Advertising Industry

7SerachPPC is a platform committed to deliver quality ads to the publishers and high-quality traffic to the advertisers. We provide a service that helps connect publishers with advertisers and vice-versa.

7SerachPPC offers a robust set of tools that can help both the publishers and advertisers. When you sign up for a free account on 7SearchPPC, you will get redirected to the appropriate dashboard with all the analytics and tools.

We provide real-time analytics and make it easier for the user to track CTC and ROI.

People operating small websites or blogs can use 7SerachPPC to monetize their websites. We offer relevant ads that you can put on your website without compromising the user experience.

We cater to all industries, including the following:

Travel & Hospitality

There are many bloggers writing blogs about hospitality and travel. These blogs have significant traffic. 7SearchPPC helps people reading these blogs to connect with businesses offering travel and hospitality services.

Social Networking

You can create social networking ads with 7SearchPPC. Ads related to social networks have a broader appeal, which means it will be easier to find the correct audience for your ads.

Media & Entertainment

7SerachPPC offers image and banner ads that are great for the media and entertainment industry. You can bid on the most relevant keywords to drive quality traffic to your website. With our tracking tools, you can better monitor your ad campaign performance.


You can advertise for the manufacturing industry on 7SearchPPC, and we will find the right audience for your product. It is our specialty to connect the correct audience to the proper advertisement. If you are using relevant keywords, you will see the results in no time.

Health Care & Pharmacy

Advertising for healthcare products and medicine and medical equipment is easy on 7SearchPPC. This ease of advertisement provides relevant ads to the blogs and websites dedicated to health care and pharmacy.


E-learning platforms can be excellent outlets for advertising products like e-books and online courses. Users typically find ads to the relevant content useful as these ads don’t degrade the user experience.


Driving traffic to an e-commerce website can be a tedious task, but with 7SearchPPC, you can easily set up an ad campaign to attract people to your e-commerce website.

Real Estate

The location-based audience targeting that we provide can significantly help you with generating credible leads. With location-based targeting and real-time analytics, you can make your PPC ad campaign a success.

Logistics and Distribution

You can run ad campaigns on 7SearchPPC for your logistics and distribution business, and with the right keywords, you can reach your target audience. We have plenty of publishers driving quality traffic, and you can funnel that traffic to your website.

Technology Consulting

All the technology is online, which means technological consulting or anything related to technology has a significant audience. With the insights like CTR, conversion rate, and traffic metrics, you can better manage your PPC campaigns.

NGOs (Organization)

Showing relevant ads on your NGO’s website can be a great complement to your funding resources. 7SerachPPC provides only the ads that your audience wants to see, so their experience didn’t get disrupted.

Professional Services

You can run ad campaigns using by targeting keywords related to these professional services such as Docter, Teacher, Lawyer, etc.

Tech Support

With virtually everyone using technology, you will have no difficulty finding an audience for your business. Tech ads usually generate more revenue for the publishers because of their broader appeal.

Payday Loan

You can advertise your financial business using 7SerachPPC and get a substantial audience. These ads are suitable for publishers publishing content regarding business and finance, as it will resonate with their audience.


With everything, dating is now also online. People are looking for relationships, and you can leverage this fact via 7SearchPPC to boost traffic to your online dating app or website.


Adult content is always in demand, so with 7SearchPPC, you can find the right audience for what you offer without putting in much effort.


Gambling is a financial adventure, and many people want to try it. However, your ads will only work if you have the right audience. 7SearchPPC takes care of that by letting you bid on relevant keywords, so your ads will get to the people interested in your offerings.