Step1. Find Niche Topics

Go for extensive research before opting for a particular niche to write about. You can also prefer the articles as per your specialization. When you have selected the domain for your blog, you need to consider its title with keyword research and prefer to go for the title with the most volume

Step2. Keyword Research

Get a set of relevant keywords, and be all set to make a successful attempt to use them throughout the article appropriately. But these words should not sound out of context

Step3. Create Buyer Personas

The Buyer Persona concept would help you increase your blog traffic by knowing the variety of content in demand. Once you know your audience’s preferences, you are all set to put your blog on fire.

Step4. Publish Long Content

As per the research in this domain, on average, your one blog post should not contain words less than 1200. It is all because your long content tends to have more keywords. It also plays a vital role in making your content SEO friendly, which helps to get it ranked on the spot and attain high blog traffic.

Step5. Increase Page Loading Speed

More than half of blog visitors leave the site in case it takes more than three seconds to load your website. So to increase your blog traffic, page loading speed is an essential factor. All in all, you need to level up your web page loading speed as high as possible.

Step6. Optimize Images

Google keeps an eye on images and compares them with an alternative text. That is why it is pretty essential to add relevant text with the pictures.