What makes your website stand out from the crowd? Is it unique content or do the backlinks steal the show? We are here to clear all your queries with sufficient reasons, but first, let me give you a quick round-up about the topic we will deal with. 

So, let’s get hands-on! 

What is Unique Content?

Unique Content is the original form of content in terms of the content pieces present online there on the web. It means you cannot find this content anywhere else.

This form of content may include specific blog articles, website content, and product description. Again, this comes up with the guideline that there should be no other word-to-word combinations available online.

Benefits of Unique Content

  • There are multiple benefits of posting unique content for your website. First and foremost, you have the chance to entertain a significant amount of quality traffic due to the quality content on your website. 
  • Nevertheless, It is also the best way to make your readership feel exclusive as nobody cares to go through the articles they have already seen. Your audience would feel good following an authentic platform.
  • On the other hand, search engines like Google prefer to serve unique content, which is why your blog may get a good rank on search engines. 

Be worried! If your blog is duplicated or multiple duplicate contents are there on your website. The search engine may decide not to index your website in the search list and ask for a penalty as well.


Backlinks are well known with multiple names as inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links. These links make the visitor land from one website to a page on another website. 
Prominent search engines like Google consider the backlinks from other websites as a vote. The page on the website with higher links tends to have more organic search results.

Benefits of Backlinks

The higher number of backlinks you have, the more likely your site will entertain a higher rank on search engines like Google. But the quality of links varies from their source to source. These sources are as below-. 

Trusted Source of Backlinks

This process is known as ‘Domain Authority.’ The more trusted sources entertain more quality traffic. The time is to celebrate if that source made a backlink of your content on his website. It would be of great importance to you as it has more authority to pass on. 

So, if you want a higher rank for your website, your ultimate focus should be on quality backlinks.

Your Website’s Niche Matches with the Niche of Your Backlink Source

When a website uses a backlink for another website, the search engines investigate the question. How are these two websites related to one another?

Could you think of how it makes sense? Suppose you published an article related to the pharma industry. In the meanwhile, you earn a backlink from a prominent pharma website. Google would prefer to put more weight on such links as they seem more reasonable.

Earning Multiple Backlinks from the same domain

For instance, you received a backlink from a particular authentic website. It’s Great! But let’s consider that you earned multiple backlinks from the same source. Search Engine considers you have done it intentionally. That is why Search Engines do not give it that much importance.

All in all, you should try to get the backlinks from different sources instead of focusing on any one particular source.

Which One Is Important? Unique Content Vs. Quality Backlinks

Let me explain it to you, but the bottom line is that Backlinks stand nowhere if you compare them to Content. The following points prove it.

  • Unique Content is the first and urgent need of your entire creation. Without Backlinks, you can entertain the traffic on your website, but it is next to impossible without good content.
  • If you want to earn a quality backlink, you will have to provide a quality experience on your website to your readership. It’s only possible through your unique content.
  • Suppose you are successful in converting tons of traffic through quality backlinks. But the content on your website does not meet the readers’ expectations. All your efforts are for nothing.
  • Unique Content is the foundation that allows you to bring readership and convert that into the lead and, why not, quality backlinks.
  • Unique Content helps maintain a healthy relationship between you and your readers. We tell you it is a benchmark for success in the virtual world.
  • You will not earn natural backlinks if you do not publish unique content regularly.

Conclusion :

So after having a general understanding of Unique Content and Backlinks, we hope you are good to go with the fact that Backlinks matter, but Unique Content with quality matters more. Please think, about what to do with the visitors you gain by backlinks if your site is not worth visiting. At last, you would not be able to retain your audience.

It’s not about Unique Content Vs. Backlinks. But It’s always about focusing first on Content and second on Backlinks.

Hope the guides in this bulletin help to make your website viral in the virtual world! Thank you for the patience that you wore during the read.


Q.1 What is better for your site, backlinks or unique content?

Backlinks matter for your websites, but unique content matters more. We agree that backlinks increase traffic, but unique content enables you to entertain your website traffic. So, you should focus on unique content first compared to backlinks in the preference sequence.

Q.2 Which type of backlinks is best for your website?

Editorial backlinks are considered to be the best for your website. When web admins publish content, they use backlinks to make their content user-friendly. So, it’s an organic process when they backlink your website’s content. These types of Backlinks are called Editorial Backlinks.
Search Engines give utmost importance to such types of Backlinks. So, this type of Backlink is best for your website.

Q.3 Which type of content gets the most backlinks?

Some evergreen content, as mentioned below, gets the most backlinks, such as. 
1. How to’ posts
2. Guides and Ebooks
3. Opinion posts
4. Interview posts
5. Original research posts
6. Infographics
7. News Posts

Q.4 What is unique content?

Unique Content is the original form of content in terms of the content pieces present online there on the web. It means you cannot find this content anywhere else.

Q.5 How do I make unique content for websites?

Make sure that you do not copy the content. It’s a strict line, but you cannot taste unique content without implementing it. First, decide on a topic and do deep research about it. Brainstorming would be helpful. Let the words come from your in, and you can write the unique content.

Q.6 What are the tools to come up with ideas for content?

Some efficient tools to come up with ideas for content are mentioned below.
1. Google Keyword Planner
2. Quora
3. Google Trends
4. Google Webmasters Tool
5. Inbound Writer

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