluttered designs 
  • Slow-loading web page
  • Endless scrolling 
  • Hard to find CTAs 
  • Tedious conversion processes 

No worries!  now addresses these issues by providing a new mobile landing page for your campaigns. We are working with many top mobile traffic providers. 
Here in this article, we tell you all about how to create a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page for your campaign. But first of all, let’s know more about the mobile landing page!

What is the Mobile Landing Page? 

A mobile landing page is a web page specifically designed for smartphone users. It improves the chance of conversions on these pages. The best mobile landing page built for mobile browsers opens when a user clicks on an ad via smartphone. 

The ultimate goal of a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page is to enhance conversion rates to meet your marketing goals. Usually, one mobile landing page has only one strong CTA( Call To Action). 

While creating a campaign in your PPC account, you can add a relevant mobile version landing page. As a result, you will get better traffic from mobile partners. 

Now you can be curious to know the benefits of an effective mobile landing page. You do not need to go somewhere else. Please scroll below to read your satisfactory answer.

Benefits of Creating an Effective Mobile Landing Page

The mobile-friendly landing page will lower your website’s bounce rate. Bounce rates mean the percentage of website visitors who load a page but do not click on that. 

The mobile landing page also has a better chance of converting visitors into customers. On the other hand, the desktop version of your landing page has fewer chances to meet this goal. 

An exclusive Mobile-Friendly Landing Page converts your mobile user visitors into leads. 

Beyond increasing conversions and leads, mobile landing pages also have some other significant benefits as follows;

1. Increase SEO Ranking

Mobile landing pages are specifically created to target specific search words. Digital marketers also use Google Adwords and other paid sale-boosting methods to promote the search volume of these search terms. All tactics place the landing page up in SEO ranking.

As a sum-up, it promotes your product in front of someone looking for similar search terms in your industry.

2. Promote Upcoming Products or Sales

A Mobile-Friendly Landing Page mainly focuses on promoting upcoming products and driving sales. It also gives you the opportunity to track the success of a specific product.

3. Enhance the Buying and Subscribing Process of Your Brand

An excellent high-converting mobile landing page works as a portal to move visitors into buyers. Most people search your product CTA on your landing page rather than your homepage. If they find your CTA right away on your landing page, it can increase buying of products, sign up, and subscribe to your website.

Let’s get going ahead to learn ways to create the best mobile-friendly landing page.

7 Ways to Create the Best Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Now you have understood that landing pages maximize conversions and provide what customers want. 

Creating the best Mobile-Friendly Landing Page for your campaign is not rocket science. But, you need to know the basics of designing the best mobile landing pages. 

Here you will read the seven best ways to create the best mobile-friendly landing page.

1. Chose a Better Mobile Page Builder to Design the Landing Page

Designing a responsive mobile landing page makes your long-term conversion rate goals genuinely possible. In order to achieve this goal more approachable, you need to choose a better mobile landing page builder. 

In the market, there are a lot of mobile landing page builders available that have their own strategies. Which one you choose will depend on your company goals and your marketing skill level. 

Mobile editors and preloaded landing page builders are influential Mobile-Friendly Landing Page builders. There is no need to have extraordinary skills to use these effective methods. But make sure that you know A/B testing and arrival to analytics. 

A/B testing will help you guess what changes your landing page needs over time. Also, to make it more clear, keep tracking page reviews, CTR, page loading time, and scroll depth after publishing the page.

2. Create a Mobile Landing Page-Specific for Mobile Devices

If you want to secure a high conversion rate for your marketing campaigns, try not to copy and paste the desktop design to your mobile landing page. Creating a unique mobile landing page is an excellent idea for desirable success.

First of all, take time to graph out your customer’s buyer’s journey both on mobile and desktop landing pages. According to the results, design a specific landing page for phone and mobile devices.

3. A Catchy and Killer Heading for Landing Page

A catchy headline is critical to grab the attention and interest of readers. Always try to keep heading short; the perfect word limit of a heading is ten. Never exceed the word limit of a heading of more than twenty. A relevant heading makes it easy for readers to identify the product and services.

