Advertising Network Industry

7Search PPC provides a platform committed to delivering quality ads to the publishers and high-quality traffic to the advertisers. We offer services that help connect publishers with advertisers and vice-versa.

7Search PPC provides a set of tools that can help both publishers and advertisers. You will get redirected to the dashboard with all the analytics and tools when you sign up for a free account on 7Search PPC.

We provide real-time analytics, which makes it easier for the users to track CTC and ROI.

You can use 7Search PPC to monetize all kinds of blogs and websites. We help in providing relevant ads that you can put on your website without compromising the user experience.

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We cater to all industries, including the following:


7Search PPC, the leading pay-per-click ad network, also helps crypto companies or businesses to achieve new heights. Choosing 7Search PPC can also be a game-changer for publishers with related traffic in this niche.

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Health & Beauty

It is easy to advertise health and beauty products, and medical equipment on 7Search PPC. This ease of advertising allows for relevant ads to be displayed on blogs and websites dedicated to health care

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Everything is online now, including dating. People are looking for relationships, and you can take advantage of this fact by using 7Search PPC to drive traffic to your online dating app or website.

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Media & Entertainment

7Search PPC offers tracking tools by which you can monitor your ad campaign performance better. We offer image and banner ads that are great for the media and entertainment industry. You can easily bid on the most relevant keyword to drive traffic to your website.

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Professional Services

You can create ad campaigns for professional services using keywords like doctor, teacher, and lawyer.

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7Search PPC can help you promote your financial services to a large audience. These ads are appropriate for publishers who publish business and finance content because they will resonate with their audience.

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Social Networking

7Search PPC can assist you in creating social networking ads. Social network ads have a broader appeal, which makes it easier to find the right audience for your ads.

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real estate
Real Estate

We provide a location-based audience targeting that can help you significantly with generating credible leads. You can make your PPC ad campaign a with location-based targeting.

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Travel & Hospitality

There are a lot of travel and hospitality bloggers out there. These blogs get a lot of traffic. 7Search PPC can connect people reading these blogs with businesses offering travel and hospitality services.

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It can be time-consuming to drive traffic to an e-commerce website. However, with 7SearchPPC, you can easily set up an ad campaign to attract people to your e-commerce website.

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e learning

These platforms can be excellent outlets for advertising products like e-books and online courses. Users give more importance to the ads that show relevant content since these ads do not degrade the user experience.

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technological support
Technology Consulting

Technology consulting and other technology-related services have a large audience because all technology is available online. You can better manage your PPC campaigns with insights like CTR, conversion rate, and traffic metrics.

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Our website allows you to promote your manufacturing business. We will get the right audience for your manufacturing industry. We specialize in connecting the correct audience to the proper advertisement. You will get to see the results quickly if you are using relevant keywords.

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Logistics and Distribution

You can use 7Search PPC to run ad campaigns for your logistics and distribution business, and the right keywords will help you reach your target audience. We receive a lot of high-quality traffic from publishers, which you can use to drive traffic to your website.

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NGOs (Organization)

Displaying relevant advertisements on your NGOs website can help you supplement your funding. 7Search PPC only shows your audience the ads they want to see, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

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