Tech support advertising is growing immensely in the advertisement and marketing industry. A large number of tech support companies have jumped into the pool of advertising their services. In this article, you will learn about the platform and its benefit, which will help you advertise your tech support business.

What is Tech support?

Tech support refers to the services which a company gives to its consumers. The services may include repairing or solving queries for electronic devices such as IT gadgets, printers, mobile phones, software, etc.

Tech support also comprises consultancy services that work as an intermediate between the company and the consumer.

How does Tech Support Work?

Tech support solves the problem for the consumer regarding the products they use. The tech support team can solve the issues through phone calls, email, chat, etc. The support team is familiar with the problem a consumer can face and quickly solves those issues for the user. The developer can fix the regular difficulties the consumers face in the form of a product update.

What are the Types of Tech Support?

Block hours:

A block hour is a form of pre-paid support system where the consumer has to pay for a certain amount of time which can be for a month or a year.


A pre-support is usually the search engine result that the consumer goes through before encountering the company’s website. Some online reviews and suggestions may help the consumer in solving the problem.


Self-service allows users to solve their problems by themselves by going to the tech support section on the business’s website. The self-support section will provide you with FAQs that can help you solve problems and queries.

1st line support:

The users who are unable to solve their issues through self-service can consult with 1st line support who have basic knowledge and can solve simple issues of the consumers.

2nd line support:

The 2nd line support consists of complex issues which the 1st line support could not solve. As users are much more involved in using new technologies, they also face more difficulties in solving their problems at the first line of support. The second line of support has much more knowledge and product experience in solving the consumer’s issues.

3rd line support:

This support line deals with more complex issues than the issues solved in the above-given support layer. This layer of support consists of research and development experts who can quickly solve the users’ problems.

How to Run a Tech Support Campaign?

You can run your tech support campaign by simply signing in with an ads network and choosing the type of advertisement and its format you want to display for your business.

How do Advertising for Your Tech Support Services?

You can do advertisements for tech support services by creating campaigns with advertising platforms. Below are the points that can help you to advertise your tech support:

  • Define your goal.
  • Choose your audience.
  • Choose the best ad network for tech support advertising.
  • Select the ad format.
  • Build the campaign by signing up with an ad platform.
  • Define your chosen audience and the geographical location of the ad platform.
  • The advertising platforms will ask for a fee to advertise according to your chosen campaign.

There you go with the best tech support advertising campaign.

Best Platform for Tech Support Advertising

As Google has already shut down its tech support advertisement, we will offer you the best Adsense alternative for tech support advertising practices that provide you with PPC for tech support ads.

The best advertising network for tech support is explained below:

7Search PPC:

7Search PPC is an AdSense alternative for tech support advertising that helps you to advertise your goods and services through various ad formats. This is the best tech support advertising network that can help you advertise a tech support business. The platform will help you find the most appropriate audience for your business. You can start advertising as a 7Search PPC advertiser with a low budget, and the platform will provide you with all guidance in growing your business in just no time.

Benefits of using the 7Search PPC platform for tech support

You can prefer the 7Search PPC platform for tech support over other platforms for the benefits it provides you for advertising. These include:

  • The platform has a large number of advertisers and publishers.
  • 7Search PPC gets one billion impressions per day.
  • They have traffic from more than 114 countries.
  • You get an option of multiple ad formats such as native, banner, text, display, Popunder, Social bar, and video ads.
  • 7Search PPC provides you with a three-level security system and uses a third-party fraud detection system.
  • With this platform, you get a 24*7 chat support system.

We hope you have learned what tech support is and which is the Best Tech Support Advertising Network. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your ad campaign with 7Search PPC for the best results for your tech support business.


Q1. Which Is The Best Tech Support Advertising Network?

7Search PPC is the best tech support advertising network. You can choose 7Search PPC for advertising your tech support business. The platform provides you with high-quality traffic from more than 114 countries worldwide.

Q2. How Do I Run a Tech Support Ad?

You can run a tech support ad by simply registering your business with the ad platform and choosing the most appropriate ad format for your ad campaign.

Q3. What Does Tech Support Do?

Tech support usually solves the consumer’s queries or problems they are facing regarding the devices or electronic gadgets they use. The tech support team is constantly engaged in solving problems through different modes such as phone calls, email, chat, etc.

Q4. AdSense Alternative For Tech Support Advertising?

7Search PPC is an AdSense alternative for tech support advertising businesses. You can choose 7Search PPC to promote the services of your tech support business. The platform allows you to choose the audience and the geographical region you want to advertise.