4. Be Careful with Mobile Landing Page Size and Loading Speed

Nowadays, everyone wants to see quick results from their search services. Meanwhile, if your mobile landing page has more load times can keep customers away from your site. So that to have a better chance of your page’s visitors, be careful with the loading speed of your landing page. 

While publishing surely tests the load times of your mobile landing pages. Overall, it would be best to connect with your page visitors and raise potential conversions effectively. 
In spite of this, you also need to be careful with the mobile landing page size. Different mobile screens have a specific size and width.

5. Choose a Powerful Call To Action( CTA)

An impressive Mobile-Friendly Landing Page usually includes a powerful (CTA) Call To Action. A compelling call to action drives visitors’ attention to your products.

As online marketers, we all know that the ultimate goal of CTAs is to generate leads and improve conversion rates. CTAs on the landing pages act as a click button that makes an image in people’s minds forever.

It means CTA is a medium between your products and your customers to boost sales. 

6. Keep CTA at the Right Place On the Landing age

As online marketers, we all know that the ultimate goal of CTAs is to generate leads and improve conversion rates. CTAs on the landing pages act as a click button that makes an image in people’s minds forever. It means CTA is a medium between your products and your customers to boost sales. 

Top up space of the landing page is a suitable place to highlight the CTA. It helps customers quickly to make their minds take desired actions.

7. Create Relevant and Punchy Content

Keep your landing page content short, relevant, and in your original voice. The content of your landing page is an extension of your ad that leads to clicking on your CTA. So do not overwhelm your customers with too much content.

Apart from these ways, there are other points you can keep in mind while creating a mobile landing page.

Optimize your Landing Page for Easy Navigation 

Easy navigation toward the landing page is another way to enhance the mobile user experience. That is why you must have optimized your landing page for easy navigation. On the other hand, it is a great way to allow your visitors a smoother user experience.

Show the Public Social proof 

Social proof includes how many numbers, subscriptions, shares, likes, pins, reviews, and tweets your company has.

Use a Short Sales Video 

According to Cisco, by 2022, about 90% more global internet traffic will come through video. And for videos, Youtube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. So if you wish to grow sales, a short sales video is the best way to approach the customers. 

So creating a high revenue-converting landing page is not rocket science. By following all the above information, you can make your desire true. I hope that this blog will help you make smart decisions for creating the best Mobile-Friendly Landing Page.


Q.1 How do I make the best mobile-friendly landing page?

Here you will read some vital points that you should keep in mind to make the best Mobile-Friendly Landing Page. 
1. Keep the content simple and catchy 
2. Make the headlines short 
3. Add a highlighted call to action 
4. Define your goals 
5. In one landing page, keep only one call to action 
6. Choose the right tool to build a user-friendly landing page 
7. Prioritize the loading speed of your landing page 
8. Make your page design simple and eye-catching

Q.2 How do I create a landing page for an active campaign?

Follow the below-given points step-by-step for this purpose; 
1. Choose a landing page template 
2. Give your landing page a name
3. add unique content to your landing page 
4. Use striking images 
5. Select a reliable domain name 
6. Ensure that all your CTAs and links are working 
7. Right a catchy meta description 
8. Now you can publish it

Q.3 What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

There is only a thin line between a landing page and a website. A website is a complex form of webpages that stands for an online first impression. On the other hand, a landing page is a specific page under a website that drives sales and conversions.

Q.4 What is the Difference Between the Mobile Landing Page and the Desktop Landing Page?

The ultimate goal of both landing pages is to improve brand visibility and conversions. But they both handle very different types of customer needs.
A mobile landing page is built for mobile browsers when a user clicks on CTA via smartphone. Despite this, desktop pages are mainly for desktop browsers.

Q.5 What makes an excellent mobile-friendly landing page?

As we have already talked about, an excellent Mobile-Friendly Landing Page consists of user-friendly and fast load time pages. These types of user-friendly landing pages are easy to follow and navigate via smartphone.