Linking building is an effective strategy to get a good ranking of your site in the Search Engine. On the other hand, it is also essential that the links are built with the right method and techniques. Using illegitimate methods may lead to toxic backlinks.

We have come up with a complete guide that will tell you about toxic backlinks and how to eliminate them. Continue reading if you want to know some important facts.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are used to link one website to some other website on the internet. Some search engines like Google and Bing treat these links as a sign of authenticity or proof of good content, which helps the site rank in the search engine.

The backlinks form a relationship with the different websites by linking the content. A backlink is the most important factor that you cannot ignore when you want to rank your website in the search engine.

Backlinks are classified into two heads good backlinks and harmful or unnatural backlinks. A good backlink is from an authoritative site and helps you improve your search engine ranking, whereas an unnatural backlink would hamper your site’s visibility.

What Is The Role Of Backlinks?

The main role of backlinks is to help your website rank in the top positions in the search engine by passing link juice to your website and helps in bringing organic traffic to your site.

Some of the other essential roles of backlinks are given below:

  • You get a better Search Engine Ranking.
  • Increase Brand Awareness.
  • Backlinks are considered a sign of quality content.
  • The backlinks help to boost referral traffic.
  • It helps to create or establish a relationship with other websites.
  • Get a new audience for your website.
  • Boost sales due to more visibility over the internet.

You must keep these roles in mind in order to improve your business.

What Are Toxic Backlinks?

Toxic backlinks are those which come from a not-so-good website or untrusted external sources. Toxic backlinks are also known as bad backlinks or unnatural links.

These types of backlinks harm the search engine ranking of a website. Toxic backlinks may lead to less organic traffic, leading to fewer sales of goods and services in a business.

How Toxic Backlinks Hurt Your SEO?

Search Engines like Google works on their update algorithm called Penguin. This Google algorithm keeps a check on toxic backlinks coming from spam websites. On detecting these unnatural links, Google reduces the ranking of these content or your websites in the Search Engine Result Pages.

The Search Engine may also penalize you for linking your site with an unauthorized or spammy site.

How To Find Toxic Backlinks?

There are several tools that can help you to check your toxic backlinks. Some of them are ahref, Google Keyword Planner, Semrush Backlink Checker, Ubersuggest, etc.

Here are some steps that can help you to find Toxic Backlinks:

  • First, what makes a backlink ‘toxic.’
  • Always use a tool to identify all bad links pointing to your website.
  • Analyze your webmaster and request removal.
  • Create and submit a ‘Disavow’ file to Google Disavow Tool

How To Fix Bad Backlinks?

Once you find the toxic backlink on your website, it is time to fix or remove them. Here are some points that will help you get the right order to fix the backlinks.

  • Routinely Audited Your Website
  • Collect Your Backlinks Data
  • Identify Bad Backlinks
  • Remove Bad Backlinks
  • Track and Monitor Your Backlinks
  • Disavow The Remaining Bad Backlinks

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Backlinks?

The Major advantages and disadvantages of backlinks are:


  • Backlinks help in building your business brand authority.
  • It drives referral traffic to your website.
  • It creates long-term relations with resource links.
  • With backlinks, you can create new relationships with other websites.
  • You get exposure & recognition of your brand name through backlinks.


  • Using too many bad backlinks can cause penalties for your website.
  • A backlink is just one part of SEO. So do not just rely upon backlinks. You also need to focus on the quality of the backlinks and other factors along with it.
  • You may end up creating backlinks on low-quality websites, which may penalize your website.
  • You may create spammy backlinks when creating links unknowingly on spammed websites.
  • A large number of backlinks may lower search visibility in the search index.

How Toxic Backlinks Can Harm A Site?

Toxic backlinks can harm or impact a website in several ways.

We have listed all the ways below which can have a negative impact on your website:

  • The Search Engine may reduce your website ranking.
  • The Penguin Algorithm might also remove your website from the Search Engines.
  • Your site or content may not be visible to the users.
  • Your competitor may also file a complaint against you.
  • Google and its team would have a constant check on your website and its backlinks.

What Will Be The Effect Of Toxic Backlinks On SERP?

The unnatural backlinks have a major impact on the Search Engine Result Page. Since your website has toxic backlinks, it may result in little or no organic traffic. Your website may not be visible to the users on the Search Engine Result Page.

Google is very strict with bad backlinks and takes quick action on the visibility of your website. The strong algorithm of Google makes sure that sites with unnatural backlinks should not be there on the Search Engine Result Page.

You can remove such backlinks or make them disavowed by putting them on the disavowed list. In case you do not want the search engine to take action, then you need to take action to improve your ranking.


Q.1 How To Disavow Toxic Backlinks?

You can follow these links to disavow toxic backlinks:
1. Define which links you want to disavow.
2. Create your list of links to disavow.
3. Upload your disavow list file.

Q.2 White-Hat Link Building: How To Avoid Toxic Backlinks?

The best and most convenient way to avoid toxic backlinks is to use tools that would help you find the unnatural backlink. You can also avoid the use of paid links and linking your site to spam content and websites.

Q.3 How Toxic Backlinks Can Harm A Site?

Toxic backlinks can harm a site in various ways:
1. Search Engines may take action against your website.
2. You may be permanently removed from the search engine.
3. Your content would be removed from the search index.
4. There might be a reduction in organic traffic.

Q.4 How To Identify Toxic Backlinks In Webmaster Tools?

To identify backlinks in webmaster tools, you can follow these steps.
1. Check the Linking Domains in the Webmaster
2. Check the Incoming links from the website in the Webmaster
3. Analyze keyword rankings were affected by an algorithm update
4. Look for keywords with heavy anchor text

Q.5 What Are The Worst Toxic Markers For Backlinks?

Below are the worst toxic markers for backlinks.
1. Link Networks
2. Spam in communities
3. Harmful environment
4. Manipulative links
5. Irrelevant source domain