For advertisers, native ads have become one of the best options for generating high leads for one’s business. It is gaining a rapid increase in popularity among marketers.

Do you know why it is gaining popularity? It is because of the high CTR on these ads. Native ads do not look like a pitch to users that force them to buy a product but rather look more like informative content. This is the reason why native ads are so popular these days.

To promote your business through native ads, you need to know the best native advertising network platforms. We are going to tell you which native ad network could be the best for your business. You should read further to know more about native advertising.

What is a Native Advertising Platform?

Native advertising platforms are those which assist marketers or businesses in creating such ads that easily blend into the organic content of a website or any platform where they appear.

The native ad platforms support creating and displaying these ads on a publisher’s website. Such platforms may charge a sum of money from the advertising company to promote their goods and services.
Native ad platforms are beneficial to advertisers.

How Many Formats of Native Advertising?

The various types of native advertising are given below:
  • In-feed ads: The In-feed ads promote sponsored content that usually appears in the newsfeed on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The In-feed ads are shown according to the user experience; these are delivered as branded content among the other content. The In-feed ads are also of three types that are content feeds, product feeds, and social feeds.
  • Content recommendation: These native ads appear as a recommended article at the end or in the middle of the content that you are currently reading. These articles may be titled “Recommended for you” or “You may like this.” These suggested contents allow the brands to drive traffic to their website.
  • Promoted listing: The promoted listing is generally used in e-commerce platforms that is to sell products and services. This listing is linked to a third-party web page where the user can make a purchase.
  • Paid search ads: Paid search advertisement is another form of native advertising. In this, search engines such as Google and Bing allow advertisers to promote their goods and services. These ads appear in the search result when a user searches for a query.

What are the benefits of using Native Advertising Platforms?

Some of the benefits of using native advertising platforms are as follows:
  • Native ads always help you to grab the user’s attention.
  • These types of ads help a business in building trust among its users.
  • With this ad, you can increase the click-through rate as compared to other ad formats.
  • The audience can connect more with the products and services a business is promoting with such types of informative ads.
  • Since it has a greater CTR, the publishers are also able to earn more.

Best Native Advertising Platforms for Advertisers

7Search PPC Advertising Platforms

7Search PPC ad network is one of the best advertising platforms for native ads. It provides advertisers with high-quality direct traffic and helps them increase their ROI and reach. It is easy to register and get quick approval for your business. Native ads can drive up to 8x higher CTRs as compared to classic display ads while advertising with the 7SearchPPC ad platform.

Outbrain Advertising Platforms

Outbrain advertising platform is an ad platform that is mainly used for advertising brands on social media platforms. You can grow your consumer base with Outbrain recommendations and increase visibility on the open web. It helps brands and agencies connect with one-third of the world’s consumers by engaging with content on the open web.

Taboola Advertising Platform

Taboola is a popular native advertising platform. It uses in-feed and recommendation widget formats. Since it has a large reach and volume, you can run successful campaigns for months. The most attractive part of taboola is that it reaches a large audience in the most cost-effective manner.

Yahoo Gemini Advertising Platforms

Yahoo Gemini offers native ads to its users. It offers well-tailored native ads for mobile users as well. You have different targeting options such as geotargeting, broad and exact match, and negative keywords.
It has more than 430 million monthly mobile users. The advertisers can manage mobile and table ads with a separate interface on the platform.

Native Advertising Platforms

This is a leading native advertising platform. They have a user-friendly platform, and anyone can create and launch a native campaign in minutes. You can easily control your native and programmatic campaigns by executing, optimizing, and analyzing campaign insights within the Nativo Ad Platform’s single interface.

TripleLift Advertising Platforms

TripleLift is a wonderful advertising network that takes care of all factors. Publishers can easily monetize their websites. Advertisers get higher ROI, whereas customers get a better ad experience. They provide multiple ad formats and take care of their user’s privacy. The best thing about TripleLift is that it provides advertisers with the best publishers around the world.

RevContent Advertising Platform

RevContent is a popular advertising network that assists you with your advertising goals. They have the best native and content marketing services. Its Intuitive campaign management and reporting interface allows you to control every aspect of your marketing budget. They take care of brand safety by eliminating bot clicks and fraudulent users.

Why Choose Native Advertising Platforms?

The main reason to choose native advertising platforms is that native ad provided by these platforms has a greater opportunity for exposure. These ads have more Click-Through Rates and higher chances of conversion. Since native ads match the feel and look of the platform where it appears, it becomes very easy to get traffic on them.
The native advertising platforms assist you in getting the best result for your brand through the most attractive native ads.

How to Choose Native Advertising Platforms?

To choose native advertising platforms, you need to consider your advertising budget and goals.

You can also consider these factors in the ad network where you want to create your ad.

  • CTR-The Click Through Rate of that advertising network should be high. If so, then you might be able to get more clicks on your ads.
  • ROI- They should assist you with a high Rate On Investment.
  • Genuine Traffic- The traffic they provide should be genuine, that is, of real users.
  • Conversion- If the advertising platform is worth it, it would definitely give high conversions.

If you sign up with an ad network without looking into these factors, you will be either losing the users or money.

What do Native Advertising Platforms do?

Native advertising platform provides advertisers with a common platform for creating and displaying native ads. They assist you in creating ads that match the behaviors of the platform where it appears.
They not only help you to create an ad but also use the right strategy to give you the best result. These advertising platforms provide a chance for positive engagement with potential customers.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most popular native advertising platforms that can give you the best result for your online business.


Q.1 What Are Native Advertising Platforms?

Ans. Native advertising platforms work as seamlessly into the organic content on a particular website, that wants to use a native ad format to either promote its products or services.

Q.2 What is an Example Of a Native Ad?

Ans. The best example of a native ad is the social media infeed ads. You may find ads on your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat news feed.

Q.3 What Are Native Ads in Google?

Ans. Native ads in Google are the sponsored products and services that occur in the search result when an individual performs any query.

Q.4 Which Platform is Best For Native Ads?

Ans. The best platform over the internet for native ads is the 7SearchPPC advertising platform. It provides the best strategies for your ad campaign and helps you to promote your business.

Q.5 How Do Native Advertising Platforms Work?

Ans. Native ad platforms provide a common stage for both advertisers and publishers and help them create an ad campaign.

Q.6 Why Do Advertisers Use Native Advertising?

Ans. Advertisers use native advertising as these ads have more chances to get clicks. Native ads are less intrusive and are interesting for the users. It matches the look and feel of the platform where it appears, which makes it engaging for the users.

Q.7 How Do Advertisers Use Native Advertising?

Ans. Advertisers use native advertising for their brand awareness and to generate leads for their business.

Q.8 What is The Best Native Ad Network?

Ans. The 7SearchPPC is the best native ad network. It is one of the best PPC advertising platforms on the internet.

Q.9 Which is The Best Ad Network For Advertisers And Publishers?

Ans. The best ad network for advertisers and publishers is the 7SearchPPC ad network. It assists the publishers in earning high passive income in a short duration.

Q.10 Where can I find native advertising?

Ans. You can find native ads in the search result, news feed, articles, and social media feed such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These ads easily blend in the platform where they appear, so it can be a bit difficult for you to realize a native ad.

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